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We all have a couple flaws here and there that we wish we could fix (e.g. crooked tooth, voice too loud??, etc), but my insecurities (I worry about my overall body shape,, mainly the thighs) have begun creating setbacks in my everyday life. Now I feel lik
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by yun
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Hi everyone, I have a coworker that I have had a crush on since he started. He used to be my manager but now I have moved different departments, so I rarely see him. Apparently it is common knowledge in the workplace that we flirt with each other all
Posted in Dating and Shy People by allisonnm
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Good morning I have a girlfriend who always break up with me is we disagree about anything, we have been dating for almost 10 years, I don't know how many times we broke up and the said part, I am the only one who always fix things, she only point fingers
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Sydney1972
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Hi all. I asked my boyfriend of 17 months if he only wants me or is he wanting other women and not acting because I wouldn't be into it. His past three (short) relationships have been open relationships you see and ours is not. He has told me that dur
Posted in Relationship Commitment by boo8
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This guy who used to have a crush on me on high school, texted me this August after 6 years. First I was cold because I thought we can't have something. We texted from time to time, some random flirty lines until mid January. Then from that time I don't k
Posted in Dating Advice by Peace of mind
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Which therapy/therapies have been most successful for you?
Posted in Personal Growth by ~Seraphim ~
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So I was in a sort of fwb situation, with a guy I met in summer. We were seeing each other for the past 8 months, in the beginning it was just phisical even tho we talked, but months had passed and we started getting closer after some problems. He asked f
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Mariajoao97
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So finally after a long conversation through texting, I finally asked for a break from this relationship to reflect & focus on my stuff, which he agreed. He said we will be colleagues from this point onwards. Does that mean that he is breaking up or he is
Posted in Dating Advice by PJM
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I've been married to my spouse for 8 years. I noticed my husband started to become more distant after I had our second child. Then the more time that went by, the bigger the gap got between us emotionally. He stopped talking to me, he distanced himself on
Posted in Infidelity by Whatnext32
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Guys,here is the thing. I live in UAE and saving money for last 5 years.All these years I used to buy USD or EUR and take it home. I have no idea about investing and it is so confusing.Is there any place or licensed person who can give me advice about i
Posted in Career, Money and Education by turtle3
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Almost settled. It was more costly than expected, started from scratch basically. Mom was against it now thinks it was a good decision. Good to have family support. Case manager got me connected and helped me get some stuff to start. Family and friends he
Posted in Personal Growth by Jetta
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Hi all, I have had, what I thought one of my best friends, a female. I am a female too. We had become very close friends about a year ago, and were confiding in each other our inner most secrets, if you will. She's an incredible woman, and a wildly suc
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Broomwood
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Hello all, I'm sure we've all heard the phrase from someone "I just need some time and space right now." The question I'd like to pose is... if someone says to their partner that they need some time and space away and they're not sure how much, is it
Posted in Relationship Advice by RyanFox1219
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I've been dating someone for a little under 3 months now. A few weeks ago she had invited me to Easter at her mothers house. I felt it was a bit soon but went along with it anyway. Yesterday, she mentioned she won't see me Sunday because she's going out t
Posted in Dating Advice by hwm8
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Wow.. So where do I start So me and my present girlfriend now ex broke up in February.. we have been together on and off for 7 years and have a beautiful 3 y/o daughter together Prior to this relationship I was with a girl for 8 1/2 years and had 2 ki
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by Enderfect
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Hey all! :-) I would really appreciate an outside perspective on an issue thats came up with my boyfriend. Ive been together with him for just over a year now and its been just amazing. We live in a big city but around the corner from each other so as
Posted in Relationship Advice by JillParker
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Ok my boyfriend and I have been dating for 10 months, and he is an amazing guy. He wants to spend huge amounts of time with my kids and myself, he works and doesn't want to sleep on my couch (like all of my ex's), he is incredibly sweet and I trust him 10
Posted in Dating Advice by Pleasehelp19
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Ok here we go. Im looking for some advice really and what nuteral people think. Me and my ex have been apart for 3 years now we have a young daughter together. Our relationship broke up becuase she was bassically unfaithful. During our time apart w
Posted in Relationship Advice by thut043
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So this is my first post and I need help! My bf and I have only been dating for about a month. Im 28 with no kids, hes 31 with primary custody of two younger children. Things had been great, met the kids, and over this last weekend he told me he sees t
Posted in Dating Advice by BeenBurned
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My boyfriend and I have been together over a year. We live together and I'm madly in love with him. He's fully committed to me, he loves me and he's even helping me raise my daughter. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to be married. I know that it'll probably b
Posted in Dating Advice by Nouriesmom19
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