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Hi everyone, I did not think I would be back here, but I amÖ I was resisting for about two weeks to post this here, but today is the final straw which broke my back.... I need your opinion, people who do not know me personally and are sincere in their
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by Anzhela
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Hello, so I have been working with my boyfriend on and off helping him out in some of his work projects and he pays me, so he gave me his work laptop, not personal and I was working from there, so I remember I needed to search for a word meaning on google
Posted in Relationship Advice by Alexia00
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For a couple years now I've had a crush on a girl. About a year ago I asked her out and was rejected. I thought I was ok with it and that I could move on, but no matter how hard I try I can't get over my feelings for her. No one else seems to even come cl
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by JustAnotherL
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Iím having second thoughts about my separation with my husband of 11 years but Iím afraid itís for the wrong reasons and Iím just going to end up hurting him worse in the long run. So my husband and I got married very young after only dating for a sho
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Lost1984
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Iím stuck. Iím new to the dating world. My current partner and I met during work and we hit it off great. Many of my coworkers and my close friends (from work) warned me about him. That he is a train wreck and I shouldnít invest my time with him. But duri
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Skilldoll
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So I am a girl in a scout troop with all guys. I'm joining a scouts BSA girl troop in my area, but until other girls actually start joining I'm attending meetings and campouts with the troop that my brothers are in. I'm usually really quietóI don't talk a
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by quillandink
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Hello everyone! I am going through a breakup...we have been on and off for a long time, but this time I started a new job and hes threatened by my bettering myself. Itís just a dealbreaker for me, that he canít support me through a major change in my life
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by sos1981
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Iíve had a friend whoís older than me that Iíve known over a year. Iím 21, heís 25. He confessed heís in love with me. I let him down gently loads of times. Explaining that Iíve been through a lot of trauma that I need to work on (Iíve been abused, an
Posted in Friendship and Friends by Carlee98
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Why shouldn't i kill myself? I'm not anywhere close to where i wanna be in life and i just wanna be free from it all. Ever since 3-4 years ago(i was 17, now im 21), I've lost my home with my mom, my mom last year in december, and financial aid for school
Posted in Suicide by CyberTyrant2
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Hi all. I would like to share my story with you. I have spoken about this situation with my best buddies, but I feel like a need a stranger's reply about the matter, as that would be more objective. There's this girl. Let's call her Jane (not real name
Posted in Dating Advice by WandererBoy
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Hello, everyone. I would like some advice on a situation that I already posted in another forum, but still am feeling confused/depressed. Here is my post: I dated this guy that I really liked (and he really liked me) for about a month. We me
Posted in Getting Back Together by poetsinger
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we are dating for 2-3 months now. she is 19, i am 25. i am her first boyfriend, and she is my third. she is such an amazing and sensitive girl, full of love and empathy, adorable. i cannot stop hugging her and kissing her cheeks and lips. i want all the
Posted in Relationship Advice by AskIt
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I have been divorced now for 2 months, and separated for almost a year. I have started a new relationship with a friend I had for over a decade and I was pretty excited in the beginning because he knows my situation and accepts me. I worry sometimes that
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Dia28
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Okay so I didnít really know what to put as the title, but here goes. So basically, I have a YouTube channel and I film and upload videos as a hobby and I love doing it. However my boyfriend said heís never gonna watch them? Iím not gonna force him to wat
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Hollsmaur
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So I have been seeing a guy ("Jason (36) "m 31") for about two months now - we have been intimate, and are not under a relationship title, but do regularly see each other, spend the right ect.) A few nights ago, I texted him at work asking if wanted to
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Shylight
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TL;DR I might have gotten the title wrong, but nevertheless - I came to realize that when I am doing what I like, I don't mind thinking about my chores I have to do afterwards - I actually look forward to them, thinking that I'll be done with them, and th
Posted in Personal Growth by samat
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Husband and I have been married two years, and he has had what I consider to be two emotional affairs. The first time it was with a female friend who he briefly hooked up with before meeting me. The friend was interested in a relationship, but he was not.
Posted in Relationship Advice by caraboots
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Not quite sure what to make of this situation and if I should just walk away... So a little backstory, me (27M) and my ex (22F) dated for awhile a year ago. It was a good relationship and we took some trips together which I paid for. But late last yea
Posted in Dating Advice by MBMermen
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