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I applied as a researcher to this company. And I got the job. The salary is higher than the previous company I resigned, I have rice allowance, and I have health benefits as someone who is under probation. Also, I have a background on research back during
Posted in Career, Money and Education by Qwerty55
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Hi, so quick reference: - In our mid 20's - Been together 4 years (we decided less then 2 months apart is nothing in the scheme of things) - Great communication and just fantastic relationship in general. - We broke up due to huge work and family stre
Posted in Getting Back Together by Unsure2012
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My ex and I have been split for 8 months now, and aside from a few interactions at the beginning of the year, we've been in strict no contact for the last 3 months. She ended up blocking my number in May, and I had not reached out or seen her since. I h
Posted in Getting Back Together by Jaketherippler
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Hello all, I am hoping for some advice about a friendship. Ok, I feel like Iím back at high school complaining about friends lol. My friend of 20 years feels like she is slipping out of my life and canít be bothered with me anymore. Maybe I am being
Posted in Friendship and Friends by Cinderella000
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I know the title sounds really bad, and it is. But I've got my reasons. It just happened a few hours ago and my mind is in a complete mess, and I feel like . I have no idea what to do with myself. Please read the whole thing before giving me advice. It's
Posted in Infidelity by SKitty
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Ok so yeah, I guess this is a desperate call for help, some light, some guidance. I can't stand my anxiety anymore. Main cause of my anxiety is this man I love (my previous thread is about him) and I what I feel for him is beyond my control. We spoke
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Lovelavie
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I searched around and found this forum half an hour ago, and I'm really happy that forums like this excists. I apologize if my english isn't on point, but I will try to formulate myself as understandable as possible. There is a lot of stuff I actually wan
Posted in Love Advice by Ghost Voices
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Iím a bit of an introvert so I know I can be standoffish with barriers. We messaged a couple of times online and decided to meet. This guy instantly sat too close to me for my liking. Every time we would talk he would try to put his hand on my arm or shou
Posted in Dating and Shy People by Paranu
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One of my close friends went through a break up a few months ago (as did I). We became really close helping each other through the pain and things turned into a friends with benefits situation. I donít have romantic feelings for him. I do care for him ver
Posted in Sex and Romance by justcuriousy
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hi. this is my first time actually posting here without lurking. i've been wanting to post something for a while. initially it started out with something else, but the problem is solved. in fact, my relationship is really great. there hasn't been a pr
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by seoulthirsty
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I have been seeing a woman for 6-7 weeks. Weíve seen each other about 8 or 9 times during that time period. She is attractive, successful, intelligent, relatable, and she seems to enjoy a lot of the same leisure activities as me. However, when we first
Posted in Dating Advice by dmveep
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I'm not sure where to start, but I thought I'd try to get advice for where I am in life, and how to move forward. While this has been ongoing, in the last year, I became incredibly confused on where I wanted to live and who I was. I looked at my life a
Posted in Personal Growth by RIPDIME
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I posted on here a few weeks ago after my ex girlfriend broke up with me, something I'm very much still trying to come to terms with. The relationship broke down while she was away travelling in Africa for 8 weeks. After about 1 week of being away, I coul
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by lightwelter
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I dont even know where to start I was with my ex on and off for 12 years, I say on and off because we split up a few times, sometime days, sometimes months. We had two children one of which is his the other isnt but he is bringing up as his own. Our pur
Posted in Relationship Advice by LornaBarsby
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How do I react when my boyfriend says he'd call back but never does. He mostly calls the next day.. I confronted him about it and he says that he was busy but I know that he isn't all the time everyday!! It stopped for a while and now he's doing it again
Posted in Conversational Tips by Newgirlforever
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Yeah going on my first date after my divorce, um yeah any advice beside dont stuff it up lol....
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Bigboss29
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This is kinda random but I wanna share my story. 2 weeks ago I went on a blind date with my mutual friends and I thought it was gonna be romantic but it ended up...awkwardly? Like I only see him as a brother figure and I felt no sparks AT ALL. I tried bli
Posted in Finding Love and Soulmate by Qwerty55
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As you all know, I resigned from an insurance company 2 weeks ago because it was making me depressed. Currently, I feel pressured again that I am looking for a job because I've been unemployed for 8 months (excluding the insurance company that I only star
Posted in Career, Money and Education by Qwerty55
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Im going to make this a short as possible. im 28 single all my life until this 35 year old unexpectedly shows interest in me. We have a causal relationship mainly because hes in a new country and unsettled. He wants me to be his girlfriend, but I want
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by fightlife
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Hi all, almost 2 months ago my boyfriend (2.5 years) left me completely out of the blue. We lived together and it was just one day after we had returned from a month-long trip abroad. He pretended to be happy with me, said he loved me, but it seemed to
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Sunn
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