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So i have this issue. I'm an introvert by nature and have very different interests. Not into the usual topics, activities like drinking ang gossip. In more into nature, real conversations, deep stuff. So there's this group of friends here who I've kin
Posted in Friendship and Friends by Creamybutter
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Iíve been in no contact with my ex for 4.5 months now. We split last September, and I recently saw her at a party this past Saturday night. I did not speak to her while there and left early, despite her being extremely loud and drawing a lot of attentio
Posted in Getting Back Together by StuckB
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Hi People, first of all thanks for creating a place like this so people like me that are hardly in the need of some objective advise can get some advice here. I am a 21 year old guy from Germany and I'm in a relationship with a girl my age for over tw
Posted in Cyber Relationships by gr4y
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1. Never text or call a woman on a fri or saturday night unless you are telling her you are on your way to see her 2. Don't send messages to woman on a dating site on a friday or saturday night Would you agree that it's a bad look for a man to
Posted in Dating by moneymkt
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Hey all. This has probably been posted a bunch of times, but I'm looking for ways to meet guys. I recently moved halfway across the country and have gotten settled in to my new city and job. I think I feel ready to try and date. Objectively I feel dat
Posted in Dating by mustlovedogs
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So I met this girl while in America on a holiday, I'm still here at the moment. She's extremely recently divorced. But we connected straight away. I've now flown down to where she lives. Staying with her and her sister. I'm really attracted to her, physic
Posted in Dating by Daveknight
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New friends that I have yet to meet, thank you for your time and prayers. Today I am very much in need of prayer, and intervention. First, the facts: My wife and I married in August of 2015. She was the sister of a very close friend, and we had in turn
Posted in Divorce by Destroyed35
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So wednesday night my long distance boyfriend of 8 months ( we havent met in rl yet) told he has been struggling with minor to severe depression lately and he wants to take a break from us while he focuses on his school work cause he goes to college and f
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Khaleesi85
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Hi all I feel emotionally neglected by my husband and I'm not sure whether there's anything I can do to get through to him or has he checked out of the relationship already? A bit of a background: we've known each other for over 10 years, we split
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by strix81
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I posted yesterday about a weird situation with a guy I was involved with. Tonight I asked him outright if he was back with his ex, he told me it's headed that way (again, they've had multiple 'breaks'). He said he really liked me but that A lot of my beh
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by AvaD21
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Ex broke up with me two months ago (8+month relationship with cohabitation). He did all the typical dumper things like saying I'm his closest friend, he's sorry for hurting me, and he didn't plan for any of this. We still hung out the first 3 weeks after
Posted in Getting Back Together by waitingGame
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I've been dating this girl I met on POF for about 2 months. Everything's been going fine but lately she has been cancelling dates the day of due to work. She works as a line cook at a hotel. I understand the business she's in but it seems kind of odd that
Posted in Dating by kidphoenix96
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Hey guys, I've been in a bit of a funk this week, :( so thought I'd start a "funny" thread asking folks what were some of the silliest, stupidest reasons why you've stopped wanting to date someone. Not wanting to hear "incompatible" or "wasn't feeling
Posted in Dating by katrina1980
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Hey all, so I finally moved on with my life, I'm sure all you thought you'd never live the day to see brokenheartedm talk about another girl but here I am. So a little background ya basically we knew of each other but never talked so last night was the fi
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Brokenheartedm
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To start, I'm from Canada and am 20 years younger than my husband who is English. I also have type I diabetes. We have been together for 8 years, and married for over 5. I love him more than anything in the world, but things have happened recently that ha
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by LCRC
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So, I recently broke things off with my boyfriend whom I absolutely loved and adored. I broke it off because I was not getting what I needed from the relationship. I didn't feel secure in the relationship. I also felt that things were so one sided. I was
Posted in Dating by Candace57
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My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 15 months. We're both about to turn 18, and we've been having some trouble lately. He's been making plans with me a lot and canceling a lot. Last night we made plans to hang out on Sunday (tomorrow) but about
Posted in Conversational Tips by shannon479
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Hello...I live in Ontario Canada.. Noe sure if anyone on here is familiar with medical protocol. I have a 24 year old son.. Was diagnosed with CAPD years ago. His mother and I were divorced when he was 2. He did the week about until he was 19... His mom m
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by gary1958
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Hi guys, I recently have come to a realization, and I think that there are some aspects of me that are holding me back from the variety of opportunities present around me. I wanted to write this down so I could vent and organize my thoughts. Polite thoug
Posted in Dating by Pleasedonot5
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My long term (almost 2 years) girlfriend broke up with me a month ago. She told me that she did not want to be with me right now and could not handle the stress of our relationship in her life (she has rigorous courses this semester). However, she said th
Posted in Breaking Up by MrKoala03
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