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I know people on here hate questions like this so sorry (oops) but Ive pretty much been smitten for about 7 months now, its driving me insane. Basically, Im 24, hes 26. Hes really shy, Im pretty shy but have my moments when I want to. We work tog
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Hithere
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I'm already really fit, I exercise 8.5 hours a week. 1 hour 15 mins of taekwondo on Tues and Thurs, 4 hours of badminton on Sat, and 2 hours of badminton on Sunday. I exercise so much that I'm sore almost 24/7. But I am not losing weight or burning fat??
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by yun
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(THIS IS REALLY LONG IM SORRY, IF YOU READ IT ALL ILY OKAY, I REALLY NEED ADVICE, SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR THE QUESTION/SUMMARY) Okay, so about 6 or 7 years ago while I was still in high school I met a guy who I really liked. The thing is I met this gu
Posted in Dating Advice by shesmaudlin
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Last night, I officially ended things with my ex. I should have done it a long time ago but it reached its limit last night. We had been dating for about a year, and she got confused a few times. We semi-broke up in December when she went away and wan
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by starlight588
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Hello, I met a girl online and we spoke for a couple weeks, not too much but we phoned for 4 hours a time a few times and then she came over. She came over and we had a really nice time, we did sexual things together and the day after she went home (I was
Posted in Relationship Advice by Cledi
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My Ex gf broke up with me very sudden and out of the blue....I begged and pleaded on and off for 3 weeks. She blocked me on all my social media week 2 of the break up. On week 3 she grabbed all her things gave me this huge long hug and was very emotional.
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by AnonymousQ
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Hello, me again. A new conflict has risen from my last post about the same situation. Anyways, So my sister was the one who started this drama without my knowledge (see last post for details) and then Brian (my ex crush) reached out to me and rejected me.
Posted in Friendship and Friends by katyfran45
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I've posted in other sections of this forum. But I really need help and some perspective on how and why things are how they are. I have no one to talk to, I'm on my own so any help/ advice on here would be very much appreciated. I 'mutually' split up wi
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Hutchypro
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I wrote my dreams and goals, and started reading them aloud to myself everyday to remind myself what I am working hard towards. I don't like sharing my dreams to people much because I don't want them to pass judgment, but what is the harm expressing it he
Posted in Personal Growth by WannaTaco
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Hello. My girlfriend and I have been seeing each other exclusively for the past year and a half. I'm 52, no kids, she's 56 and has two boys ages 17 and 14. The father of her sons is not a very good person from what she told me about him. He's crazy and ab
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by jul-els
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Hi all, First time poster so I thought I'd ask your advice. On 21 March a woman I've been in a 4.5 year relationship brought our romance to an end. We met in 2014 online and we immediately hit it off. It became physical very quickly and we really ha
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Tryingharder
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I'm stressed to the eyeballs. Really stressed and thinking i might be going through some sort of breakdown. i've been in a relationship for 11 years. i've wanted to have a baby for the past 6 years. my partner doesn't want children. we split up over
Posted in Relationship Advice by lostandlost
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This is my first relationship im in and its going for about one and a half year. After 8 months i really struggled with the falling out of love or rather losing the infatuation feeling i guess. Its still something i kinda struggle with because i have neve
Posted in Relationship Advice by Faraniel
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I'm a 32 year old guy. I've only had one serious, long term relationship (4 years long and we broke up 5 years ago). Although I've enjoyed being single and dating a lot, I've entered most of my short relationships in the last 5 years as casual, with no ex
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by andys12131
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So Im 20, Indian, male and in my first real relationship. Its still relatively new. Shes in my class, weve been best friends for 4 months, in a relationship for 1.5 months. Well start our senior year of college and were sure were going to head off
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by newbielove20
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This person i have been talking to for just a few sentences and he replied briefly 2 words reply. His profile mentions " Any non-fake profile here?" He asked to contact via Whatsapp which obviously would need telephone number from me given to him. I am
Posted in Dating Advice by zzzz74032343
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I've suffered from depression my whole entire life. I remember having somber moods ever since I was a teenager. I got bullied, was underweight, painfully shy, possibly molested, never had much friends, boys always teased me,etc. It wasn't until I was i
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by PuffyParakee
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I got my answer
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by rrmm
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We met on Face book back in 2011 and met in person a month later.We had strong connection but the distance eventually took it's toll and he broke it off since neither of us were in a position to move. After time part we would reconnect and meet up
Posted in Dating Advice by MrsWise
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Hey my ex gf contacted me after a month of no contact asking for a phone number now I'm confused is she reaching out or is it just a normal text for a number and nothing in it?
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by elliswade10z
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