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I'm going to an end of year even with a big bunch of my friends, and it's been a tradition for a few years. I had dinner with a friend yesterday that's now asking if she can come. But the thing is, she has only met maybe 3 of my other friends and only one
Posted in Friendship and Friends by Honeycomb8
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So me and a different guy have been chatting on an app since October 21, we eventually moved over to a different app. From the way heís been texting me more recently and the signals heís been sending me, Iím pretty sure he likes me. Weíre not in a relatio
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Cutiegirl45
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My mom was buried in different country and i have yet visited her resting place. I'm planning to in the near future. does anyone get sense of connection visiting your loved ones final resting place?
Posted in Grief Loss and Bereavement by MrsWise
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Hi everyone, I've never posted in anything like this before. I've been with my partner for 12 years now. Not married and no kids, in our mid/late 30's. We've always had a great relationship and still do. Both of us are really close to his aunty and
Posted in Relationship Advice by Loo
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I have been with my husband for a few years, and met his sister for the first time 2 years ago (she lives across the country). My husband and I have a significant age gap, but had already been together well over a year when I met her. She did not take me
Posted in Relationship Advice by greeksalad
52 644 A sad part of our Canadian past. I am Acadian through my mother.
Posted in Grief Loss and Bereavement by ~Seraphim ~
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Hi All, just wanted to get some perspective. Me and my ex dated for like 5 months had a beautiful time, we loved each other and decided to be together, we went on a small trip to one of the world wonders i made everything special, we had sex, spent lot
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Spawn
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Hi, So I recently started officially dating my boyfriend. He's a really nice guy who genuinely cares about me and my feelings and I think he's hilarious. However I find myself one day being really excited about dating him and the next being so worried ab
Posted in Dating Advice by islandliving
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So I just met a cute guy off of a dating app yesterday. We have been talking and have each otherís Snapchats. The only problem is none of my past relationships have lasted long. We arenít officially dating, as neither of us has declared we are a couple. H
Posted in Dating Advice by Cutiegirl45
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Not sure what to think anymore. Am I overthinking? Is he stringing me along? I've been dating a guy for a little over a month now. We have a few mutual friends. He seemed really interested in the beginning - texting a lot and eventually calling often.
Posted in Dating Advice by Skylark89
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Ok, you guys. Short backstory: Met a girl while she was vacationing in my country, she had just broken up with her bf that day, but we hit it off, she was overly affectionate with me, and within 5 days I told her I loved her. We said we were one another'
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by MaybeThen
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I would really appreciate any kind of advice, especially in positive sense cause i've been really in emotional mess these days.. :/ So, i'm in 6 years relationship, last 2 years in long distance relatioship due to her work in another country.. We really
Posted in Long-Distance Relationships by Chris111
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Struggling to accept this. Iíve posted before about breaking up with my boyfriend. Long story cut short...he was separated from his wife, we had what I thought was a great relationship. He treated me well. We were very happy. Until his feelings sudden
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by marshmallow107
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This question doesn't fit any of the other questions I've looked for under here. At first it sounds like it does, but the context will explain why I say that. About 2 months ago, my boyfriend of 4 years told me he had to see me, that it was very impor
Posted in Relationship Advice by smdmidwest
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I was in a relationship with a woman who has been with a man most of her adult life. She comes from a different country where abuse is common in the culture. I would like to talk with someone familiar with abuse who can help me understand better. Iím stuc
Posted in Abuse and Violence by kfred92
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This might be a stupid problem but my boyfriend of 6 months keeps staring at other women and I have a problem with that. I have no insecurities and I like myself but I never had a guy do this to this extend; where he stops talking and can't concentrate...
Posted in Dating Advice by Bekigirl
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My boyfriend of 14 months has a job in hospitality management and the Christmas period is very busy for him. The past 3 weeks he was working 16 hour days and 6 days a week and I was hardly seeing him. I began to moan about it but quickly apologised but th
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Moonhobbit9
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Hi All, I am desperately seeking advice from your own experiences so I can make a firm decision; I have known my wife since 11 years now, we got married in 2014. Our marriage like every other has had its own ups and downs but thinking back I feel th
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Mcal24
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I suspect the answer is no, but I'm sure ENAers will help me out. With the help of MANY on this forum, I'm slowly purging myself of the desire to be with my ex. I'm trying to move on as best as I can. I'm working on a volunteer project with this re
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by teeEFc
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So just needed a little advice, Iím an Indian girl who comes from a traditional Indian family whereby arranged marriage happens and which Iím completely okay with. I met the male version of me online. He was perfect but also a considerably a lot old
Posted in Relationship Advice by Kks21
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