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Hi all, This is going to be a slightly long post, so my apologies for the length. Back in April, I left my former employer of 3 years (investment bank) to move into a new role in a major accounting firm. During my time at my former employer, I
Posted in Career, Money and Education by RuedeRivoli
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Here's my story. It's a wall of text, but please bear with me. The Background: I had been dating a 4th year medical student for the past year and few months. We began the relationship knowing at the end of the year she would relocate, but we bot
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Loki1110
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Sure I make good money and I was better before meeting this girl but I had asked her out and she wants to be friends with me but I believe if we would be together we could make it last but she wont even give me the time to ask her out in a relationship.
Posted in Suicide by helpmeout1
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I've recently been seeing this person and it is going well. We're getting to the stage where we'd like to see each other more regularly. The issue is two-fold: we both have kids from previous marriages and have different custody schedules. She has week on
Posted in Dating Advice by Rdunsany
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Hi all, lurker here finally posting... Been with girlfriend for around 1.5 years now. First year was incredible. So much chemistry, such a shared sense of humour and everything just felt right. Her words and actions seemed to make it clear shes never
Posted in Relationship Advice by Badmamajama
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I have known this person for about 20years. We have worked together for 15 of those. A few yrs ago, he was separated from his wife and I was single. I fell for him because we just click like none else I have with before. I noticed he was starting to becom
Posted in Dating Advice by Kiaara217
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So Ive been dating my gf for a little under a year now. For the past few months I have been losing feelings. She is a high school senior and Im a college freshman. After I left for college her attention and desire for me comes in waves. Shell go the wh
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Nman4141
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Hey ENA, It's been a while, and I could really use all your advice and opinion on this subject. So, after many many years of struggling to find someone. In my late 20's, I finally found this amazing woman on a dating site. Note, I've made several other i
Posted in Love Advice by musicman777
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Yay or nay? I'm over the guy so it's not an attempt to get a response. I was the one that cut them off ages ago. He meant a lot to me for a long time and helped a great deal in making me who I am today, so I thought since he's turning 30, why not?
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by Honeycomb8
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5 years ago when I attended college, there was a guy in one of my lectures and we almost had this immediate attraction but barely ever spoke to each other. We once did briefly text but I don't remember how we got each other's numbers. We would see each ot
Posted in Dating Advice by dustycloud
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Was with this person for 1.5 years and I feel a bit like worthless at the moment. In the beginning it was a bit slow, long talks, a bit hesitant even for a kiss the 2nd date so I asked and she decline, I respected that. I would drive 45 min to see her se
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Havok20
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Hello, Not sure if this is the right spot for this question or not. I was out for a birthday and was having drinks of course and my sister in law was sitting by me and says to me " that i make things frustrating with her and i said what do you mean by
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by Sean1740
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Dated amazing person over summer. Totally into her. Had to go back to professional school across country. Long texts and talks truncated she started seeing someone else and told me she hopes to still be friends and talk to me. I told her I cant be friend
Posted in Dating Advice by crazylovebug
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Hello folks This is a bit of a mad one - i'll try and keep it as short as I can whilst explaining and getting stuff off my chest as well (i need to) The same thing has happened to me twice. Original story >>
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by misterjister
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I've been noting some red flags about a particular friend. She always ignores my texts and usually her excuse is she's doing assignments. She is active on social media. Like I got a new phone on Thursday and sent her a message on Snap..she just opened. We
Posted in Friendship and Friends by oheyitsfaith
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A pre-emptive apology for the long post. I guess it's therapeutic to write stuff down. My wife and I are both mid-thirties and have been together for 10 years, married for 3. We've both had a few relationships before we met. It's been a fairly solid re
Posted in Relationship Advice by wegotdodgson
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So myself a (36 male) had been with a girl (female 25) for about a year and a half. We met online and have visited each other and we were very much into each other it was pretty crazy. She has had a past of abusive boyfriends and the such so she could h
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Jimbob82
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I don't know if there is an unlocked thread for people on this forum to share their recent/successful reconciliation stories (sorry if there is I'm still new here >.<) but I thought to make one to bring some joy/ happiness while I'm struggling to remain N
Posted in Getting Back Together by fulmi
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I've been with my gf for about a two years now. Things were going great but then I began to notice she's been cutting back on texting, giving me one word replies, keeping our relationship a secret to her family and being cold as hell. I've seen her be ext
Posted in Relationship Advice by Ayes
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Hello, My girlfriend and I have an amazing relationship and I've just proposed to her a week ago and she's beyond excited. She's 45 and has been a free spirit her whole life and has had 3 other guys propose to her and she broke it off with them early on
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by cainsim74
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