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Before I begin talking about my problem I want to start off by saying this is all my fault. I am the one messing up constantly, I am the one doing the hurting, and I am the one who needs to do better. I'm reaching out to anyone who might be able to help m
Posted in Relationship Advice by hopelessromcom
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Hey guys. I have been posting stuff here a couple of times... about the same relationship actually. Anyway I am highly analytical but mindblowingly bad at reviewing my own situation. So without futher due, here is my story, and any advice is deeply apprec
Posted in Getting Back Together by Jimraynorp
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Iíve been with my bf for a year now (me: 25, him: 31) and I recently took notice to this cough that he does. Itís kind of like a combo of snorting and then it sounds as though heís about to spit out phlegm in his throat. (Note-he is not a smoker, has neve
Posted in Relationship Advice by Npgirl09
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Hi everyone! I'm in major need of advice. So. on June 10-17 I was out of town for work purposes. When I got back later that week I grabbed my boyfriends laptop to play a movie and his e-mail was on the screen. There was one particulare email that stood o
Posted in Trust and Relationships by florista15
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Last night- my ex boyfriend messaged me. Weíve been in an off and on again relationship for a while.. so I know I should not just jump back in and that I should take what he says with a grain of salt.. but what do you make of this ? 11588
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by sullensloth
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I went on a date last Friday and on the surface the date went ok. After the date was over I had a feeling that she wasn't that into me. The vibe just felt a little off, plus she would be on her phone on and off, which I didn't like. She texted me later on
Posted in Dating Advice by Sixersfan234
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I just need to vent a little. This man and I have been out a few times over the past few months and we have gotten along very well. We speak often and seem to really like each other. Yes, it is clear that we are more than friends; we both know that thi
Posted in Dating Advice by loyal
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At the very beginning - I'm sorry for my mistakes, but I don't speak English on a daily basis, let alone writing anything. So I met this girl in January. At first it wasn't anything special, but we grew very close (as friends at this moment) 2 or 3 mon
Posted in Love Advice by malygryzon
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Hi all. I made the decision to give up alcohol fairly recently. Iím not an every day drinker..but I binge drink and when I do Iím just not someone I like, and it scares me. Alcoholism runs in my family as well. I went to my second meeting today and
Posted in Personal Growth by JA0371
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Hi guys, Yesterday I broke up with my boyfriend. It was fine up until now when the moment has finally come that Im alone in my little appartment. Ive had a rough but proud year. I started going in to therapy with things that started in my youth an
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Asla
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This is Just a quick question. I will call the first person B and the second person N. Me and B met through a mutual friend-- she had been trying to get us together for at least two months before we actually met. Luckily we hit it off and have been doi
Posted in Dating Advice by ohdora
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If an ex told you that her values and preferences had changed all of a sudden in a long distance relationship and she did not love you anymore, would you assume that they met someone else and that the new guy was what her preferences changed to?
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Bro32
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Hey guys, so I normally post these kinds of things to reddit, but he is on there quite frequently. I thank you in advance for reading this. So my boyfriend and I have been dating since last July, coming up on a year now and I have never been happier
Posted in Relationship Advice by somuchlove19
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I dated this girl, and I had been wondering if i have been overthinking it. Ill save you the long story for another thread, but I just want to get other people's thoughts on it. She said she only dates men that are black. When I asked her why out of curio
Posted in Dating Advice by phillyphill
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The "Getting back together really does happen!" has tons of posts where people tell their story on how they got back with their ex. In the beginning of a break-up this can give you some hope, but it shouldn't be the focus of your healing. The focus of yo
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Pikachu
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So I've always had anxiety when it comes to oral sex. It makes me hesitant to even receive oral because I don't want to feel bad if I chicken out with giving oral. I'm trying to overcome it the best I can but now I'm in a new relationship and feel like I
Posted in Sex and Romance by lovetrap00
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I've been in a relationship with my SO for almost a whole year now. We've said I Love you and i really thought he meant it. His actions cemented the idea that he reciprocated the feelings I have for him. Now hes changed. He told me he doesnt love me and n
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by PerfectMoron
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So I asked for some advice a couple of days ago about how to heal properly from a long term breakup, and while I wanted to get over her and it, going NC, trying to build healthy habits, work on myself, do things I enjoy, all of it, there was a thought in
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by theostix
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So I am pretty good at handling situations and reading them with my GF but I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced anything similar. I have been seeing my GF for 8 months, we have a good sex life and get along most of the time. She is very sens
Posted in Dating Advice by jjt
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Hi everyone, My mind is a bit scattered so I'm hoping all this makes sense. I've been with my boyfriend for about 3.5 years now. I'm 25 and he is 32. Everything is going well, but I'm starting to feel a bit drained, sad, and lonely. Like most relations
Posted in Relationship Advice by KatesTalk
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