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My fiancť is not very physically affectionate on his own. He tells me he loves me everyday and kisses me but never hugs me or tries to cuddle with me. Its always a quick kiss and he pulls away. Itís starting to really bother me as I have talked to him a f
Posted in Love Advice by Nmr1983
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He advocated for himself by reporting an Autistic hate video and had it taken down. He was devastated and wouldnít tell me what was in it but said it had to be taken down as it was filled with gross and disgusting lies and misinformation. You go son!!
Posted in Parenting and Families by ~Seraphim ~
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I have read various tips and techniques to try and win your ex back but I am unsure whether to apply this in my situation.. Since about 2-3 months ago my ex and I became very distant, we were constantly arguing and disagreeing and his family would alwa
Posted in Dating Advice by MittensPR
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Long story short, I have been a PM for 12 years total with 2 different companies. Although I was successful at times, overall it was very difficult and I got mixed results. It was not what I thought it would be. I think my natural skills do not match up w
Posted in Career, Money and Education by PhoenixRise
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I'm an undergraduate student. After my last short-term relationship (not sure if i can even call it that), I just realized that i treat girls like a goddamn video games achievement. Believe me, i wasn't doing it on purpose. When i saw an attractive gi
Posted in Relationship Advice by JohnDoeUnr
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So ive been seeing this guy for just under 2 months, everythings going great. But i just cant shake this feeling about his ex. Hes still in daily contact with her. He says they are just friends and that its for the kids but i just dont know. Ive just
Posted in Dating Advice by Sugargliders
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As I write this to you, Iím listening to so ambient trance music, pouring out my emotions in these wordsÖI need to do this to cope with the loss. I know this place, Iíve been here before, the pain, the anger, the sadness. How did I get here? Was it my
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by THE SPARTAN
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Hi ENAíers...Iíve tried to google my situation for perspective but havenít really found anything relatable. Just to briefly say - broke up with my ex 3 years ago - we split because of arguing, I did everything you shouldnít do when you split, pu
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by AvaD21
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Hi guys I'm really desperate I really need some advice. This is my story, about a month ago (17/09/19), my girlfriend texted me and asked me if our relationship was working well. I really had no clue what she was really meant because we were doing well
Posted in Relationship Advice by jamessb2102
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I know I spoke about my career choices many times here . Iím not very happy with my job . Iím more of a medical billing assistant or administrative assistant just to clarify . I havenít gotten very far in medical billing . My thoughts are wanting to be an
Posted in Career, Money and Education by Chocolate25
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Just updating that I managed to save another 10k since I updated Jan of this year! I posted in my other thread, but figured I'll start a new thread to keep it straight forward. Should I invest in some low cost index funds now, or wait another half
Posted in Career, Money and Education by Honeycomb8
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Hi all. Iíve been married for 15 years and we have three young children together. For as long as I remember, have never been really happy with my husband. First few months of our marriage, we have tried so hard to change each other. I was still pretty
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by Alexis09
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So thereís this girl from my job who Iíve always found attractive. I began to hear talk from other co workers that she thinks Iím really cute and attractive. So I got her number and we started going on dates. The dates were great and she would blow off an
Posted in Dating Advice by Mrgreenjeans
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The relationship I thought that would last ended about 2-3 weeks ago. I had hurt myself from sports and so that meant I was out for a while. I suddenly became depressed and sad... my ex boyfriend wasnít there for me when I needed him most. He gave excuse
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Cdlove
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hello This is my first time on hereSo I have been dating my boyfriend letís call him grey me and grey have been dating for a month everything was good so far until the other day I got a request on Instagram from some girl letís call her M. M messages me
Posted in Dating Advice by Moralesa
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I'll try to keep this to the point as best I can. I'm currently in Week 5 of the split with a co-worker of mine. We were instantly drawn to each other, dated for nearly five months, but it felt longer than that due to the build up the five or six mon
Posted in Getting Back Together by TimeToGrowUp
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I am a fifty-year-old man. Al my ex-partners are very nice people and very beautiful. I consider my self lucky to be with them. I had many long term relationships but, now I know, I was never in love. I was with them because they wanted to be in relations
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Sbiloko
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Hi all, This is going to be a slightly long post, so my apologies for the length. Back in April, I left my former employer of 3 years (investment bank) to move into a new role in a major accounting firm. During my time at my former employer, I
Posted in Career, Money and Education by RuedeRivoli
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Here's my story. It's a wall of text, but please bear with me. The Background: I had been dating a 4th year medical student for the past year and few months. We began the relationship knowing at the end of the year she would relocate, but we bot
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Loki1110
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Sure I make good money and I was better before meeting this girl but I had asked her out and she wants to be friends with me but I believe if we would be together we could make it last but she wonít even give me the time to ask her out in a relationship.
Posted in Suicide by helpmeout1
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