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A person drove a vehicle down a sidewalk in Toronto and killed 9 and injured 16. So SHOCKING as this never happens here. 😢
Posted in Grief Loss and Bereavement by ~Seraphim ~
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Hey so I'm stuck in a really weird anxiety head space that I need help getting out of. So I'm dating this person who I can easily call my best friend, which feels nice, but sometimes it can be too overwhelming if that makes sense? All my past partners
Posted in Relationship Advice by claudiakay
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Hi, This is my first time asking for advice on a forum, so I'm not quite sure what to start with.. I'm 27, I've been married to a wonderful man for a little more than 7 months. We are from different countries /cultures and we met online (at work, we
Posted in Relationship Communication by Rosie99
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My boyfriend and me are not living together. He sometimes hangs out at my place. I clean after him when he leaves mess after he goes away. I don't mind and it's not a lot of mess. But once he pointed out my dishes are not washed right. He even talked
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by foolsinlove
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I was licensed in 2005-2006 but because of the divorce and other personal issues I let it drop off. I have a degree in housing studies, thinking of getting back into real estate. My psychiatrist says stick with disability and lay low in life, his nephew
Posted in Career, Money and Education by Jetta
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So last night I broke up with my girlfriend of 3.5 years for the reason I wasnt feeling it as much anymore and we were distant. I love her a lot and she does me but I dont know if I made the right or wrong decision? Im 21 and shes 22. She's loyal, live
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Dylan Banks
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Right after finishing college I met this girl that I always thought was way out of my league. We dated for 6-7 months but it was a really tumultuous time for us. It was difficult because she lived about and hour and half away and we both lived with our pa
Posted in Getting Back Together by SCMORT202
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My boyfriend isn't officially diagnosed with OCD, but he has admitted he has an obsession with contamination and additionally he has vocal/motor tics and Aspergers traits. All of this he managed to hide until about 4 months into our relationship, but sin
Posted in Relationship Advice by poorlittlefish
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Hi ladies and gents! Me and my girlfriend donít know what we could do the next time we meet. The last time i met her I asked that she could come up with ideas since it has always been me that comes up with things to do. She said that she donít have an
Posted in Dating Advice by Kevin1995
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This is more of a vent and a howl. Plus I need to stop myself from self-destructing. Told my story elsewhere - was ditched by my fiance seven weeks ago out of the blue after 8 years. Initially, she messaged me with chatty stuff and puppy pics, actin
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Mike5
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Iíve been in a relationship with this guy for exactly one year. Everything has been okay so far. What I mean by that is that in general weíve been fine weíve had our fights, with one being really serious and we almost broke up, but when we talked about it
Posted in Dating Advice by marymag
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I basically told my ex-girlfriend (who broke up with me) that I want to get back together at some point and I'm really regretting it. My plan was to tell her when we meet up in person (we have a vacation as friends coming up, we were long distance) but no
Posted in Getting Back Together by sr283
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I know what the main responses will be here, "Block her", "Stop stalking", etc, etc. but recently my ex has been posting some PA things of social meda, e.g. "Don't settle for ty men" and the like. i just wonder what peoples' take on this is? It happened a
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by steveng
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New to the site so this is a re-post. Wife constantly looks at other men when we are out. She looks to start the contact and then smiles and stares. Obviously everyone looks around. But this is strong and sometimes she puts herself in a better position to
Posted in Trust and Relationships by Skylarking
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I've been in this situation for 3 years now. I love a girl and I hate her at the same time. We had like 5 or 6 breakups during these 3 years, but every single time we get back together. She's very demanding and manipulative. She gets upset very often exce
Posted in Infidelity by Regi
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Hi, all... I posted almost a year ago about my relationship with my husband and that I was miserable a lot of the time because I felt like he was literally like our youngest child and it just got worse...all I've ever asked of him was to help me with t
Posted in Divorce Advice by JandJMom
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The 3 of us hang out quite a bit and I've grown kinda close to my bf's friend. There have been a few times where his friend has brought up one of his ex's and how hot she was. Obviously his friend isn't my bf and I don't care if he talks about how hot w
Posted in Relationship Advice by thorough
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Hello! This is my first post on here, so I hope I'm doing this right. I dated my first boyfriend for a solid year in highschool (which isn't so long to me now, but was an eternity to a sixteen year old) and dumped him because I was going through person
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by TBB
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I am a 29 year old female, turning 30 in June. My boyfriend is 26 and will turn 27 shortly after I turn 30. We met at work- even after working several years "together" (using quotes because together meaning same company but diff areas
Posted in Relationship Commitment by xmeandyoux
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I lied to my wife about a job interview I was supposed to go to. The interview was set up and everything, but I canceled it because I dont want to leave my current job. My wife has been pressuring me to leave the job because she was fired from it under "s
Posted in Relationship Advice by Darrtanus
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I posted this before, in another thread, about how I felt that I am seeing this woman I like but she puts me on a pedestal I find perhaps: I feel the same thing happens in the bedroo
Posted in Sex and Romance by ironpony
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