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After 2 years and a half , and after he proposed to me he broke up with me because he is not financially stable and he canít be in this commitment, i beg him not to leave even i told him that i will pay for for whatever he want but he told me he canít be
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Rawan
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I've struggled with social anxiety (possibly avoidant personality disorder) since I was young. Since school I haven't had any lasting friendships, partly because I never used to speak to people much. But also because of anxiety about keeping in touch wi
Posted in Friendship and Friends by TheDMan05
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Hello, I just turned 26 about a week ago or so and feel more miserable and lost in my life than ever. I work a fulltime job, have my own apartment, car, work out 4-6 days a week, etc... but I'm missing something. Since high school I always considered enl
Posted in Career, Money and Education by Rugger937
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I thought he really loved me. I ended the relationship last year because I was sick of waiting for him to clear his debts to get married. I even told him that if he's a bankrupt i'd still marry him. He came back this year, I thought we had another chance.
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by delphiniums
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What are peopleís experiences or affection during the first 6 months of a new relationship? My understanding is over affection/moving very quickly as a bad sign. Iím talking real soppy messages. You are my whole world/my missing piece kind of stuff.
Posted in Relationship Advice by lonewolf1991
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Hi.:) I'm 19, he's 25 and we had summer affair. We spend a lot of wonderful moments together, but in September he come back to the Germany... He never promised me any feelings, said that our communication is not going anywhere, because of the distance. W
Posted in Dating Advice by moissanitee
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Will try to make this not too long. Ex and I broke up about three months ago. We work together still and ultimately end up seeing each other daily, although very briefly. At first, we just really ignored one another, and he blocked me on social media righ
Posted in Getting Back Together by throbanana
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Okay so I went to my boyfriends friends house with him last night for a gathering, I didnít really know anyone and didnít really want to go but I wanted to make the effort for him. In conversation we were talking about smoking and I said ďI only smoke if
Posted in Relationship Advice by Hollsmaur
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Hi people . Excuse a post like this on just joining but l'd really appreciate any thoughts you might have. l'm a guy, 50s, divorced round 7yrs back, a bit over 3yrs later l met someone that turned out to be the most mind blowing thing either of us had
Posted in Relationship Advice by rocktop
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Hello everyone, i hope you are doing well, here is my situation i'll try to make it as short and clear as i can. I have a boyfriend, we have been dating for one year and a half, we've been through a lot together and always managed to get over hardships
Posted in Jealousy by Riri2019
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Hello I really need help I might have said this in a post before but I broke up with my ex (7 years) at the beginning of summer and straight after I met a guy who made me happy I didnt mean to get into another relationship and I genuinely wanted
Posted in Dating Advice by SarahLove007
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I (23, female) dated a guy (32) online for almost a year. We had our ups and downs like every other relationship. I assume the relationship being online made the issues we had feel or seem much worse than usual and I do not think we would've had those pro
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by kirbycake342
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You can probably guess I wasn't the dumper. I'm angry because he just seems perfectly fine and his life hasn't been affected at all. I feel like I lost my best friend and favorite person. So he wants to be friends. I'm still hurt and crying about it and I
Posted in Getting Back Together by DamagedAlone
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i have been reading a lot of peoples stories on here, and I've decided to post my own, and update as regular as possible. I'm obviously looking for advice, but its sort of a journal also. So i broke up with my ex this year in may. that's when i offici
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by lonewolf1991
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Hi All, Long story. My GF of 3 years decided to break up with about 2 months ago, instead of working out our differences. We live together she has found a new place and has the keys since nov 15, but wont move out. She has started to see another
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by vantagelight
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Okay so, there is a bit to unpack here, but Iíll start front the beginning. I have always had trouble dating. Iím a very selective woman and I typically am the type to go out and ask the person rather than be courted. Im also very conservative with who I
Posted in Finding Love and Soulmate by GrayQueen
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Quick question. Me and my ex (not the mother of my kid) is coming to pick up my kid to spend a night at her place to see her daughter. The kids are friends. Things ended up in bad terms, I chased her for a month, and she blocked ne everywhere. She h
Posted in Getting Back Together by RicBoy
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Hi... I have just ended my 6 months affair with a married man... and I'm married as well. I met him online.. We chatted for 1 year... Talked about everything... And we exchange message almost daily...and started seeing each other 6 months ago and i
Posted in Infidelity by choki1234
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So I decided to open my options before settling on committing to one person. I met a guy who I decided I wanted to get to know. We hung out for a few weeks, got to know each other. I decided I wanted to become intimate. The following day I mentioned that
Posted in Abuse and Violence by TangoRed
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