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Is it normal when I see or hear someone starting to get emotional, their pitch in their voice goes higher and higher, pace of words gets faster and faster, the voice gets screechyer and scheechyer, whinier and whinier. I get this churn in my stomach, my b
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by wtm78
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Hey guys, Here's this silly little story I'm too ashamed to even tell my friends I'm still thinking about sometimes. First, I know the whole thing is cheesy but I can't explain my emotions: About a year ago I met by chance this guy. He invited me f
Posted in Love Advice by yasu
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Hi guys, I'm am so frustrated with myself! I am now convinced that as an adult, I have developed ADHD or just ADD. I find it difficult focusing and concentrating on one subject at a time, for anthing longer than a few paragraphs at a time; it's gott
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by katrina1980
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So in regards to my last few posts I just want to say that I regret pretty much everything that’s happened with this guy. Judging from the comments on these threads it’s clear and obvious that he doesn’t really give two s about me and he just wants me for
Posted in Love Advice by shesmaudlin
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So I sent a text saying “hey I just wanted to say that I love you! That is all.” With a heart emoji at the end to the guy I talked about in my last thread. It was copied and pasted from a text I had sent to a friend. I wanted to see his reaction to it, se
Posted in Dating Advice by shesmaudlin
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How do you know when a therapist is a good fit for you?
Posted in Personal Growth by summablairr
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Hi folks, just need to get this off my chest I guess. Been married 6 years( second time) was great but now...long story very infrequent, and very unsatisfying mostly now when it was great once , no displays of affection, no hugs goodnight , no
Posted in Relationship Advice by Positive G
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Hi all, Hoping you can help me with some advice. A few months ago I decided to try online dating again. I went on two "first meetings", don't want to call them dates as to me it was just a meeting to see if there was mutual attraction or interest.
Posted in Dating Advice by Laluna14
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If you settle for less than you deserve You get less than what you settled for If you hold out for what you deserve You probably get nothing Everybody needs love Happy Valentine's Day
Posted in Poetry, Prose, Art & Photography by jul-els
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Hi everyone. Lately,I've been feeling kind of depressed because three of my friends want to live abroad. This makes me sad since I'm gonna miss them so much and I know when someone leaves to start a new life in another country,the relationship you used
Posted in Personal Growth by Butterfly44o
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So been knowing this guy for five months. When we first met, he just go out of a 3 yr relationship as they broke up in Jan. Didn't want to be a rebound. We stopped talking & he came back around like 3 weeks ago & we've hung out three times. He said he rea
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by oheyitsfaith
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Hello all - I’ll try to be as concise as possible. Apologies if it feels long. I went on a date Monday night in Boston. It was our first time meeting up. I’ve been on a lot of dates, but I have to say It’s been a long while that I felt a rush of a
Posted in Dating Advice by lmasterz
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Hi, We were discussing one topic with my friend and I wanted to hear opinions of people here as well. Imagine a couple, while they're together, doing something or walking on street or anything and guy or girl looking at others, opposite sex particul
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Random Person
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I did something that would end my relationship with someone I care very deeply for. We may have a chance at saving our relationship but if he knew this it would be over and I would lose him forever. It would be very bad. What would be the right thing to
Posted in Infidelity by LadyCaCa
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I've been exclusively dating this man for about a month and honestly, I am officially infatuated. He is such a quality man with a lot going for him. I am not sure why he is interested in me. This man is as sharp as a tack, super bright with a lot of kno
Posted in Dating Advice by ConfusedLady21
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Two weeks ago, I broke up with my ex of over a year because we really didn’t have anything in common and I just wanted to be single. He was upset about it because he felt that it came out of nowhere(which it didn’t) and that we had things in common(and w
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by datinghelp9
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Hi, hmm. I don't know where to start. My wife, she is a wonderful person. She love me and I love her. But somehow that is not enough. You see, at rest, at our natural state. Somehow we oppose each other. Every thought, every decision, every word we say
Posted in Divorce Advice by wtm78
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Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well. Long story short... The last few years has been what I consider the worst times of my life. in September 2015 my partner of over 8 years decided to leave me for a guy who she ended up marrying a year later.
Posted in Career, Money and Education by theREALdusman
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Hello everyone, So my MIL passed away Monday morning at 2am. My husband and I took the 5 minute drive to say our goodbyes. I was due to go to work early that day, so I thought I'd stay to say my goodbyes and pay my respects to the family who cared for
Posted in Grief Loss and Bereavement by PurpleButterfly
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I (22F) was on FaceTime with an ex/friend (23M) the other day and we were joking around and flirting with each other. At some point he jokingly said “ugh I hate you” and I was too busy giggling that I didn’t reply so he went “I said I hate you” and I repl
Posted in Relationship Advice by shesmaudlin
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