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I'll try not to go into too much detail but here is what is going on. I am 21, and have been seeing someone (let's call him S) for 6 months now (he is 20). We meet every week and text everyday and are just generally very compatible and have strong feeli
Posted in Dating by Emily214
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I have posted on here before talking about my situation but I feel as though I have hit an all time low. I am 22 and miserable. I was with my EX-DP for 3 years, 2 of those were me doing everything to try and help him with his porn addiction. He came up
Posted in Relationships by laurentridy
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So I need some perspective on this. I can't really seem to understand what specifically bothers me so that I can come to a reasonable solution. My boyfriend and I have been dating off and on for almost 2 years. We decided to get serious and start moving t
Posted in Relationships by Perspectivepls
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Met him over 16 months ago. I was in a bad place, he gave me a job, love and support, that I thought was never imaginable. 8 months later he changed towards me, he got a new job and things changed towards us, saw him at least once a month. We had many
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Deeed
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I have just told my wife of 15 years that I can't be in a relationship any longer. We have three young kids and I feel absolutely worried sick about them because I have chosen to do this. My wife has serious issues that mean she always has to be the c
Posted in Divorce by Hit1
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I'm 16 years old and I'm in my sophomore year. I met this girl at a party and we were talking and then we texted and walked together at school for all of this week. But yesterday I told her I liked her and she said she doesn't know me well enough to like
Posted in Dating and Shy People by Noahbarnes122
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Long story short, my ex broke up with me a month ago. At first she blocked me, then unblocked me after a week and started contacting me. We talked some, we met up for her to get her stuff back where she told me she still loves me and wants to give things
Posted in Breaking Up by bcb32
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Hi all, I have extreme issues acknowledging and expressing my feelings. I am unable to know what I feel when asked, the majority of the time and I am rarely able to explain how I feel and ask for understanding or acceptance of my feelings. I very r
Posted in Personal Growth by thornz
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I am done! I am just going to be a lady living with a bunch of cats. What is it with men? Yesterday he told me that I am a good person and he is attracted to me and the sex was great but something is missing!!! He wants to be friends. Asked him give it so
Posted in Dating by Tinalilly75
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I posted about this last week but I'm still stuck and having trouble getting out of this relationship. It's a toxic relationship and I'm sad more than I'm happy but for some reason I'm terrified to leave him. I feel like without him I'll be lost and more
Posted in Breaking Up by tesscap21
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Hello, I am determined to end my relationship with her. She gaslights and makes me feel like a terrible person and always threatens suicide whenever I try to leave. I feel stuck. I am not happy with her, but she wants to stay with me forever. I am mental
Posted in Breaking Up by jtab
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Hey everyone. It's my first time posting on one of these forums, I hope I can get some input. So I've been dating this girl for almost two years. We're crazy abiut each other as we always have been. We barely argue, I'm not overly possessive and I don't t
Posted in Breaking Up by Pacman1234
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I and my ex girlfriend were dating for 5 years. But she moved on to another new relationship after 19 Days of breakup . Is it a rebound relationship she is having now?
Posted in Breaking Up by Soumik418
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The past few months I have had feelings for a guy at my work. It started out as a little crush, but has slowly developed more and more to the point where I always think about him, have dreams I am having sex with him, etc. He has a partner that I foun
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Jemima
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My partner of 6 years has been watching porn everyday, he lies about needing the toilet when aactually hrs watching porn, I've said to him he can ask me anytime he wants something, he has videos and pictures of us which he know he can have more of if need
Posted in Sex and Romance by paigeylou94
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My ex boyfriend has blocked me on absolutely everything. I have no way to contact him. Has anyone been through this? Were you ever unblocked, did he ever contact you again
Posted in Breaking Up by Hun94
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I recently graduated, and throughout the entire school year I had feelings for this girl. We talked during school sometimes and we follow each other on all social media platforms, I'm just not sure how to approach it. I feel that she would find it weird i
Posted in Dating by ChadG19
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Hi, after a bit of advice please.... I have been with my boyfriend four years now, we have a two year old child and I have two children from a previous relationship (who we share custody of) my boyfriend is a compulsive gambler (never knew until I was pre
Posted in Breaking Up by Laurajb
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hey guys so I was with this girl for nine months. She was my first love and our relationship was pretty good. We had some fights but she helped me discover that I have anxiety. I have been working on controlling it but sometimes I get panic attacks and th
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by jack123
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Hi all, I hope you can help with some advice on what to do in this tricky situation... The background to this issue is that me and my ex partner split approx 2 years ago, we have three children who I provide for and see regularly on a weekly basis. Me
Posted in Trust and Relationships by missingmybaby
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