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My trust is being tested and I can't find a conclusion. 2 years ago, I found out my boyfriend of 5 years had been in contact with his ex. He posted that he was in a relationship with me on Facebook. This girl post "Again? Hmm.." I asked who this rude
Posted in Relationship Advice by Steep
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I lost the perfect girlfriend(first girlfriend) I met this girl little over two years ago and we have been broken up almost a year now ,when we met we really hit it off and within a month of knowing each other we were together ,we were together a week
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Randomguy20551
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My girlfriend and I have been dating for a little over 7 months now, and for the most part, we have been pretty great. However, as of school getting out, we haven't seen each other. We barely even text or snap. At this point I know I should initiate somet
Posted in Relationship Advice by YummyBees
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Hello, Well, I feel a bit weird for asking help about this but here we go; I was in hospital today and there was a nurse and we had a very nice chat and I think I'm interested in getting to know her better but I've never ever did such a thing before
Posted in Love Advice by Random Person
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Did you ever notice the more you bust your butt at work the less you are appreciated? :(
Posted in Career, Money and Education by ~Seraphim ~
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I have finally come to the conclusion that I am not cut out for anything requiring any type of marketing. I think it's because deep down I feel like if you have to advertise for something, it can't be that important or necessary therefore the person just
Posted in Career, Money and Education by Rockchick26
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So I haven’t seen my kids in over a month. Last week my kids were in DisneyWorld in Florida and I was not. Kinda a bummer but given the way things are with me and my ex, it was probably for the best. The Make-A-Wish foundation granted my son his wish and
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Red88
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So here is the situation. My girlfriend 23 still lives at home, and frequently asks me to do favors for her cousin whose between jobs, such as buying food, giving him rides, parts for his car etc. They shared the bedroom and bed in a small house for th
Posted in Relationship Advice by BobStorr
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Hello everyone, I am back. It has been 9 months since my heart has been torn into pieces. It took me a couple of months to go back to "normal", and since then I have decided to go back to dating. But... no success. I am a good looking guy, smart, in
Posted in Dating Advice by emadacuz
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I have several threads about this relationship, but abridged: 1.5 years together. I ended it due to lying, inconsistent stories, multiple exes who continually crossed boundaries and he wouldn't enforce boundaries, shady cell phone behavior (phone always
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by LHGirl
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I spent a lot of time here a few weeks ago going through the pain of a breakup. I had panic attacks, couldn't sleep, couldn't get the bad feelings out of my head. Wasn't suicidal but had a few suicidal thoughts. To cope I worked out, listen to med
Posted in Getting Back Together by DoneWithU
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I hope someone has some advice to tell me. Feeling pretty low and stuck. So in short. Started my 3 startup 4 years ago. It has been up and down. But mostly been broke the most time. Not unusual for entrepreneur startup. Now in the last 6 mon
Posted in Personal Growth by male2008
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I’m 25 and my ‘style’ in the workplace is being everyone’s friend and having fun/dancing etc. Basically I like to keep the mood bright. There’s a girl at work aged 21 who is openly flirtatious with me. She likes me ‘style’ and gets involved too. She
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Sunnyy
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My bf of 4 years dumped me. We were both each other's firsts and there was no cheating/abuse/3rd person involved. We were also best friends. The week when he broke up was when my sister got engaged and I just gave him the news and he told me that he do
Posted in Getting Back Together by appsample
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If a guy gets broken up with, and he does no contact for a month or two( after trying to fix and beg the first few weeks, then doing LC, then finally NC), then one night he gets a call from the ex wanting sex, should he then try to start speaking with her
Posted in Getting Back Together by Heavycamp199
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I know that i should have figured this out before I married my husband but humor me. I'm all about deep and meaningful conversation, self evaluation and personal growth. I married a man quite the opposite. He has great difficulty sharing even the basic o
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by Gracelessmom
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Hi, I’ve been with my boyfriend for a little of 4 months but we were best friends for over a year beforehand. Our sex life was great for the time we have been together and I completely trusted him. Recently while we were googling something on his phone I
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Ashleygwiaz
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My wife recently has been on a message boards recently, something maybe like reddit which she was on until i noticed, now even on vacation i see her on this message board or website with a black background, can anyone enlighten me?? WhAt is she on should
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by robertpaulsen
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I'm really questioning whether or not to continue this friendship. He's been like my best friend for 25 years. We used to hang out every day. Things started getting different after we bought a house together (his idea). After only living together for 2 ye
Posted in Friendship and Friends by Rockchick26
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I am a 20 year old female, and he is a 21 year old man. I like to believe I am very open when it comes to sexuality and any kinks. I took his virginity and he had no prior sexual experience so I felt it was right to allow for him to go explore any sexu
Posted in Sex and Romance by AlyssaLewis
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