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I can't tell if a girl is flirting with me, dating someone, or a die-hard single. I am a teenage guy who has no experience with relationships, so please help. For a while, I felt like this girl in my school might have been interested. (She w
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by aqwe
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Okay so Iíve been talking to this girl for a little over 3 weeks now. We went on one date and hung out at her house once, and we literally text all the time and FaceTime sometimes too. She always says things like I look cute and ďlook at youĒ, and we were
Posted in Dating and Shy People by Jkpreme1
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I cannot take it anymore with this narcissistic b1tch . Four years now and I cannot escape the abusive relationship . I have blocked her from everywhere but she manages to find me in person and seduce me back in the fking relationship . I cannot tell any
Posted in Abuse and Violence by Polter
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A thread to vent/relate/point out the obvious that it's just one day closer to healing about how holidays seem to hurt after a breakup. My post is I'm doing much better with my healing. Still NC to help with that and doing things I like and are benefi
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Utterlyhurt
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I am 25 year old woman and an only child. My parents never had any other kids by choice because they wanted to give me my best chance. I grew up with my mother mostly until 4, she stayed at home while my father worked. I dont remember much from that time,
Posted in Parenting and Families by Notmi
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My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over two years. Last year he was diagnosed with cancer. I was there through all the chemo and radiation. He recently found out his cancer came back and spread. He has a year to live. His exgirlfri
Posted in Dating Advice by ChewT
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Basically I still really like her and I want another chance but I lied and now sheís saying she canít give me one and she said she liked someone else and weíve stayed friends but every time Iím around her sheís on top of me pretending to kiss me and stuff
Posted in Getting Back Together by Helpmemeplz
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**Ooops, this should be under attraction and flirting I think** So this cutey I used to work with contacts me about a month ago, and we had been slowly becoming closer. She ramped up the texts and they were more and more affectionate, and she wanted
Posted in Dating Advice by Seff
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I started seeing this guy a few weeks ago. We had sex on our first date which isnít something I ever do, but I really liked him. I mentioned to him that I wanted to get to know each other before having sex again. Our second date went really well but once
Posted in Dating Advice by Clueless24
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On Facebook, my girlfriend posted a video of the beach and one of her friends commented that she wants to go. They started talking about how badly they want to go to a beach since there's not one near us and my girlfriend commented "I'll get the food and
Posted in Relationship Advice by lalalad
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Iíve been dating this older woman for a few months now and things are pretty good but I think that the age gap or something keeps her from opening up to me. We mesh really well together and we have a ball but there are things that she says and certain thi
Posted in Age Gap Relationships by alex17466
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I just still donít understand how someone can tell you they truly and really love you like no one before, then be able orbit you and not ever talk to you or even check up on you after breaking up with you. My ex broke up with me in February because she
Posted in Getting Back Together by r00b14
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Hello guys... I'm new on this forum and I have created my account solely for the purpose of asking for your help...I don't know what to think about this situation that has been upsetting me for the last two years and I really need some advice but I don't
Posted in Relationship Advice by ffcoolj
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Hi, so Iím a 24m who recently had to stop seeing my 21f gf. Weíve been together almost 2.5 years but she said she wants to grow alone. As most men would do I asked if there was someone else. She said she had feeling for a bit about someone online but stop
Posted in Relationship Advice by Scottyt379
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Hello all. Sorry this will all sound a bit gibberish but I'm not coping very well with everything. I've been speaking to my ex since December 2017 and we got together in Febuary 2018 which may have been a bit quick but it seemed right. A month later he
Posted in Relationship Advice by LucasMichael
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Hey everyone, ENA has given me so much comfort while I'm recovering from fresh BU (11 days ago. I'm still in the beginning stages of this nightmare. Ugh). I'm having trouble discerning some emotions and I'd like to share specifics. This is a long one..
Posted in Getting Back Together by Swbymid
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I had asked for advice about my boyfriend, who is bipolar and talking about how he couldn't wait to move in together. He told me recently that he's inconsistent and it's his bipolar that causes it. When I tried talking to him about my feelings, he blew
Posted in Relationship Advice by SusieNovy
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Hey all, quick summary, there was a history between me and this girl who use to 'harrass me' on fb, and really annoy me. She even admit herself that she was trying to annoy me. She ignored me in person and really acted pissy with me. Not sure maybe she wa
Posted in Relationship Advice by epinephrine1
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I apologise in advance for the following lengthy post, I tried to make it as concise as possible. I have been with my boyfriend since 2013, we had a breakup in between for 4 months due to him cheating on me on a drunken night out and losing feelings f
Posted in Trust and Relationships by whitesand3
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6 months......6 months have been since we parted ways and I still feel suicidal and my life is a torture. I was an as$hat for sure. But we had to part ways. I couldn't do what she asked for. I was in a beautiful yet very strong relationship with a very be
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by obnoxious
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