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Ok, I'm back here again asking for advice for the third time regarding my relationship with my bf of a year. He was hanging out with a girl he went to high school with off and on for about a year from about June 2016 till August 2017. He started devel
Posted in Relationship Advice by alexa5207
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I decided to cave in, submit and ask because at this point, not only am I hurting, iím completely confused. Having dated a fair share of women and having relatively ďnormalĒ relationship, this one by far, had me on my knees and completely ill, in the hos
Posted in Relationship Advice by HeartyOC
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Do you think it would be cheesy to have the first kiss in a parking lot after walking her to her car?
Posted in Dating Advice by BrokenGator
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So, like many couples, my partner and I have had the issue of trust come up in some capacity or another. One day, the thought crossed my mind, "What if I created a fake profile to talk to and 'test' my partner?" Obviously, there is a large moral issue wit
Posted in Trust and Relationships by El0t
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Please help!! I feel so bad. I am waiting for a response these days, which is really going to be very difficult if it is going to be negative. I really have worked for it through my life for it to be positive, but I just had a hint some days ago it is not
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by newbie123
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My ex and I dated for about a month back in September, when things got deeper and he started to fall harder he ran, breaking up with me the day after our first serious conversation saying he ďlost feelings for meĒ. 3 weeks later he popped back up, randoml
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by htench
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So I work for a doctor who owns her own practice. There are four other doctors here as well, along with me (the office manager/biller), and the medical assistant. There's been a high turnover here with both doctors and medical assistants. The previous
Posted in Career, Money and Education by Traes
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There has to be more people than me that's processing this heartache in writing! Are you? Post here! I'd like to hear it!
Posted in Poetry, Prose, Art & Photography by Flipp
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Hi, Iím hoping for some advice as Iím really at a loss with the child I look after. I started a job about four months ago with a three year old boy and I knew he had a baby sister on the way. The mother is home with us on mat leave and I usually take h
Posted in Parenting and Families by Raezzz
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Okay, so my ex girlfriend ( weíre both 21) and I broken up late 2017. 2 weeks after she started dating someone else and is still with that person I believe; and ever since that break up, we havenít talked at all to this day. But also since that break up,
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Mrgreenjeans
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We just went through a traumatic event. Long story short, we both cheated oneachother. Somehow we are still together, I want to be with him and so does he with me. We have 3 kids and we are struggling with trust. He told me today two of his guys want to
Posted in Infidelity by Alina chavez
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My boyfriend doesn't like showing PDA (e.g. calling each other babe) in front to his friends because two of his friends are single and he feels it will make them feel uncomfortable. We do hold hands in public though and around his friends but that's it. H
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Unknown404
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Hey guys, I think I screwed up irreparably. So, at the constant prodding of my friends (most of whom are in long-term committed relationships with people they matched online), I finally decided to be proactive and give it a go. I matched with someone a fe
Posted in Dating Advice by LotusBlack
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Hi ive been dating a lady for a few months now. Im very much in love with her but doubt whether she is with me. I dont know if its me being stupid or not so after advice. I do all i can to make life easier for her. Driving her around minding her kids for
Posted in Dating Advice by happychappie
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So I started dating someone new. I met him at his seminar he was hosting and from there he found me on social media and has been trying to take me out since. Heís a man of status and people know him as this successful millionaire so Iím sure heís used to
Posted in Getting Back Together by MebbieU
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It start of I'm only 16 and I'm a girl Me and one of my friends have kind of a friends with benefits relationship and we dated for like a month but we started off being really emotionally connected during the summer when it was just us but once we went ba
Posted in Dating Advice by MagicCats
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Had a few great dates w a guy I met online (me: mid-30s; him: early 40s) During pillow talk after making out (no sex), we were talking about the last time we had sex with someone and I found out that he has been going on dates with someon else non-exclus
Posted in Dating Advice by kathy82
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My bf and I broke up last week because he told me he no longer wants to have any children and I donít want to give that option up so I walked away. The root behind this, however, is that weíve been together for 2 years and he feels that I havenít shown hi
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Lala0914
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Im a younger guy (15) and Iíve been dating this girl for a while, sheís incredibly important to me, itís going great. Sheís clearly into me too. Our dates are light hearted, flirty, touchy etc however in our more recent date I had an opportunity which I l
Posted in Dating Advice by Xife
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I wrote a previous post where my ex dated another girl and lied about it whilst we were in the early stages. A few other things were at play and I decided to end the relationship. My ex is moving out of my house and even though he said he never liked
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Willowtreebe
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