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I dated this guy for three years now and it was great at first but I feel it's coming to an end. I love him so much but he puts me down, we fight a lot, he a jerk 70% of the time. We had great memories we went on vacation together he taken care of me in t
Posted in Breaking Up by April1234
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he said he is not ready 4 a relationship, he suffers depresion, lots of work, divorcee and with kid, lots of work. I told him I am in love with him, he says he is noot..... but says he cares about me, likes me and a lot of things but he is not ready for c
Posted in Getting Back Together by mswift33
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Hello, I am a junior in high school and I have a typical high-schooler problem I need help with. Im gonna apologize now because its super long. I have been dating my current boyfriend of 2 years (whom I love very very much and is the first serious bo
Posted in Relationship Commitment by Mmo
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Hi all, I am 19 years old and my partner is 35 years old, we are in a long distance relationship (3-5 hours travelling), and we have been together for 3-4 months. *I think it's also important to state that I am a university student,
Posted in Age Gap Relationships by coastal
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I am seeing a neurologist soon but wanted to see if there's anybody out there who has similar symptoms to me. I've tried googling it, and it seems like there are plenty of people who turn into complete psychos when they take prednisone, but nobody else wh
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by isaacsaysno
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Hi. I had my eyes on this girl for quite some time. Shes absolutely gorgeous- yet quirky and adorable. Shes musical and bright, witty and humorous. I love her, yet shes told me about her male crushes, each time breaking and tearing my heart. Bu
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by QuiteOften
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We're in college, so this all seems a little immature. I know things wont be as complicated as you get older. So i posted about this girl a while ago, but this is new info. Idk what to do. Basically, we went on a few dates and made out. I asked her out li
Posted in Dating by 10023711
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My boyfriend and I had been together for just under a year, and we really loved each other. At times we couldn't believe how happy we were together. We didn't bicker and rarely fought, and we were best friends. We each struggle with our mental health, tho
Posted in Getting Back Together by skunkismycat
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I have been with my gf for 11 months. We are at a crossroads and i cant decide what to do as regards living with her in her home. She wants me to sell my flat (in a town far away) to pave the way for a more normal relationship. I am keen to do this becaus
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Finnley
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Me and my ex have been broken up for 4 months. He broke up with me. I went NC for the first month but bc of mutual friends we became cordial again. Then he started inviting me to his house parties indirectly through our mutual friends, trying to get them
Posted in Getting Back Together by Astrogirllibra
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Theres a really attractive guy that normally rides the same bus as me. He appears to be older (maybe early 40s late 30s). Weve never spoken before but I wrote my number on a sheet of paper and handed it to him saying hey I think you dropped this. Im
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Kennylouise
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So I need to talk to someone about this. From what I've read on the internet the things that I've done in my childhood are normal and I shouldn't blame myself for them. However, my OCD and anxiety wont allow myself to forgive myself. Let me start when
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by pillup1876
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My boyfriend and I have been together almost a year and just moved in together. Hes 29 and Im 27. The question that I have today is about sex. We have sex about 3-4 times a week, and its really good sex. He is quite happy with this amount, however I
Posted in Sex and Romance by twentysix
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I have been dating this guy about 5 months and its been very weird in ways that wed argue then talk and very much on and off. I think he has been using me but the thing is I dont mean to or even recognises that hes using me. Hell take money off me et
Posted in Breaking Up by Valjean24601
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I was hoping to get non-judgemental thoughts on this situation. I was seeing a guy for almost 3 years before he said I love you (and I said it back). It's not as if I was sitting around for 3 years waiting for him to say it (if I'm honest, I'm not s
Posted in Relationships by citrusgreen
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The girl Ive been seeing for the past 4 months is still nervous around me. Weve seen each other 7 times in 4 months. So what Ive noticed is every time I asked her out where there was no alcohol, she kind of made an excuse or gave me a maybe at it en
Posted in Dating by Rozhni
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Hello. I need some advice. I am in this relationship and it makes me feel so...wrong? I constantly find myself wondering about what is wrong with me? I got to a point where I am afraid that i would go crazy. I really am scaring myself. I am 27 years o
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Universalguy
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Hey guys. Its been a few months since my last post. Id like to say hello to a few names I remember from before. Ive been reading some of everyones stuff. I see some old names that gave me advice still going thru their struggles. Well Id love to say this i
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Makeit
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Hey guys, does this sound like a rebound relationship to you? -guy was head over heels in love with his ex gf but they had to split for reasons that had nothing to do with their relationship, distance. (their relationship was nearly perfect, no real is
Posted in Relationships by hope19
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Hi all, Seven weeks ago I was just broken up with the person I wanted to share my life with. I am 29 years old and we were together for nine years. She was 17 when I met her. Six years into our relationship she was told by doctors she had premature
Posted in Breaking Up by TornApart29
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