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Hey there, So I was with my ex for five years, on and off. We had an intense connection, I felt, but we were extremely mismatched -- and broke up for good when I decided to move across the country to pursue a new job. We kept in friendly contact...
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by blahsquared
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Dating isn't done here, so many girls and guys have no idea about this stuff. There's this girl at my gym who I have been seeing for around a few months. Over the course of time, we exchanged a few looks and stuff, but I didn't think into it. ...
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Speca2
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I know her for the past 15 years. We are now on our 30s. We were really close. Even after all these years we can talk for hours. It seems that we always had a connection and we deeply care and respect each other but no sexual attraction. She did not...
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by alb
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Hi, thanks for looking. The last week or so I've been contemplating whether I need to break up with my gf. Maybe you can shed some wisdom on me. I've been seeing this woman for about 4 months now. I'll call her Jane for the sake of the story...
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Wateroflife
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Me and my girlfriend of over five years are on the brink. COVID hasnít helped, but the issues were there before. I have some anxieties when Iím confronted an I lied about things in my past. I would panic and just start blurting things out when...
Posted in Relationship Advice by ark87
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My ex and I were together for a couple of years. He pursued me , chased me but once he got me , he wasnít all in. I would tell him he didnít love me and he told me that wasnít true. I wasnít a priority and his actions were shady. I should...
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by MaidMariane
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Hi guys, I've heard a few theories lately and i'm curious. As bad as it is, does intentionally ignoring someone or ghosting actually make them miss you/attract them? It seems like a weird thing to do and not something I would necessarily do...
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by jackjohnson4
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This is my first time posting here. I'm posting here because my now ex-boyfriend knows all my social media, and I know he watches them even when I've blocked him. I just needed a place to ramble and vent about everything that happened. I'm all alone...
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by owieoof
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About a month has past since me and my ex broke up. We dated for almost 2 years before we split. I still want to be with her and want to make things work. However, currently I am blocked on every social media and can only call or text. The last month...
Posted in Getting Back Together by RandoAnom
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Hi, First I am not here to talk about my story (I babbled enough about that in Personal Growth) But I am interested in other people's experiences in Good byes. Not so much to someone who is dying. But rather people in our lives who are leaving...
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Bobby23
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Met my ex girlfriend while doing my favorite hobby. Sparks flew and we were serious and exclusive almost instantly. Was with my ex for 2 1/2 years lived together for 2 years. Began dating when I was 32 she was 48. Both always extremely attracted to...
Posted in Relationship Advice by Kevinw1205
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Hi. My daughter is 21. Just finished uni with a good degree. Shes seeing this lad who is 26 and a complete waste of space. Works very little is absolutely bone idle. He was learning to drive. Why cant I even put up with him? I cant stand him.
Posted in Parenting and Families by Knight2001
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Hi. I met this guy online some time ago. He is really friendly and we texted a lot. Well, to be honest there was a time in our correspondence when he did not text me for a couple of weeks but I didnt care that much as it was only the beginning. Then...
Posted in Dating Advice by Martina111
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Hi all. I haven't posted in a long time, but I often thought about updating my status after my original thread. I cannot post URLs, but it's the only other thread I have started if you are curious. Short version: an old love of mine, Jane,...
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by WandererBoy
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I (37M) have been with my girlfriend (27F) for just over six years now. Lately we've been arguing. A lot. We have several long-standing issues in the relationship that we're either working on or have promised to work on. For some background, I'll...
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by chewy21
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I've been dating this super attractive guy since late march, (He's 34, I'm 25) first it started off as us talking on and off throughout quarantine, we facetimed a couple of times and we've built a connection over the last 5 months. Since I've been...
Posted in Sex and Romance by electricorchid
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My fiancťe gave away my cat today without asking how it would make me feel. I have a strong connection to our animals and Iíve been super upset about it all day. Is it wrong of me to be mad at him for giving him up without ever asking me how I...
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by alycat0294
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My husband and I got back together in January after a 3 year separation. I temporarily moved back into our house, as it is our plan to sell and buy a new one next year. While I as rearranging a few things, I came across some articles of clothing...
Posted in Getting Back Together by CloudedBlue
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I have always been comfortable with both my looks and my personality, since I have always heard and experienced that I am consistently one of the more handsome and attractive guys in all types of environments, and I would never feel that "threatened"...
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Peter95
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I had first met this guy when I was 16, during my summer vacation. We used to meet every summer, there was always flirting going on between us but it never became much more. We had just kissed once. He was one year younger and quite shy and so was I...
Posted in Dating Advice by Eliza50
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