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I had February break this past week, and over the weekend my family and I went to a resort in the Poconos. My ďfriendĒ went with us, and we ended up paying for her food, activities, room, pretty much everything even though she had originally offered to
Posted in Friendship and Friends by andromecia
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Weíve been ďtalkingĒ/dating for about 4 months and now in a serious relationship for a little over a month. I havenít been in a serious relationship since I was 18 and even then we were just teens so things were different. Iíve casually dated women, but m
Posted in Dating by Rozhni
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So my ex and I broke up 90 days ago. I had been thinking about breaking up, but she is the one who did it. Initially, I wasn’t really hurt, I played it calm and cool told her it was fine and that I still cared about her. Few weeks later, I realized what
Posted in Breaking Up by Ewing11
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Two months ago I finally had the courage to put my foot down in a very one sided relationship. The relationship was about 7 months long. She did not contribute much at all, neither financially nor emotionally. She was always the one in power and she never
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by MrJack101
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There is no malice in naivety. My ex has never had many tribulations in life, and she has never had to "grow up". And somehow, despite spending 1/3 of her life with someone who went through one punch in the gut from life after another, she still didn't le
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by 11moreweeks
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I've been back on OLD for the past few months. I had a slight few first dates and one that lasted 2 months but failed epically in the end. But my luck is very few and far between otherwise. I email several women with barely any getting back to me.
Posted in Dating by TrueBlue631
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Question: after a 2 month relationship whitch was going very very well. It came to an end without any explanation. There was no signs of this coming. We just had the talk about being committed to one another and we both said yes. To me we bo
Posted in Breaking Up by Looking up
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Hi Guys, I have a recurring anxiety disorder which tends to really distort my view of reality during its heyday. I would say it probably hits me about once a year, obviously this depends on circumstances surrounding it. This time last year I was on
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by leseine7
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We parted our ways last August. It was really painful for me - she had some issues with our relationship before, but it started to look like things are improving. She finally moved to my city (her hometown is 1 hour away) and started new job. After about
Posted in Breaking Up by sleipnir85
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My ex and I broke up in Sept... She moved out in Jan.. During that time there was no kind of intimacy.. We just more less roomates...she didn't want to fix anything...i did.... She didn't want to help financially so I said she had to move.. After s
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Nsomnia901
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I have been sad for about an year with a non existent imaginary Live in my Mind.The thing is both of us don't even know that such live exist.I don't have the guts to even look at her.When she came near me I ran away I fear her presence at the same time I
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by bellic007
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Hi guys, I am two years on from being dumped very unexpectedly with a guy who I had an amazing relationship for a year. He fully invested in me, we spent all our spare time together at his instigation and were planning a future. I am in my mid forties a
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by lois111
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Well Iíve known her for a while. Sheís one of those friends who doesnít really make an effort to make a fun day when we hang. Iím the one always suggesting fun things. Itís always like letís chat over a coffee and i seem to be the one making that trip to
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Paranu
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If you look at my previous threads you can read about the back ground of our break up and what is happening currently. Well I donít know if my mind is running wild but I think he might have someone else. I was at his friends after a festival we all at
Posted in Breaking Up by Jelyse11
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Hi there, For the record, this is kind of explicit, so bear with me. I have been really anxious all day over this. So Iíve had this cloud hanging over my head all day long. Last night I went home with a woman Iíve known, weíre not dating, just a
Posted in Sex and Romance by Mack1990
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So my ex-dumped me about 5 months ago, it was out of the blue and ugly and messed me up for a long time... but I'm healing slowly and getting better. But while we were together he and I ALWAYS saw the number 224 and he always joked it was a cursed num
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Dimka
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Bit of a complicated story here but I'll try to be brief... I've been with my girlfriend for a year now...she was married but left her husband of 18 years shortly afterwards. We were friends before that. It's been an up and down year because until a cou
Posted in Relationships by patientman
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So, I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for five years. I recently moved in with him and have been working a full time job, while he goes to school full time. We used to have amazing hour long sex that was mind blowing. But I started a new birth
Posted in Sex and Romance by Louise24
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I just broke up with my girlfriend. A week ago anyway. This is a somewhat familiar feeling. This time it was kind of complicated. She has kids, and is still legally married to their dad, who is a bit of a pr*ck. Sorry, I am new to the forum and not su
Posted in Breaking Up by JackMichaels
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Hi, so I(18) have a crush on this girl(19). We have classes together and we knew each other for more than a month. We don't really talk but text sometimes. I asked her out on valentine and we hang out for a few hours but her guy best friend was there as w
Posted in Dating by jay228
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