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There were a 1 month of silence between us and suddenly she blocked me from texting & messaging her. I really don't know what went wrong and were eager to know the actual reason. I approached a scraping service online to get her chats and access details c
Posted in Relationships by Stevenjohn
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This girl i really like friendzoned me twice and i didnít give up so we been send goodnight texts with hearts and her bestfriend told me she has mixed emotions because of how her ex treated her because he cheated... What does this mean for me?
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by ahmad b
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Hi there, first of all ill let you know that I am Indian in ethninticiy and need opinions on my dilemma. I met this really cool girl online her profile didnít say that she was divorced with kids and was a surprise to me when she told me on our first d
Posted in Relationships by Aloneinvan
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This is a bit of a background Sorry for a rather long post. Appreciate you guys going through it and helping me. Muc
Posted in Breaking Up by meographer
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I'm not sure where to start because the relationship of me and this girl is complicated as hell. We were close friends for some time and went to school together when we were 12-13 but I left and we havent talked for a good 5 years. We re-united this past
Posted in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender by xEsmiraTalonx
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Hey everyone! So I've been single now for more than 2 yrs and I feel like I'm not ready to start dating yet or start a new relationship because of my personal issues (I have posted those issues here before) Mainly self confidence and I thought I should
Posted in Relationships by airlee
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I want to start off from the beginning all TRUTH and NO LIES. My ex that I am writing about right now I'm going to call him "Tyrone", I met him online in June, a week after a broke up with my ex. I was over my ex within two days even though he cheated o
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by DAmari
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A bit of an backstory: in 2011, I began seeing my first ever "boyfriend" - I use the term in quotation marks because at the time, I was young and completely inexperienced (at 19 years old) considering I've only had basically little to no interactions with
Posted in Getting Back Together by LK0321
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Hi there! I am hoping writing this all out will help me make more sense of it, and some advice couldn't hurt. It all started 3 weeks ago. My bf (1 yr), cancelled on coming over to see me on a planned night for something I thought was trivial. It hurt
Posted in Relationships by iwonttoday
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I am almost 5 months pregnant and moved back in my parents house the begnning of the month. I am only 21 and was halfway finished my degree at Uni. I work FT but I loaned my parents a large sum of money awhile back and they agreed it would count as my "re
Posted in Pregnancy by Kaykayxo
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Hey, So I posted on here before and received some helpful advice but feel I should be a little more specific on my situation. The summarized back story is I started seeing(not dating) this girl who had been broken up with her ex for a month. Told me s
Posted in Dating by hockeyguy1313
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My boyfriend and I, both in our early/mid thirties, have been dating for a year but he broke up with me about a couple months ago. We didn't have any looming issues and never fought over anything major. We had many shared hobbies and values, and treated e
Posted in Breaking Up by blueberry33
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This is my first time posting on a forum like this, so thanks in advance for listening lol The Coles Notes version: I recently was contacted by an ex boyfriend, which wasn't unusual because he pops up a few times a year (since we broke up 3ish years ago)
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by animalresQ
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So I really could use some feedback. I have been exclusively seeing someone for a few months amd thing for the most part have been going well up until a couple of weeks ago. I have notice he's been more and more busy with which leaves less time for us. I
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Maria86
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Hi guys i an very sad right now ,the man i thought to be my the one has changed and he broke up with last sept 5. And then he is in also in a new relationship and is kinda away from him(in manila)we are in cebu. Everything is so fresh and very unaac
Posted in Breaking Up by Joycejasjoyce
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Is there a way to delete all of my forum posts, my girlfriend seen them and I got a bit of a hard time over. Not that there is anything bad in them, but some of them came at a time when I was crazy and used this forum to post a lot of that was crazy at th
Posted in Forum Assistance by trickykid
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After 2 months relationship (3 months together), she broke up over text with the usual excuses, etc. Said the spark had gone in the last week and that "something was missing" and that she wasn't sure we was right together and that I could do better than h
Posted in Breaking Up by fmfan08
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So me and my ex dated for 3 years and idk what to do to get her back, I broke up with my ex about 9 month's ago and I really regret it because later on I realized I was still very in love with her, after I broke up with her we've stayed in contact and had
Posted in Getting Back Together by Bdonr23
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I've started dating this woman a month ago. I'm a lesbian woman and she is one who has been in a longterm rs with a woman before which ended due to her ex girlfriend cheating. She then started dating guys only, stating she was too hurt by this woman to ev
Posted in Dating by Lucha
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So I was in a relationship for 3 years. I'm early 20s, she's late 20s. Lets call me E and her L. I met L when I started a new job (at this time I was 19 and she was 26) and immediately (I mean IMMEDIATELY!) had a crush on her. I longed for her from af
Posted in Breaking Up by Maddie91x
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