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My girlfriend and I have been dating for 3 years and we used to go to the same high school but that is no longer the case since I moved pretty far away so itís basically a long distance relationship. About 20 days ago we got into a argument over text beca
Posted in Getting Back Together by Equatefish
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So I broke up with my girlfriend because I lied about doing a drug and I told her because I felt bad about it I went to hers and had basically a mental break down and she said she can see Iím genuinely sorry about it but she couldnít give me a second ch
Posted in Getting Back Together by Helpmemeplz
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Hi My friend of four years never really told me who I was to him. Like I was always unsure whether I was his friend or would it be more. We did most things together verging on couple like things and probably crossed a lot of boundaries (not physical).
Posted in Relationship Advice by harmin15
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The pain. The tears. The trauma. The frustration. And those cramped up feelings i can't describe with words coupled with my horrible experience made me to write an answer this. And I type this words with tears in my eyes as I imagine everything happening
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Claire234
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hello everyone english isn't my first language so please don't focus on my grammer i have a lot of problem in my life but the only problem that really hurt me is that i'm lazy, i'm 21 years old and since i was around the age of 14 i wanted to be a gre
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by dantyKSA
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Hi all, Back in January, I was contacted by a recruiter for 2 different positions with different companies. About two weeks after our initial exchange of LinkedIn, we had a meeting to discuss these positions and my expectations. We chatted for about a
Posted in Dating Advice by RuedeRivoli
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It's been about a year and a half since my breakup, and although I keep doing better and better, I am still healing from it. I've found myself ruminating and being nostalgic a little this last week or two, so I figured it would benefit me to make a thr
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by 11moreweeks
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So thereís a girl Iím into in some of my classes at school. Weíre in the same major and sheís a member of my universityís chapter for professional development in our field. I joined as well at the end of last month, and they had a social event that weeken
Posted in Dating and Shy People by Radiorxy
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I have a close friend of mine who vents to me frequently about her bf. She says things like "I just want him to leave" or "I don't give a f#%@ about him" or "he stresses me out" or "I don't want to be around him." Now, I know he doesn't respect her or tre
Posted in Friendship and Friends by Aj86
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Hi all, I am currently in a long distance relationship, and we've never actually met. But we've been talking for nearly a year now and we both love eachother and want to work towards seeing eachother and maybe having a life together. However, I am
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by potionseller
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We all have a couple flaws here and there that we wish we could fix (e.g. crooked tooth, voice too loud??, etc), but my insecurities (I worry about my overall body shape,, mainly the thighs) have begun creating setbacks in my everyday life. Now I feel lik
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by yun
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Hi everyone, I have a coworker that I have had a crush on since he started. He used to be my manager but now I have moved different departments, so I rarely see him. Apparently it is common knowledge in the workplace that we flirt with each other all
Posted in Dating and Shy People by allisonnm
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Good morning I have a girlfriend who always break up with me is we disagree about anything, we have been dating for almost 10 years, I don't know how many times we broke up and the said part, I am the only one who always fix things, she only point fingers
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Sydney1972
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Hi all. I asked my boyfriend of 17 months if he only wants me or is he wanting other women and not acting because I wouldn't be into it. His past three (short) relationships have been open relationships you see and ours is not. He has told me that dur
Posted in Relationship Commitment by boo8
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This guy who used to have a crush on me on high school, texted me this August after 6 years. First I was cold because I thought we can't have something. We texted from time to time, some random flirty lines until mid January. Then from that time I don't k
Posted in Dating Advice by Peace of mind
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Which therapy/therapies have been most successful for you?
Posted in Personal Growth by ~Seraphim ~
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So I was in a sort of fwb situation, with a guy I met in summer. We were seeing each other for the past 8 months, in the beginning it was just phisical even tho we talked, but months had passed and we started getting closer after some problems. He asked f
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Mariajoao97
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So finally after a long conversation through texting, I finally asked for a break from this relationship to reflect & focus on my stuff, which he agreed. He said we will be colleagues from this point onwards. Does that mean that he is breaking up or he is
Posted in Dating Advice by PJM
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Hello world, Brutally honest post here. I have to be honest with myself otherwise I'm not going to change... if that's even remotely possible. I'm 30 years old, married and in a full time job. It's minimum wage but I do enough hours to survive and w
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Papilionem
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I've been married to my spouse for 8 years. I noticed my husband started to become more distant after I had our second child. Then the more time that went by, the bigger the gap got between us emotionally. He stopped talking to me, he distanced himself on
Posted in Infidelity by Whatnext32
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