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Okay guys don't laugh but I bought this off the internet. For those who don't know what it is, it's a balance board. You stand on it and twist and it's supposed to strengthen your core, butt and improve balance. Boy does it ever! I was on it yester
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by katrina1980
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Okay, so I've got a feeling this will get a lot of mixed reviews but I'm just gonna put it out there. I'm 24 years old, single male and currently studying full time on a 4 year course that I've only just started. I work part time but they money isn't m
Posted in Pregnancy by JohnGotti
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After a couple of promising dates w/a guy, they have come to a stop. Apparently this week he is "too busy" to go on dates. Later he texts me and tells me I can come and come cuddle w/him though later at night those weekdays. This means sex right? btw
Posted in Dating by Person1001
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The best relationship I've ever had was during my sophomore year of highschool - despite how well it was going for the both of us I broke up with her after dating for about 9 months. It was only my second relationship so I felt that I needed to experience
Posted in Getting Back Together by Nappa
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Hi there, I am new to this site and this thread. Just looking for some understanding and clarity, as I'm confused and really devastated. My boyfriend (now offical ex as of 2 weeks) Has cut contact with me. I'm struggling and finding it very painful
Posted in Breaking Up by Betty3217
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This is my first time posting on here and i'm hoping that I do find some useful advice as I feel truly lost on this one... I recently met this woman (29) - I'm 34 - who shares a similar background in terms of family values and experiences (schooling et
Posted in Relationships by markoutsis
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So, I'm 40. About 3 weeks ago my 35 year old girlfriend of 5 months ended things. I took it pretty well and haven't contacted her since. I let a week and change go by, and then reactivated my account on a dating app. I immediately reached out to a wom
Posted in Dating by Krankor
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Hello, my ex broke it off with me a few weeks ago after 1 year of being together, we had all the highs and lows and our values and the foundations were spot on. Since the broke up we have had sex many times, seen each other many times, I have usually ins
Posted in Breaking Up by sydfrk
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I'm a 32 year old male and the love of my life is a 26 year old male. Since 2009, I knew that I had an interest with guys but never came close to having a long term, committed relationship until I met my love. We met last year on a Greyhound bus and insta
Posted in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender by lightlover3
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My significant other posts our photos on his page and of weekends we spend together...this random girl on his facebook ( old classmate ) keeps making conversation of and on about how to groom our dog,bout how good the food is...things that make me think s
Posted in Jealousy by chicafella80
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I'm recently 22yrs old, and my boyfriend of a year and some change is 21yrs old. The time we have been together he has had many jobs. The longest job he as held while we together was four months, and that was before we were living together. Half way throu
Posted in Relationships by hairstylist8
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So I'm 16 and a sophomore in high school. I met this girl at a dance in 8th grade and I got her number and we started dating. She went to a different school so it was hard. When it was time for high school we decided it wouldn't work because she went to a
Posted in Getting Back Together by Noahbarnes122
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I'm starting to worry about myself. I go on dates with guys, initially really like some of them but I then tend to go completely off them. I've been seeing a guy for the past few months, initially I really liked him but am just not as into it anymore and
Posted in Personal Growth by maccerz
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I ask because I have always been on the receiving end of the breakup. I've never forgotten anyone that's dumped me, but I wonder if the same is true if you are the dumper? I dunno. I have self-esteem issues and for some reason, the idea that someone I'
Posted in Breaking Up by ConfusedHere1
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So we split up, she was a liar she was going to clubs and not telling me and admired to texting a guy behind my back about another guy she had met when we split up for a short time. A mess. I loved her deeply we were together 18 months. I took the advi
Posted in Getting Back Together by Charingx1
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So I'm really struggling to get over my ex gf 3 months after she broke up with me unexpectedly. We were together for over 7 months (after knowing each other for over 2 years) and I thought everything was going so well. She moved overseas temporarily to
Posted in Breaking Up by Locky
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I just came home from a week long vacation in florida, and on my last night, this guy (18m) came up to me and asked for my snapchat. So later that night he asked me (16f) if I wanted to hangout, so I said sure and we met up and talked and just kinda chill
Posted in Long-Distance Relationships by lilyvalv
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I have been dating a guy for a few months. I lent him cash ($160) he promised to pay me back, he never. I am currently living with relatives, after studying at college. I don't have my own apartment. He does, but never invited me over his place is too m
Posted in Dating by Daisy78
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Hi, My boyfriend of 2.5 years recently broke up with me after a horrible argument. I know that it was a long time coming that I needed to do something to change, and originally he told me he wanted to go on a break to think about what we both wanted
Posted in Getting Back Together by 57rosegold
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Got a girl's # at a bar about a month ago and we went on 2-3 dates (3rd was a meetup w/friends at a concert). Dates went very well. She was very conversational, thanking me, offering to pay... etc.....(things that should be common but just aren't sometime
Posted in Dating by Dave dave
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