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Hi, some advice would be greatly appreciated. Last year I lost a friend to suicide & it hit me hard, I was also beginning to go through a lengthy legal action with some business partners, the only good thing I had in my life at the time was my GF. ...
Posted in Getting Back Together by ATCQtip
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:D so I recently posted about trying to get back with an ex and that did not work out, he started dating someone else and I became clingy and wanted a full blown relationship and needless to say I scared him off.... I did tell ya'll that I had a...
Posted in Relationship Advice by violetstar
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How do you deal with extremely argumentative family relatives. im 40 btw got a family member who spilling lecturing me on their so called motivational talk about to work harder,...
Posted in Parenting and Families by joe45
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My boyfriend (28) and I(23) have been together for around 8 months now. Overall things have been really good. We work really well together and genuinely care for them. The only issue is that we donít have sex. In the time weíve been together I...
Posted in Sex and Romance by Crystallake
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First off, not in a negative way. Weíve been apart for a while and have had little to no contact but It seems things heís posting things On his Snapchat as a ploy to get me to talk to him. Inside jokes, things I care about, etc. Is this normal?...
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by youngnotdumb
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I met an amazing girl in August 2019, we really hit it off and I fell in love with her quite quickly. We had so much chemistry. I've never let myself fall for anyone before as I was always afraid of being hurt in relationships (Dad cheated on Mam)....
Posted in Relationship Advice by Ben Maher
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Hi all, Need some perspective, perhaps Im missing the point. I keep reading that infertile men should simply accept and move on with life. How exactly do you accept that you are no competition to fertile males, you have no genetic, primal,...
Posted in Suicide by Silent47XXY
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A three year relationship of mine just ended, again, and I'm really emotional about it now. I'd seen this looming and thought I could handle it, but as soon at she came to pick up her things, I felt overwhelming grief. All of the things I'd thought...
Posted in Relationship Advice by mustard
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Iíve been with my boyfriend about 9 months now. Iím 23 & he is 25. From the start it wasnít easy. At first I didnít want to be in a relationship w/ him because even in our talking phase we would argue & I would tell him that I didnít wanna...
Posted in Relationship Advice by MarielaAvila
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My gf(26f) and I (28m) have been together 2 years this year. The last 3/4 months have been incredibly difficult with covid 19 and being in separate households. We haven't seen each other till recent due to lockdown and that was a great time! Sadly...
Posted in Relationship Advice by diddums
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So i have finally understood that i can discuss my problems here. I'll not go deep into it but if needed,you can ask,i'll explain a bit more. And this is the biggest problem in my life: There's a kinda barrier between my mum and dad. They are...
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by 1imaan1
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To make a long story short, Iím having problems regarding moving in with my boyfriend. For the past school year weíve been in an LDR. During this time, heís really been pushing the idea of moving in together. Heíd periodically visit...
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by movinginprob
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Okay this is the sad story, I'm a 43 year old woman with a 25 son who still lives at home. He hasn't really kept a job until recently. Problem is he is a drinker and sometimes is actually okay, but sometimes not so much. He doesn't pay rent, but...
Posted in Parenting and Families by Tragicmouse
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So I've been talking with this awesome guy I met on hinge (3mo texting/facetiming) and the minute I landed back home where we both live full time, he invited me to his friends rooftop to see if I wanted to join for a drink but I passed because I...
Posted in Relationship Advice by electricorchid
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The second time has left me distraught. It took a while for the tears to flow, a week later. The first break-up: He said he wanted to feel it in his heart "etc etc" I went to his house and he told me the break-up reason. I was crushed,...
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Charlutte
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Hello, I'm curious about the efficacy of No Contact. I've been broken up with my ex for nearly 4 months. It was a 2.5 year relationship, very deep emotional connection, but had some toxic elements to it from both sides. It was a passionate...
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by LordofCircle
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So here it go first post in here so me 27 and ex 27 have been dating 5 years engaged 1 2 kids 7 and 1 She recently started a new job 3-4 months ago and we split up a month after it I was heartbroken we had only just moved into her grandads house...
Posted in Relationship Advice by Kie92
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Good afternoon everyone, I appreciate the feedback from you all. I will make this as short and to the point as possible, as I am unsure as to where to go from this point. Two weeks ago my wife and I discussed the state of our marriage(5 years),...
Posted in Divorce Advice by PH88
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I need a bit of advice. As a background, my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 3 years, with the initial 2 years in person (we moved in together soon after dating) and 8 months of long-distance. Recently I finished my undergraduate...
Posted in Relationship Advice by cadonling
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Boyfriend (36M) of 4 1/2 years broke up with me (35F) a couple days ago because he has trust issues and is suspicious, and says I'm insensitive and dismissive towards his feelings. The problem is that he speculates about cheating every 3-4 months...
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by alibabac
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