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So hopefully youíve seen my previous call for him about Bear. Well, what I didnít say was that Iím in a relationship with my best friend, a female. Iíve known her, Dee, for our four years of high school and we started dating a year after. Now, I like Bear
Posted in Dating Advice by AnonKingz
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Iím at my wits end. My husband and I have been married for 12 years. It is both our second marriage. Two years ago he started working with a woman. They were just friends for awhile and then she started texting him every once in awhile. At first just inno
Posted in Infidelity by NoosaLover
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I am a fourteen year old female, and I have a fifteen, turning sixteen, year old girlfriend. I understand rules for females are different from males, but.. I get nervous when she compliments other girls. She.. She normally says stuff like "She's so adorab
Posted in Dating Advice by MostHated
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Hello, I am embarrassed to admit that I only visit this forum seeking advice. There are plenty of great reminders on here and when things are unclear in my relationships, this is the first place I come. Thank you in advance. I've dated this woman a li
Posted in Relationship Advice by Yarmer
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Hi everyone! So I hired a personal trainer whom Iím extremely attracted to, I know I know lol. I want to ask her out but not sure how. We only had 3 sessions and sheís very professional so I canít even gauge if sheís interested. I have her number so I tho
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by giraffeprint
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This person is judgemental and a bully. She has a really bad attitude.Sheís bossy. And sometimes she makes fun of me. Well she makes fun almost all my classmates. Another person is like her but a boy. He has bad grades but not bossy. He has no respect for
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by GrandeTears
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There is a new show on Netflix called. "Dirty John". It is based on real life events. Has anyone seen it yet? Those who are considering dating and finding someone online or those who rush into relationships, etc, need to watch this show.
Posted in Relationship Advice by SherrySher
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I have been exclusive with him for 3 months, everything was wonderful, felt emotional intimacy and sense of closeness even though we're moving fast in the beginning of the relationship but it felt meant to be, he also said he feels the same way, he would
Posted in Relationship Advice by JenniferWang
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Hi, I recently submitted a post but I canít see it. Does it need to be manually approved by a moderator?
Posted in Forum Assistance by PianoTiles
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Hi! I was supposed to get married with my ex boyfriend. He is a Hindu and I am Christian. His parents doesn't approve of our relationship but he fought for me. They even threatened to disown him. I tried to prove my love and eve
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by lucidaconsole0
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I have a baby due very soon and we have bought a new home. It is a huge project, with a completion timeline of 4-5 months. We put our current house on the market couple of weeks ago and a offer was accepted by us. It sold quicker than we thought. I
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by maaraishuk
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This story is complicated. I would appreciate some perspective. My partner and I are in our 30s. A year ago, he went to his friend's wedding in Brazil but I could not go because I did not have enough annual leave left so he went alone to be best man. W
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Willowtreebe
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Apologies in advance, this might be long in the effort to give good information! I've been dating a really funny, charismatic, adventurous man for 4 1/2 months. When we first started dating, he was very forthcoming in how he felt about me. He would com
Posted in Relationship Advice by pdxrose
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This scenario has happened to me several times. Basically Iíll develop a crush on a popular boy in school whoís a sort of class clown and plays sports (not because of that, but it is an important detail) and befriend him. As the friendship deepens, the mo
Posted in Dating Advice by sparrowheart
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Iíll try to sum it up, but hereís where I am puzzled and donít know where to turn to. Iíve known my partner since I was 17, we were on and off again for many years. When I turned 22 we had our first born. We didnít talk about moving in or what was next, I
Posted in Relationship Advice by flowerpetals
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She was my main squeeze the only one who could help calm me down. I was her hulk she was my black widow. Life goes on115741157511576
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Editionml3
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Hello everyone, yesterday was my second month of no contact and I’m kinda amazed how far I’ve came but by no means am I out of the woods yet. I got through Valentine’s Day pretty easily. It seems once I get stressed about what I’m going to do to m
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Austino96
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So I have a friend, who is constantly asking me for lifts. I have said no and explained why, this is because she decided to move somewhere where it is difficult for her to get to the gym she wants to go to and won't drive. She then was saying she wil
Posted in Friendship and Friends by jellybean2018
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So I have this friend who weíll call Bear. Bear and I met each other a couple of months ago at work. Now Iím not the type to talk to strangers, but with him I couldnít shut up. So as weíre working together he starts getting real friendly. Now keep in mind
Posted in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender by AnonKingz
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I have long distance relation with my boyfriend for two years. He lives in Japan. He told me he wants have kids and I told him I am not ready at this moment of my life and i don't know when i am ready. One month after our conversation he met this British
Posted in Trust and Relationships by rvan
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