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Hi. I am new here, so please be gentle with my first post and I am sorry if this topic is stupid. There's a very friendly woman at a food outlet that I go to, who works there. She is very nice, friendly and provides excellent customer service. She even
Posted in Friendship and Friends by MrMcDoodle
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I am by no means proud to be the OW but I need some advice. My story begins back in 2014 with my co-worker. After a few months of us first meeting he added me on FB and we started chatting. He was supposedly separated from his GF and we chatted for awh
Posted in Relationship Advice by Sthomas48622
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Hi! I posted maybe a month ago about a situation with my friend. A quick recap: he is a one night stand kind of guy, in a pretty long time that I know him he hasn't been in a relationship once. He kissed me a few weeks ago, but didn't show any interest in
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by RDash
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I'm a white male, early 40s. About 4 years ago I briefly dated this girl that was quite a bit younger than me and Hispanic. She pursued me and made the first move to kiss, but I thought it was kind of unusual... no tongue, but a lot of lower-lip suckin
Posted in Sex and Romance by csdude55
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Hi,1st time poster, apolgies in advance its so long, trying to understand break up of last relationship so I can move on in a healthy way. I'm 36 and he is 37, With him for 4yrs, last 2 sex and affection dwindled. He was never very affectionate to begin w
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Tallulah82
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My ex boyfriend broke up with me for another girl and he claimed I caused it because I talk to him anyhow,i have hurt him too a lot and demand too much, he told me he still loves me then but he can't leave that girl for me cos I can never change and I'll
Posted in Getting Back Together by bolajane
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Iíve been married 22 years this June , have 4 children youngest 21 in June , I believe my husband is seeing our daughter in law , I donít know what to do this would destroy so many lifeís
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Dontjudgeme
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I've been with my boyfriend for about 18 months. We have had problems in the relationship in the past and it's been on and off for a while (partly because I travelled and spend months out of the country.) However, we got back together a few months ago
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by carly1983
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After trying the dating pool I finally met someone who seemed lovely at the time. As time went on we got close, things were great, we moved in together. 6 months from moving in the cracks began to show. My girlfriend became moody, more and more fr
Posted in Dating Advice by sidart
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Hi there Well basically I am wondering if anyone could give me some advice as I am at a loss of what to do. I have been in my nieces life since she was born. My sister has always been very jealous of me because I have managed to keep my weight down o
Posted in Parenting and Families by SueEvans
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So, this was my first Ďseriousí relationship and the furthest I have ever gotten compared to my non serious relationship. We were together officially for 6 months but we said unofficially for about 10, we did everything together. We had gotten to a stage
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Camtom101
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So this guy (M 31) and I (F 20) met around 8 months ago and started hooking up about 4 months ago. When I met him I was keeping my sex and love life fairly casual and honestly didn't intend to develop feelings for anyone. We started hanging out as friends
Posted in Dating Advice by WhiteRose18
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A permanent tenant moved in next door to me over 6 months ago, his wife ended their marriage so he left for a rental to do the right thing by his youngest daughter still living at home so she could have stability until she finishes her HSC & goes off to u
Posted in Relationship Advice by ptrio
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Hey all, quick summary, there was a history between me and this girl who use to 'harrass me' on fb, and really annoy me. She even admit herself that she was trying to annoy me. She ignored me in person and really acted pissy with me. Not sure maybe she wa
Posted in Relationship Advice by epinephrine1
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I work as part of a team, where we each have individual responsibilities. We have team responsibilities too, which are over and above our individual ones. Sometimes, the team responsibilities actually do very little to further our own goals, but the
Posted in Career, Money and Education by LHGirl
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So, how to put this in a nutshellÖ I met a guy online and we dated for a little while. I didnít feel a spark or connection when we met but conversation flowed, he made me laugh and we got on really well. I wasnít attracted to him and still fresh out of a
Posted in Relationship Advice by laura1987
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Hi! So, this is one weird story and believe me, I've considered getting health checks on this so I know I'm a weirdo :P As I really want to keep in mind my own and the privacy of the man I'm going to talk about, I didn't get into details on everything
Posted in Love Advice by Ndsy
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Hi everyone, I'll try to keep this somewhat short. My (ex) girlfriend, MaKena, and I dated for 6 months and we just broke up almost two weeks ago. We're 24 and 22 years old (I'm 22). We know each other from our hometown but I didn't ever talk to her until
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by thelogride
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Iím looking for some advice here. Iím with a girl about a year now. My main concern is her ex bf. aperently he was such a bad guy. They are broke up about two years. He cheated on her. he texts her the odd time. And she does reply. I donít know what she r
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by Irishlad41
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So, I work with a woman who I've liked for sometime now. She's single. We're also good friends out of work. The thing that's stopping me from speaking to her about it is the fact that she's my supervisor and I don't want to make things awkward at work. I
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Waywarn
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