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 When the guy that I liked for a couple years messaged me out of the clear blue sky on Facebook I was shocked. I didnít know what to think at first. I was happy of course. We started messaging each other every single day a
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by KindHeart15
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I really need some help and clarity here. My husband met a female friend at work three months ago. She has a boyfriend. I was excited to meet her because they were new to town and seemed like someone we could form a friendship with. The first time he as
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by Eelrak3
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Hi all, I (35M) am dating a woman (28F). She has a 3 year old from her previous relationship. Because of an unforeseen medical event of the child, my GF is struggling now. She didn't ask me explicitly to pay the medical bills or ask any sum of money but
Posted in Relationship Advice by cartman2020
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Hi everyone, My partner and I met at work 4 years ago, he was the quiet person in the corner of the room and I found him intriguing. We began dating and I realised early on he was emotionally challenged but I saw the good inside of him and soon found o
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by HoneyBea
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I always told myself i'd never get involved with anyone in another country again due to distance and how difficult it is it maintain. Yet, here I am. Head over heels with this guy and neither one of us want to part. We've just met, and he lives in Swe
Posted in Long-Distance Relationships by Limiya
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Itís a long one, but the relationship has some sturdy bones, so here goes. My boyfriend and I met when we were younger. We were friends for nearly five years when we began dating. Fast forward through 7.5 years of a healthy relationship (we had our disa
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by LTNS
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I've never had a girlfriend nor have I been laid. Hear me out before y'all comment the same thing I've been hearing over and over again. It's easy to just sit there and say that you're not trying enough or that you just want it easy. All the ty advice, su
Posted in Sex and Romance by NXSWarrior
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I need an outside opinion. A girl I really really like and have a history with broke up with her boyfriend last week, and she texted me as soon as she did, and Iím not sure what to think of it. At first she was texting me all day and responding me to like
Posted in Dating Advice by Fongule
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I live in London and I'm in a long distance relationship for 1.5 years now with a boy living in Dublin. We meet each other once in 6 weeks for a weekend and we do enjoy the time together. He is very mature and such a sweet-heart so I could see myself with
Posted in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender by Nikolaos
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Iíve been in a relationship for 30 years. Weíre both 50. We are both in good shape and still pretty easy on the eyes. We both get compliments and hit on occasionally when we're out and about. I realized Iíve been sad for awhile and didnít know why. M
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by filmguy5
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I just want to say that I know that it's my fault and I have given my ex boyfriend space I just don't know how to move on. For the past two years I was in a really toxic situation and it ruined me, I was manipulated, lied to and used by someone I thoug
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by brooks468
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Hi. Partner of 20 years called if aday and moved out last April. Im in our jointly mortgaged house with our 16 yr old daughter and she rents with our 20 yr old. Have been in daily contact since. Exchanging texts even going for drinks as we always said be
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Darcus30
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I (21M) am visiting one of my best friends (21F) who is studying abroad in a few months after recently breaking up with my long term girlfriend. I feel like my dynamic with my friend has shifted and not sure how the trip will go. Earlier this year, I e
Posted in Relationship Advice by ThrowRA
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It will be long but I'll try to sum up the details. I'm in a relationship with someone I met through gaming. It is almost a year now. He lives in another country but we already met in person, everything was perfect, I love him and he loves me. I have no
Posted in Long-Distance Relationships by Karub
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Hello, I am wondering if I am doing the right thing. I was in a relationship with my boyfriend for 2 years . Lately we got into an argument where I felt like he had wronged me in some way and I explained that to him but he refused that he did something
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Khona18
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After a particularly rough stretch of dating, Iíve decided to take a break from dating. I want to take some time to think about whatís most important and how to go about finding it. Iíve had two long term relationships with two very similar women. The
Posted in Dating Advice by dmveep
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I suffer heavily from anxiety, especially in conjunction with relationships. When I feel unsure, I will ask friends for their advice. I have asked a handful of friends and over time have minimised what is said. But Iím now overly anxious that I spoke o
Posted in Relationship Advice by Fligboots
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Hi everyone, Iíve not used this site for a good few years now and the last time I did use it the help I got from everyone was amazing and helped me a lot! So Iím a 41 year old male and Iím dating a 29year old female we have been dating about 5months now
Posted in Dating Advice by jumpman
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We've been online/long-distance friends for over a year and we talk daily (text at least, he doesn't like phone calls or FT). I've liked him and have had feelings for a while and they grow and recede. Lately, I'm really starting to appreciate him, his per
Posted in Friendship and Friends by Dimka
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Something I have been thinking about and struggling lately, (and through the course of my life), with is how to deal with narcissism, both internally and externally. I am a very sensitive person who is very self-critical and has a narcicisstic side which
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by hatetodate
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