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So originally I met this girl just over a year ago we spent some time together, got kind of close then drifted apart and this happened from time to time with no substantial emotions developing. I've always had a thing for her but shes always given me mixe
Posted in Dating Advice by potatopower1
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Hi, I hope someone is willing to read all of this and help me out. It's a long one, sorry So I had been dating this girl for 6 months after summer break. I was 19 at the time, she was 16 (now 20 and 17). We met on holidays and we found out that she lon
Posted in Dating Advice by Djools01
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My best friend (early 30s) is a bit of an intense person - mostly in amazing ways. She is spontaneous, warm, delightfully cocky and the life of the party. But dear Lord, I would not want to date her. Over the past decade, Iíve watched her jump from relati
Posted in Relationship Advice by julsiebear
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Me and my mates all applied to the same sixth form in October. A lot of other kids in my year applied too and the deadline was at the start of January. In the application they asked my refreee (my tutor) if I had any mental health issues. Iíve veen digano
Posted in Forum Assistance by guilt
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Hello everyone, I need some help on my relationship with someone I know online... i'm sorry for any grammatical errors in this post, english isnt my first language.. I met this guy a month ago on a dating app, we're both college student of the same ye
Posted in Relationship Communication by eruki
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So iv been in a relationship with this woman for 7 months. I no that a lot of people will think im being dramatic as its not that long for a relationship but this woman really became my world and was everything I was looking for in a relationship. Caring,
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Danking
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My bf and I have been dating since last April. At the beginning of 2019, I had some circumstances which made me really stressed and depressed. We used to regularly have sex, but because of the circumstances I completely lost all of my libido. Hereís w
Posted in Sex and Romance by Churros
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So my boyfriend, of a little over 2 years now, has been on a trip with his parents for a few days and yesterday he told me that they were finally going to go to the strip club. I already knew this ahead of time, he talked to me about it and asked about la
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Kat57
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Hi. My fiancť is no longer wearing her engagement ring. She said she took all her jewelry off at work as she was cleaning the office but itís never gone back on. She used to freak out if she forgot to put her watch on and if she forgot to put her enga
Posted in Relationship Advice by Mks1620
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Me and my boyfriend of two years were in the process of getting a mortgage together and on Monday I could feel something wasnít quite right and I told him I didnít feel happy and I needed some reassurance from him that we were doing the right thing by get
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by miserableem
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My gf and I split after 2 weeks of ongoing arguments during which I really persisted to have a conversation, but she didnít want to and was just texting me back every so often. She said she is broken, because I have been super rough with her (I wanted her
Posted in Getting Back Together by Earnest
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Hi Guys. My ex of 5 years and I broke up a few months ago and I cant seem to just let it go and move forward. This has to be the most difficult time of my life. There was no warning she just cut it off completely. Shes even now dating other guys.
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Ashley30
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Hi everyone, seeking some advice on my current relationship, any comments/suggestions/personal experience (from male and female perspective) would be helpful; I am 29 years old, self-employed, no kids. My girlfriend is 30, a stylist, has a 10
Posted in Dating Advice by royalblue420
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Going to summarise in points, else it will be so long I'll need two posts! Apologies in advance for the long post - didn't realise till I posted and saw how much I wrote! Been together for nearly 4 years, including long dating period around 5. We have
Posted in Infidelity by Shaorie
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So I been dating this guy for almost a year, up until this january 2019. A brief history- We met at work in march 2018, and all of my coworkers who knew said he was a player..but I still ended up dating him, and eventually we said I love you to each other
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by mizlemon1986
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Ok so hereís my story Iím married for 10 years. I have 2 kids. I am a supervisor for an employee and had a sexual dream about her one night. After that I began to have feelings. All was fine until she began to have feelings too. We have gott
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by jsmith19851
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I spent countless of hours on this forum when my "the ex" left me (you can check out my old posts) and it helped me a lot,so I'm hoping to help somebody else with my little story. Keep in mind I'm writing this from my experience,and it might be different
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Wolfshook
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I'm feeling really confused. A recently went through an abusive break up from an abusive relationship. It ended terribly and in an immature manner on his end. He blocked me on everything and I left it alone. I've been working on myself, strengthening myse
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by rchubn
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Everything has changed, I donít understand how things could be so great one week and complete crap the next. We have been talking for a couple months and itís been up and down. 2 week ago to be honest I was going to walk away from it all. Put her feelings
Posted in Dating Advice by SirAlbertT
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I've been in a committed relationship with a man for 2 years. A few days ago, I casually happened to glance at his email while I was sitting next to him when I saw an email with the subject "Sweet call with a little girl" with 36 messages in the email thr
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by PJSmith
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