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Iíll try to make this a clear as succinct as I can but itís kind of a mess. Basically, in the beginning of November, I matched with a girl on bumble, letís call her Sara (I am female as well). We went on a date for drinks and then she invited me out wit
Posted in Dating by jackie103
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we were in 3 years relationship before we got engaged... few months later i broke up with was a long distance relationship and we werent able to find a way in the middle. i got directly after it into a relationship... he kept trying to get me back
Posted in Getting Back Together by angy2504
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Whenever I'm dating a girl, I tend to reach out once, maybe twice a week and she'll reach out to me on the other days that I don't. Would you think that is an okay thing to do assuming his texts are detailed to you and show interest? Or do most girls pref
Posted in Dating by fmfan08
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I've been dating my bf (now ex) for almost 2 years. When we started our degrees few months back, we find it hard to sync our schedules. We are studying in different universities but we are just 30 minutes apart. Few months into college, he starts to g
Posted in Breaking Up by Cutebunny
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So my boyfriend and I have been dating for over 2 years. I love him but I have chosen to not have sex until we're married (yes I know this is abnormal). And he has respected it, but struggled some with understanding it. We've had a great relationship. Jus
Posted in Infidelity by Jessica444
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I have posted once already about my situation But just need some advice It's easy for people to say it will be fine I was with him for 7 years he asked me to marry him even got my son to a picture for when he did it He has told me he needs time an
Posted in Breaking Up by Lea241
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I started seeing this man at the start of the week. We met at my work (nightclub) and had a good conversation and decided to follow through with organising dinner. Had a beautiful dinner date on Monday and then saw each other on Thursday night and had ver
Posted in Dating by lovekind
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To make a long story short, I have been dating my S/O for four years. In those four years I have met his immediate family and some of his family on his fathers side but that is it. He has met only my siblings I am not close to my family at all and tend to
Posted in Relationships by lunanoir94
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Emotional affair with married woman. Sheís been married 20 years. Fairly long post. Met at work. Got close fast, we were really similar. Soon she opened up about her marriage. Ran away from home when she first got married, said she got married too youn
Posted in Relationships by CitizenBell
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I started a new job last July and made a few friends since. One of the friends happens to be male. We have become very close past couple of months . We have a lot in common and a lot of the same interests. We finish each other sentences and often say t
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by msgreen1126
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So i recently started taking birth control and it made me pretty crazy. I would get very angry for a couple hours over nothing then be super calm the next hour. I would get mad about all the little things my boyfriend did but wouldnt say anything about it
Posted in Relationships by mellon63
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Okay, so I know this might seem like one of the SHALLOWEST post on planet earth :welcoming: But I'm warning you now :peaceful::peaceful: I genuinely feel like I may be TOO attractive, for my own good. Wherever I go - t
Posted in Personal Growth by sbxoxo
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Hi all- I donít know what to do. My husband and I were talking and somehow my body became the discussion topic. He said that I should get a boob job or get boobs like the IG model he was looking at on his phone. I was disappointed. Iíve always talked abou
Posted in Relationships by Jlo56789
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I like this girl but honestly sheís making me so insecure about myself. I canít help it I question everything. Why didnít she respond, I sent her a snap last night. A long one, honestly I didnít even notice till I checked. Itís the next day and she hasn
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by unattached
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Hey guys, this is my first post so I'm not really sure how to do this. I'll start by saying, I'm 8 weeks pregnant with a high risk pregnancy (huge blood clot beside my placenta) with a guy who I barely like, let alone love. I'm 23 years old. We met in
Posted in Relationships by byako
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Hello, I have known my boyfriend for 11 years, together for 15 months, lived together for 6 months. I work evenings and weekends, he works mon-fri 8-4. Every weekend he has one night out with his friends which doesnít bother me at all, infact, I encoura
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Tdcjones
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Its due to depression on boyfriend side ....we had an emotional moment and he told me he is really depressed and wants me to leave him alone.He works every day and takes classes to become a mechanic as well...i feell he does not want me to live him.. He t
Posted in Relationship Communication by chicafella80
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So I have been talking to this guy for about 2 months. We only went on 2 dates because he is a single dad and has his son with him pretty much full time so it can get a bit hard for him to take time out. I completely understand that and he knows it. Any
Posted in Dating by Lilplazclown
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long story short, I have for the past few years strongly debated in my head if I am straight or not. I have had 3 boyfriends, all super dysfunctional and the most unsatisfactory sex lives. I have always in multiple ways and levels been attracted to women
Posted in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender by secretlesbian
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Ok Iíve been single for about 4 years, I have dated a lot of men (not all sexual) but the last 3 guys all went back to their ex. The new one I had a suspicion that he was either chatting to another girl, he lied and said he wasnít but today he told me he
Posted in Dating by Cinderella000
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