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So I have been dating my girl for about 4 yrs. I am a U.S. military member and I met my girl in Okinawa, Japan back in 2015. She is originally from the mainland but moved to the island due to a prior marriage to an Okinawan man. So long story, after leavi
Posted in Relationship Advice by mikebeatz89
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Hey I'm new to this, and really wanting someone to talk to... I've been married to my wife for just under 2 years. We've been separated for 2 months now, i ended things with my wife because she just didn't put any effort into our marriage or even our rela
Posted in Relationship Advice by Claire1205
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Hi guys so me and my ex gf broke up 2 months ago we had been together ten years , 5 years ago she did the same thing we had a year of no contact to then find her on my doorstep crying a year later Last time we broke up I begged pleaded almost lost my
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Ellsa1
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I've got a crazy situation going that has my head spinning. Let me recap and get some second options. Long read alert. TL;DR: met an online dating guy 8 weeks ago, we haven't met because he has been gone for 6 weeks. He texts/calls daily. We'
Posted in Dating Advice by GirlontheLam
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so my good friend who've had feelings for for a while now(and who I told my feelings to finally in person the day she got fired at from the resort her and I work at and where she lived on property) just met a guy in a town shes staying in at her friends a
Posted in Relationship Advice by thatdevilsblue
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I (33F) just got dumped by my boyfriend (31M) of a little bit over a year. To give the situation context - we work together and he had pursued me. We committed to one another after about 4 months of dating. He was never hesitant to introduce me to his
Posted in Getting Back Together by Plntldy22
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Long story short, I started seeing a girl who recently moved close to my hometown. She has school on the weekdays but weíve been constantly seeing each other during the weekends. She told me beforehand that she still has feelings for her ex and was co
Posted in Dating Advice by TheUMan
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Hey everyone, I'm breaking this into two parts so you can skip the backstory bit if you want. BACKSTORY So last year I started dating a female friend. We've been close friends for 10 years now and both belong to the same group of friends. The last
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by rexlincoln
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Before you read, I will probably be shamed for taking this guy back, but he expressed his remorse over what he did and it seemed genuine to me so I decided to give him one last chance. I told him the past will be left in the past and if he ever brings
Posted in Relationship Advice by somegirl313
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Hello Guys! I need some help from you, some advice and tips on my case. So the following happened. I met a girl in October, I felt we clicked. We live far away but I was planning our future together and she did so. We did not say that is is a LDR but w
Posted in Long-Distance Relationships by Bungaro
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This is killing me. I need to know if I am wrong to feel the way that I feel. I don't mind my boyfriend hanging out with other women. We are both adults and I trust him. I don't feel like he would do anything behind my back. On Thursday, he hung out w
Posted in Dating Advice by ConfusedLady21
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Hello All, I come here with problem everytime, but this is such an amazing community - I could use some insight into my latest failure. I met a guy online, we were in touch for 3 years, and the past year we got really close talking on messenger, sky
Posted in Long-Distance Relationships by Silky Vixen
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Hi everyone! I am in a state of confusion and heartbrake again. The thing is that my boyfriend of 4,5 years broke up with me around 6 months ago and I went through the hell of a pain to get where I am now and don't feel as depressed and sad as I did b
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by ViolaC14
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For the third time this year my MIL has landed her butt in the hospital because she decides taking her meds is not something she needs to do based on side effects and the fact that doctors are stupid ( based on the fact that well she knows everyth
Posted in Parenting and Families by ~Seraphim ~
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Is sleeping during the day normal? I'm not talking nanna naps but hour long plus sleeps. My mother has since the time I was born slept during the day. She will go to bed at like 1.00pm/2.00pm/3.00pm and sleep for an hour or two. I tell her it's not normal
Posted in Parenting and Families by h3x
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Have been dating the same guy for 3 years. He has kids (they live with us). I donít have kids of my own. Tonight we got into a dispute, literally just the same b/s that I pretty much donít do what he asks AT THE TIME THAT HE ASKS ME TO DO IT. I work full
Posted in Dating Advice by Forgotton1
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Iíve had a variety of scenarios occur recently where Iíve never met the person and messaging/ A phone call over the course of a few hours to a day theyíve inadvertently said something that made me no longer want to talk to/meet them. Conversation dwindles
Posted in Dating Advice by akrngrl
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Hi everyone, I did not think I would be back here, but I amÖ I was resisting for about two weeks to post this here, but today is the final straw which broke my back.... I need your opinion, people who do not know me personally and are sincere in their
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by Anzhela
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Hello, so I have been working with my boyfriend on and off helping him out in some of his work projects and he pays me, so he gave me his work laptop, not personal and I was working from there, so I remember I needed to search for a word meaning on google
Posted in Relationship Advice by Alexia00
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For a couple years now I've had a crush on a girl. About a year ago I asked her out and was rejected. I thought I was ok with it and that I could move on, but no matter how hard I try I can't get over my feelings for her. No one else seems to even come cl
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by JustAnotherL
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