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Hi everyone, This is my first post here and I feel like I'm just reaching for answers from someone, anyone. So a bit of background first: been with my partner for 6 years and we have a 1 year old together. We have a home and both have good jobs....
Posted in Sex and Romance by DreamofCalif
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Just came out a 7 month relationship, we were so close but decided it wouldn't work as we both work together and couldn't stop the mix between work and pleasure. We were both in relationships when we first met but we grew closer and closer. We ended...
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Maroon1986
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hello, idk how to properly start, i just really need to rant right now stuck in quarantine, I have to do college thru online meetings and unfortunately im doing it from home, with my family. which doesnt necessarily unsupportive, BUT this house...
Posted in Parenting and Families by mayaya
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Hello Sorry for the long thread. I feel really down. I was trying to live my life toward advancement and continual growth and I ended nowhere. Here is my story. I was born in a poor family. My parents left me while i was baby to my...
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by macro
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Iím a 35 year old married woman with a four year old. My 9 marriage isnít great and it hasnít been for a while although we are doing better this year. I also donít have any friends... and no family around. Throughout the years Iíve noticed...
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Jelina
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Everyone involved is autistic. Ok, so my friend Jim was leaving a party when he accidentally backed into his friend Bob's car. Just made a barely noticeable scrape on both cars. Bob wasn't there when Jim made the scrape, but their friends Tasha...
Posted in Career, Money and Education by TulipWriter
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Where to start. Im currently pregnant with our first child, third trimester. My husband has always been what I would call unreasonable at times (his close family are also aware of this temperament). Now that we are expecting I appreciate that my...
Posted in Relationship Communication by Kwinto
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Hello. I made a post a week or so ago about my situation, but I wanted to come at it from a different angle. Basically, I've been with my wife for just over 6 years in total and married for 3. We have two children aged 4 and 2. We haven't been...
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by RJB
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My husband and I have a 10 month old baby. We are currently living with his parents in Hawaii ( we live in Los Angeles) to get away from the craziness in LA. Since being here, I feel so neglected. After the baby, we hardly have sex anymore and my...
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by Kate828
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Hey, long story short. My parents have always been good to me. Three years ago her met this new woman, and cheated on my mom with her. My parents divorced, my mom found new partner (whom I have met a long time ago) and my father stayed with that...
Posted in Parenting and Families by imunhappy
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Hi everyone. I want to start by saying I hope everyone is safe and well during the pandemic. About my relationship, I had a tricky breakup last year and I didn't intend to jump into another relationship as quickly as I did, but love happens and...
Posted in Relationship Advice by SarahLove007
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Iím a bisexual female. Iíve always been more into women than men, but I am also a Christian and know based on the religion that itís wrong. So I stopped acting on my feelings for women and decided to date men. I fell in love with a man and we...
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by Rachell87
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Straight to the point. I fall in love hard, once every 10 years. First time at 19, second at 29, third, one month before my 39th birthday. These are all girls that I wanted to spend my life with. I can understand why the first two did not work out...
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Aleph
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Hey, so I am in a long term relationship with my partner. We had a lot of drama (mostly because of exes) when we first got together but we got through it all and are in a good place. Most of the time. We donít live together. Weíre in the same...
Posted in Dating Advice by me1993
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My dad recently got evicted from his apartment. My wife and I agreed to let him move in with us. We're not charging him rent, but in the end we worked something out where he gave us the equivalent of a 6 mo's to put towards our mortgage We (wife...
Posted in Parenting and Families by cinadan
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Hi lovely people, After a rollercoaster of a year I am feeling much better and positive. I started dating a guy again who I used to date in the past. Back then he was really emotionally distant, and I was always attracted to emotionally distant...
Posted in Dating Advice by JoyceVib
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My girlfriend broke up with me, we met each other at college and got on really well and I asked her to be my girlfriend. Everything was amazing both happy etc. Then coronavirus happened and we were unable to see each other for around 5 months we...
Posted in Relationship Advice by user6785
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Me and my ex broke up in January. I broke up with her because I was losing feeling for her and was 50-50 about our future. We come from different backgrounds/religions and have some other complicated situations for our future. In February and...
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by HelloINeedU
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This is gonna be long sorry in advance I started dating this guy a little over a month ago Iíve been single for 3 years and was not looking for a relationship bc iím moving cross country for school at the end of the month. We became serious...
Posted in Dating Advice by yellowhart
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Hello, my bf and I have been together for 2 years now. The first year we both lived in the same state, and together briefly. The first half of our relationship was rocky, probably we rushed into it. So we didn't /still don't have a solid foundation....
Posted in Dating Advice by MoonlitDance
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