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A person drove a vehicle down a sidewalk in Toronto and killed 9 and injured 16. So SHOCKING as this never happens here. 😢
Posted in Grief Loss and Bereavement by ~Seraphim ~
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hello! how did yall feel about switching careers? what made you do it? pros old job: 1) established name in the community (easier to find replacement jobs in my chosen field) 2) job security in current position 3) above average pay for positio
Posted in Career, Money and Education by sfindependent
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So I notice if I ignore my baby's dad that he will intentionally ask about the baby or say he's coming to see him just to get me to talk to him somehow. It's like he will ask & if I reply he gets quiet on me. But if I ignore it he will keep asking or
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by Junkiee
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Hey guys, Iím having a hard time trying to understand whatís happening in my exís head . We were together for a year and a half, he broke up with me in September because we were arguing too much. He contacted me a month later to check on me , and in No
Posted in Getting Back Together by muffinheart
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So Iím in a complicated situation right now. Me and my girlfriend are right around the 4 month mark and things have been going pretty good up until about a week ago. Things have changed and I guess we arnt talking as much. Long story short I think itís ti
Posted in Relationship Advice by Smokey14151
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Reconnecting with a guy that was not great last tome (got wonky amounts of drunk on our first meeting and kinda pushed his way back to my house and I to my bed. Yep, I was lonely, line drawn before sex though, kinda proud of that, not that there is anythi
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by 1a1a
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My husband of 6 months wants sex AT LEAST once a day, usually more. I am a very sexual person myself, usually, and am perfectly fine with this, but since I've been with this guy I've been having lots of problems "down there"; urinary tract infections and
Posted in Dating Advice by RaineyDays
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One thing that bothers me is the "safety net" why do people or in my case females always have a "back up" plan in case their current situation doesn't work. All it does is leading people on until you are ready. Why not just be unavailable until you are av
Posted in Dating Advice by 1tym
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35-year-old gay man here. I met an amazing guy about a month ago. Since the first date things have clicked really well. I know it's early but I think I'm falling in love with him and I think he's falling in love with me. I've had a few relationships so fa
Posted in Dating Advice by jnr586
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Hello, I need advice because I don't know if my boyfriend is being reasonable or not. We have been together for 3 years. I'm not an active twitter poster, but I read my timeline all the time. I fav whatever I like and my boyfriend likes to go and rea
Posted in Relationship Advice by girlonthewing
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Hello. I am totally confused about what this girl is thinking! Iím an honest guy and told this girl I really like her and wanted her to be my girlfriend. I explicitly told her I have no interest in just being friends. She wasnít ready so I move on.
Posted in Relationship Advice by Jordan111
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Hello. I'm in need of some advice whether my relationship is worth fighting for, or if it's time to leave. My boyfriend of 5 years, whom I live with and own a place together, is going through some issues. He's diagnosed with PTSD, ADHD and bipolar and
Posted in Relationship Advice by Anonyli00
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My now girlfriend had been on a date with me and was regularly messaging me. Unknown to me at the time she met a man on a night out and went on to go on several dates and have sex with him several times. For a week or so she stopped texting me around this
Posted in Dating Advice by Jud2
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Told my story elsewhere - ditched by fiancee after 8 years around seven weeks ago. Had been doing ok with NC - until yesterday. I met a friend at lunch, was glad of opportunity to unload. He had bought us lunch, but I was so distracted by my woes I
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Mike5
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Hi All, I need a bit of advice. My boyfriend is tall, he has a good physique but he quite often stands with his belly sticking out (and t is not a good look on him), how can I suggest in a nice way (without sounding too pedantic or like a nanny) to
Posted in Relationship Advice by Mikaila
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English is my second language. Please excuse me for my grammar. My ex bf broke up with me about 2 months ago after he got back from vacation. He drove over to my place with his car full of my stuff. I told him if he were to break up with me, I doesnt n
Posted in Dating Advice by Curious99
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It's been 5 months since he broke up with me for really no reason. The silly thing is we didn't date long, but it was instant... this like automatic connection and we went all in. Within the first 3 weeks I think I met his family. I had dated him from
Posted in Getting Back Together by complicated11
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I just posted about a situation that opened an old wound. Now, as part of my healing I'm trying to come to terms with my thoughts...forgive and move on instead of ignore and move on. Part of this process, for me, is to understand the other person and how
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by firstluvstruck
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I cannot get over my family dysfunction brought on by my dad and stepmom. The latest... They went to my stemom's sister's house for Easter. The sister's name is Mary. My stepmom's has 4 siblings including Mary. And each of her siblings have 1-2 kids,
Posted in Parenting and Families by jennylove
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Hi all! First time poster here. I'm reaching out to you all because I'm really in a rough place after a breakup. Long story short: we broke up in February. He told me I could hang out at his house until I got on my feet. Obviously, my staying at his place
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by ambershoey
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