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I'm a 45 y.o man, divorced + 2 (school age) in a 3+ years relationship with a 35 y.o single woman. I'm a self-employed businessman who relocated with her this year to London, in the hope of building a good life for us. Met my Partner in her city...
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by ILS
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I cant stop obssesing about my partner staying in touch with an old lover. He has been secretive about it and I've snooped his phone. He knows. I feel bad about it too but proves my fears. I wake up anxious at night. Is our relationship ruined? We...
Posted in Relationship Advice by Criss
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Back in 2013 a girl ran into a me on a festival. Both severely drunk we had a chat for about 30 minutes. We've shared facebook and so some time after the festival had ended, we started to communicate via whatsapp, text only. We have never seen...
Posted in Conversational Tips by Herderp
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Hi. My ex recently broke up with me. (2.5 months long relationship) The reason at first was that she felt I was too interested in the relationship, that the relationship was mostly one sided from me. She said that she doesn't have time for a...
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Squeezyy02
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Hey. Im am lost. Lets call this girl M . M and I have a past. We were friends back 2 years ago and kissed at a party once. We both thought that the other person didn't have feelings that way and just wanted a friendship. She had a bf of 4...
Posted in Dating Advice by timmi33
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My boyfriend and I have been together for more than a year and deeply care for each other. But thereís one thing that was really consistent that comes up from time to time and that is he could be very controlling and opinionated even if sometimes...
Posted in Dating Advice by Susanwirld
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Iím currently speachless right now. I didnt know what else to do since I dont have many friends and I feel I really need to let it out. Weíve been in a dreamed relationship for 6 years now and 4 months ago I realized I was pregnant. Weíve lost...
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Yzel
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Hello all! Iím having a bit of a debate with a friend, and it got me thinking. Iíd love to hear everyoneís opinion on this. We were talking about a specific beach here in town and itís an optional nude beach. people are clothed, but a lot...
Posted in Personal Growth by BecxyRex
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I am nine days late of my period, I took two pregnancy tests, and both were negative? Is this too early to take a pregnancy test? I used first response.
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by Suzuki550
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Hi everyone. Yesterday I was about to check my emails when I realised that my boyfriend was still logged into gmail on my laptop from when he was using it at the weekend. I was about to log out so I could sign in and as my eyes glanced across the...
Posted in Relationship Advice by AnneMartina
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Hey, hope everyone is doing as well as possible during these times. I'd really need some objective, unbiased advice from someone who's preferably more experienced than me when it comes to romance and relationships (so pretty much anyone lol). This...
Posted in Dating Advice by HowMuch
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Me and my girlfriend were dating for 8 months. Things were great, saw each other almost everyday. She told me she loved me first, I already knew I loved her but was scared to run her off. We had so much in common in life, and what we wanted out of...
Posted in Getting Back Together by TB901
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I know this is a long post. Iíll put a TLDR at the end for anyone who doesnít want to read the whole thing (TLDR=Too long, didnít read.) I have OCD, clinically diagnosed. I...
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by Cynder
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Recently got back in contact with and old FWB. We havenít spoken in a very long time. He says I ghosted him. Upon starting to hang out again, he mentioned that he is shocked at how successful I am and everything I have going on with myself and he...
Posted in Dating Advice by hoyos2020
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Hello everyone, The other day my boyfriend and I were looking at photos on his phone to make a contact photo for myself. He went to the bathroom and I scrolled back to October. We have been together for over a year since July 2019. I found multiple...
Posted in Trust and Relationships by Dance100
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I am in a 11 month relationship with a wonderful young woman. We worked through some distance issues (we live in different cities 2.5 hours apart) However, she is very serious on getting married. We are very compatible. However, I do not view two...
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by George132283
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Hey, looking for some input on this. my husband's nephew has a ex girlfriend who has been in the family since before I married my husband. She been around for over 10 years and we get alone well alone. He is like a big brother to her, their both in...
Posted in Relationship Communication by dodadei3
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I worked with my fiance for years before we started dating. He put in a transfer to a state 4k miles away a month before we began dating. It got approved a few weeks after seeing each other but we always had the biggest crush on each other for...
Posted in Relationship Advice by Chiquita85
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Hi my name is Nicole. I have been with my boyfriend for almost 7 years and yesterday I found out that he was on a dating app. I am completely heartbroken because our relationship has always been great but apparently things werenít as they seemed....
Posted in Relationship Advice by Nicolinaaa
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Hi, my partner and I have been going through a rough patch lately, I broke up with him in June, for giving me silent treatment after arguments and withdrawing practical and emotional support after same. It got to the point where it was the straw that...
Posted in Relationship Advice by Kitty2705
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