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Please pray and or give good thought to those injured around the UK parliament today.
Posted in Grief Loss and Bereavement by ~Seraphim ~
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Hi, I would like some advice on how to respond to an ex who just got in touch with me about 2.5 years after we broke up. She broke up with me, I was devastated, went through hell and in the last few months have really started to feel myself again. S
Posted in Getting Back Together by johnd5
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I'm 21, woman, I had 2 sex partners (my 2 ex-bfs). And, unlikely most of the people on their 20's, I never felt comfortable about having sex just because the guy looks attractive. I need to thrust the guy, to have feelings (it doesn't have to be love, but
Posted in Dating by Advice1312
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I met a girl from online dating, after the first date we kissed, she told me at the end of the date that she wanted to see me again and asked if I wanted to meet up with her again I said yes. I then proceeded to set up a second date which was tonight.
Posted in Dating by yeahyeahyeah
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Hi everyone, I normally do not seek advice from any forums like this. But today i hope u guys can give me a bit of honest advice to my situation. I would love to hear from you either you are man or woman. And please forgive my writing because English i
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by huydg007
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hello everyone. long story short, i was wondering if i had dated a narcissist. i met him October of 2016 at a school event. we didn't talk there or anything. my friend made a group chat with all of us included and he ended up privately asking me if we
Posted in Relationships by SadSadgirl
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I have been with my girlfriend for 6 years and we have two children together. I recently was concerned as she was withdrawn so (I know I shouldnt have) but I looked on her iPad to try and find out what the matter was if she had been talking to anyone. I f
Posted in Breaking Up by Justin Barrett
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So I finally decided I was done begging for my ex to love me and take me back and so he said he was dating this girl he knows I absolutely hate and she came up to me and told me they were too but everyone else says it's to hurt me and I honestly don't car
Posted in Breaking Up by lostinlove2
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So the other day I posted about my girlfriend of four years leaving me for another guy which she happened to be seeing while we were still together. So not only was hurt that she left me but then to find out she had been cheating for who knows how long. I
Posted in Breaking Up by Why9
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I need help. This is so complicated. I've been in a relationship with my SO for over 6 years and we live together in an apartment. Things haven't been going so great. We're on opposite schedules and our arguments borderline on verbal abuse. I've been drag
Posted in Finding Love and Soulmate by brightbabyblue
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Hi there, I guess I should start by saying that I have been engaged to my SO for 1 year now. We moved in together last year (big changes) and first lived in a condo by ourselves. The first few months were quite a struggle, but then we got used to it an
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by SeaOfHope
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we're both 20, on a night out I bumped into this random girl we kissed in the nightclub and spent the rest of the night chatting, even going back to hers but instead of taking things further we stayed up all night talking (don't think shes a one night-sta
Posted in Dating by mccunit
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I tell you my detailed story, I need help what to do. (sorry for my English) Years ago when I had a non serious relationship, one night I walked into a pub and saw a girl. (I am good looking but I refuse 99% of girls.) This time it took 0.001 se
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by spiderpig
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Iím desperate for some advice. Iíve been with my partner for nearly 2 years and everything has been ok, except from when he drinks. I really do not like the person he becomes when heís drunk and although itís usually just annoying, there has been several
Posted in Abuse and Violence by Leahjeff
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My ex boyfriend and i have history backing up to about 7 years. Never actually boyfriend and girlfriend just the timing was never right. Well this past November we rekindled and actually got together. He is in the army and lives on base in Georgia but he
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by Krisss
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So it started as her being pretty distant for a whole week. Then one night she message me saying we need to talk. She stated that she's overwhelmed and a relationship isn't in her best interest right now. Now we're both single parents and we both got out
Posted in Breaking Up by VaughnBrown199
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Back in December me and my girlfriend of 6 months broke up because she couldn't balance school, work and other things in her life with the relationship and we hardly got to see each other near the end of the relationship. That was our only real problem th
Posted in Getting Back Together by TrisCK
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I joined a gym a week ago, I haven't worked out in 5 years. I started out on the elite side of the gym using the trx and mx4 small group sessions. I am the new girl in the group, the trainer tells me I need to work on my form, I am 5ft 4 in tall 146 pound
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by anicole
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My ex recently broke up with me a month ago. The breakup was completely my fault. I cheated on her and she found out through the girl's friend. I regret ever cheating on her and the breakup has been eating me alive on the inside. The two years we were tog
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Alias26
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Five years ago I moved away from my home town, divorcing my unfaithful husband of 15 years, to a very small rural town of 250 where my son lives. After dating my now boyfriend for a couple months, he moved me in with him and have been together since. He i
Posted in Relationships by Jwin
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