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My ex and I dated in highschool, and I broke up with him at the end of our senior year. Fast forward 4 years later, we don't talk anymore, we're not even friends for that matter. He asked if we could be to which I politely declined. I no longer wish him f
Posted in Dating Advice by nortajh
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In need of some advice for whoever has been through a similar situation with me. I've been with my boyfriend for 9 years we have a 5 and 6 year old, we had a brilliant 7 year relationship and then he proposed, one of the best days of my life as I was so h
Posted in Relationship Advice by Caewils
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Hi all. I have a situation and would really appreciate some other's perspective. To start, I made a stupid thing, I am ashamed, feel bad about it and judge myself enough, so please, don't start off with telling me what I did was wrong etc.. I know it w
Posted in Trust and Relationships by What87
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How can I manage and process this anger coming up both at myself, but mostly at her for the way she treated me throughout the relationship, especially towards the end? I showed this person nothing but affection and the only thing im guilty of is wanting
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by hp1
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Hi everyone, thanks in advance for reading and for any advice. Sorry it's a bit long but it was helpful for me to write it all out. In fact in writing it I realized just how ridiculous this all has been. I have been seeing this girl from about 4 months
Posted in Relationship Advice by brianr
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So, an old family friend invites me to stay with her temporarily after I had a health crisis and lost my housing. She reassured me her husband wouldn't mind. I refrained from accepting the offer for weeks until my situation and health deteriorated. I need
Posted in Relationship Advice by CarinaW
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Hi, ok I have a male friend which Iíve known for a little while, we started becoming more close recently just because we spoke a lot and our conversations were quite deep. I did always try to make them light hearted too. If we texted and I went aways for
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Cinderella000
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So I have been seeing a guy for the past 3 weeks or so, weíve been on 5 dates and have slept together. Iím really enjoying his company however I have my reservations, Iím not sure how I feel but Iím always quite a careful person when it comes to dating.
Posted in Dating Advice by maccerz
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I somehow keep ending up with men who after a while I find out some really strange things about and it's led to me discovering that they have been sleeping with other men or have slept with men in the past and still desire to do so. Yet when you approach
Posted in Finding Love and Soulmate by Skatterbunny
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Hey guys, itís been a while. Iíve been kinda out of the dating world for a while and finally decided to get back into it. I wanted my first one to mean something, so I waited a while and finally asked this beautiful girl for her number. Iím pretty sure I
Posted in Dating Advice by Smokey14151
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One of my closest friends seems to be pushing his friends away, including me. We've been friends for 15 years (we're men in our late 30s). There's probably 10 of us (men and women, including his wife) from that stage of our lives that have all stayed rema
Posted in Friendship and Friends by jnr586
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Hi, I left my exgf 2.5 months ago because she was doubting her feelings for me for several months and I could not bear it any more. Last week I had to visit her home and to my surprise, our photos together were still on the wall. It is not only that
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by pepelillo
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So, first of all, I turned 16 just weeks ago. There are this pretty girl that I have a crush on and she's 17 in my class. This story would be a little long, I think but I will try to make it as painless as it gets. I first met her at first weeks of the
Posted in Relationship Advice by SomeKnight
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A little backgroundÖÖthis is the only relationship of my life. Iím talking first boyfriend, first kissÖeverything. Weíve been together for a year and a half. I almost broke up with him last May because of the constant inconsistences with what he says and
Posted in Relationship Advice by kdawillso
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Hello! I broke up with my girlfriend of 1 year and a half a few months ago. I was going through something, and I thought she deserved better. Instead of talking to her about it, I broke up, telling her I was not in love anymore. For the context, she
Posted in Getting Back Together by activejello
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Hi guys, Just looking to see if anyone has any advice. Iíve honestly had a snotty cold/body aches/fatigue since the end of October. Iíve had antibotics that made no difference, then I came back and was told Ďyouíre stressed and thatís why you arenít get
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by feelingbetter9
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My (19f) best friend (21f) that I met in college (and had a major crush on) recently told me that she had feelings for me. After talking and talking until the small hours of the morning I think we both realised we had been mirroring our feelings for each
Posted in Dating Advice by JoshMoffat
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We have been living together for about 6 months now. And while I have been happy for this time, I have felt quite drained and down. I found her really lovely to begin with, she would write me little notes and we were having a great time. But one i
Posted in Dating Advice by sidart
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My girlfriend of 3 years stopped saying I love you recently. She does tell me in person she just doesnít say it through text. I know she has some overwhelming things going on right now and I thought that was the problem. When I see her she will still tell
Posted in Relationship Advice by Oilfield9287
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Hi enas I had a relationship with a girl for over a year. We are both in our late twenties. Iím a lesbian, she is not out hardly whatsoever. Our relationship was beautiful, we met by accident at a mutual friends event. From the start though, I shoul
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by starlight588
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