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Hi everyone, I was with my ex boyfriend for 4 years . He was the first man I ever lived with. We had been having trouble in our relationship for three years, ever since I found some emails between him and prostitutes on Craiglist. As time went on, h
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by PainterGirl
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This question is for the men . When you are dating a girl and suddenly lose interest (completely off) is it almost always because another woman caught your eye? Are you ever really "off" (meaning staying to yourselves, alone on weekends, no sex for long
Posted in Dating by mandeelove
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Me: 45 yo single woman. Him: 25 yo single (paraplegic). Friends for two years. I support him in every way I am able; rides, house chores, appointments, locating resources related to his disability. We connect deeply, he is years ahead of his calendar ye
Posted in Age Gap Relationships by CADAWAY
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My and my husband separated almost two years ago. We have children together and have a great relationship, we talk about anything and everything. There have been multiple times during our separation where we were close to getting back together. However he
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Tinkering
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So I've been thinking a lot about it and still can't really find the clear answer, even if I think from my prospective. Do the people we date show their worst-selves with time because that's the way they are or if relationships turn wrong direction or
Posted in Relationships by Loveedovee
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Just looking for some perspective... I've previously written the story so I won't expand on that too much, basically a 3 month stint with a girl- so not ages but it was a good time - she abruptly halted things in what felt quite a harsh way and it hurt
Posted in Getting Back Together by tt1986
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I left my girlfriend of 1.5 years for valid reasons in October last year. We were different people and the relationship clearly was not having a future. I lost most of my attraction to her and there was very little love left from both of us. So one day
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by DanyL
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I cheated on my ex-husband. Since that time I have come to many realizations. I went through therapy for several years and overcame post partum depression, anxiety, mood swings and more. Its been 4 years since I lost my husband and broke the lives of m
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Babbsi
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There is a really cute girl in two of my classes and I want to start talking to her. Im a good looking popular senior guy, and she is a cute junior girl. Im outgoing and funny and fun to talk to and it appeaes that she is as well. I feel like we would
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by MarcusWilson
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My boyfriend recently told me he told one of his friends that is a girl that he had feelings for her. He told her we broke up because he thought that was the only way she would talk to him. After a few days he cut it off because it was wrong because he wa
Posted in Dating by Layla3456
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Hi there, So I dated a guy for about 6 months - in the end he would bail a lot and generally didn't show too much interest. Things were great when we actually went out but that was about once every two weeks. I was looking for more and when I approached
Posted in Dating by notalone1900
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After first seeing her in 7th grade and being too shy back then to ever talk to her, I ended up changing schools after a week or so and lost complete contact for 5 years. I ran into her again in college and we started talking but later found out she was
Posted in Dating by Rozhni
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Now, let me say, on a conscious rational level I don't want to get out, there's a part of me that knows it's not going to be for the better. But I keep stewing about things and I can't stop. And I think that's happening because there's an underlying des
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by Unreasonable
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So this guy I've been seeing exclusively (not bf/gf) has stopped communicating with me as much lately. He used to talk to me everyday and lately not as often. We would hang out one day and then I don't hear from him for a few days after that then he texts
Posted in Dating by lolita77
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I have a friend. He's married a girl from Belarus. She just turned 29. She got her greencard about a year or so ago thanks to this marriage. Since then she has brought her parents over to visit and they stay six months a year. Now they had been marrie
Posted in Relationships by Informed101
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Me and my girlfriend have been some problems lately with who does what. Some background: she's on disability and I work full time. I still help with cooking, do the dishes, take the dog out and take the trash out even though I work. I don't mind doing the
Posted in Relationships by Beastelstein
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I have had feelings for an amazing man who is much older than myself. I have kept my feelings to myself for almost 3 years now, but feel as if I am about to explode if I don't talk about it. I am fully aware that an age gap of almost 3 decades is unthinka
Posted in Age Gap Relationships by ready2run
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Hello everyone To start with, I'm terrible when it comes to relationships in general, so instead of making another mistake I decided to ask people here for some advice So, here's my story A little while ago i accidently bumped into my..."ex-crus
Posted in Friendship and Friends by MellTH
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Hi, He never told me his full name but I know his description and places where he would be located. Should I find him. I waas in a relationship with a person who spoke to other girls all the time. Thinking that I could do the same thing, he tracked my
Posted in Breaking Up by simonerenea
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I apologize if this is a lil long but I really need some help. So i've been talking to this guy for the past 2 months online like just snapchatting and texting a whole lot. We're both 22 btw. Over these months we bonded alot and i started developing feeli
Posted in Dating by Alexbrowning
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