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I (21M) am visiting one of my best friends (21F) who is studying abroad in a few months after recently breaking up with my long term girlfriend. I feel like my dynamic with my friend has shifted and not sure how the trip will go. Earlier this year, I e
Posted in Relationship Advice by ThrowRA
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It will be long but I'll try to sum up the details. I'm in a relationship with someone I met through gaming. It is almost a year now. He lives in another country but we already met in person, everything was perfect, I love him and he loves me. I have no
Posted in Long-Distance Relationships by Karub
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Hello, I am wondering if I am doing the right thing. I was in a relationship with my boyfriend for 2 years . Lately we got into an argument where I felt like he had wronged me in some way and I explained that to him but he refused that he did something
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Khona18
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After a particularly rough stretch of dating, Iíve decided to take a break from dating. I want to take some time to think about whatís most important and how to go about finding it. Iíve had two long term relationships with two very similar women. The
Posted in Dating Advice by dmveep
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I suffer heavily from anxiety, especially in conjunction with relationships. When I feel unsure, I will ask friends for their advice. I have asked a handful of friends and over time have minimised what is said. But Iím now overly anxious that I spoke o
Posted in Relationship Advice by Fligboots
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Hi everyone, Iíve not used this site for a good few years now and the last time I did use it the help I got from everyone was amazing and helped me a lot! So Iím a 41 year old male and Iím dating a 29year old female we have been dating about 5months now
Posted in Dating Advice by jumpman
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We've been online/long-distance friends for over a year and we talk daily (text at least, he doesn't like phone calls or FT). I've liked him and have had feelings for a while and they grow and recede. Lately, I'm really starting to appreciate him, his per
Posted in Friendship and Friends by Dimka
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Something I have been thinking about and struggling lately, (and through the course of my life), with is how to deal with narcissism, both internally and externally. I am a very sensitive person who is very self-critical and has a narcicisstic side which
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by hatetodate
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In January 2019 I started talking to a guy at work. We were getting along at first but my intuition (or maybe just my paranoia) kept accusing him of cheating on me so we were on again off again. In July we had some new hires. One of the new hires click
Posted in Getting Back Together by brandnu
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My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year, which I know isnít that long, but heís the first guy Iíve ever really felt in love with. Iíve lost many firsts to him, and weíve made great memories. For the past few months, I have not been happy with
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by audreyowenss
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I really need some advice. I met my boyfriend when we were 18. I am now turning 28 and we are a few months away from our 10 year anniversary. Yup and we are still just boyfriend and girlfriend nothing more. After dating about 6 years I decided that I
Posted in Relationship Advice by Sashrealdeal
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Ok, let me start from the very beggining. Me and my crush sit in the corner of the classroom so we talk a lot. One day, we were talking about random stuff when he brought up crushes him and another person who sits in the corner too told me theirs. Sadly,
Posted in Love Advice by DEEldo
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I am in a healthy and committed relationship with my boyfriend of over a year and i have no doubts if his loyalty. However, I am experiencing extremely intense painful emotions when I see other attractive girls he sees such as in movies, social media, mus
Posted in Relationship Advice by anonymous147
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So I started talking to this guy about 2 months ago. Everything went really well, we were texting every day, he added me on fb and began liking my posts and watching my story regularly. After a month of talking, we went on 2 dates back to back and it was
Posted in Dating Advice by Dirtytequila
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This is my only question. I don't need advice if my ex should take my kid for play dates or not with her daughter. Due to her lack of interest in me, disrespect (called me sociopath for not wanting my kid see her her daughter), told me several times s
Posted in Getting Back Together by RicBoy
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I just don't understand it and it's really frustrating. It's been happening WAY too often lately, but everytime I talk to a girl either from Tinder or someone I meet in person we exchange a number of texts talking and getting to know each other with some
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by MrIncredible
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Im an 24 yr old INTJ girl. A month ago, I ended a 9 year relationship with my manipulative boyfriend, Corey. I am also friends with his friend Dylan, who I've known for years too. Dylan doesnt agree with him behaviour though and has seen it over the years
Posted in Relationship Advice by ckg1073
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Hello everyone, So before I jump into my question. I need to explain 'briefly' my situation. It will be long shot so thank you in advance for reading till the end and for commenting if u ll ever do.. So I am an expat living in a foreign country alone wi
Posted in Dating Advice by freespirit15
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The story is complicated but I will strip it back as much as I can. If you need more info please ask and I'll happily give more. Thank you for any advice in advance. Was with my ex for 6 years, we were eachother's best friend and had an amazing connect
Posted in Getting Back Together by Annie12345
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I need some advice. My ex and I broke up after a year last summer. We met whilst I was working away from our home town about 3 hours away. The entire relationship was long distance and towards the end, things started to fizzle out. We both felt the di
Posted in Getting Back Together by Darlington
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