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Hello all, i am new to this site and the first time i have asked for help regarding my relationship. If anyone can help me with advice and pure honestly i would really appreciate it. I have been with my now fianće for 8 years. We got engaged...
Posted in Relationship Advice by kad03ink
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Hi guys, I'm making this post because I need to hear your opinions,experiences and your stories about similar cases. Any advice would be helpful So long story short, at Christmas holidays I met a girl in a common friends house. There was chemistry...
Posted in Dating Advice by Heisenberg09
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Iím always pleased by my man and our sexual activities but he never seems to look at me in the face. He claims itís because heíll cum quicker is that true or am I ugly to him that he just doesnít want to look at me?
Posted in Sex and Romance by H0neyLov3
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Hi all, So my story is that I was in a relationship for 6 years which I believed to be a mutually satisfying and happy one. We were best friends as well as lovers/partners and hugely compatible together. We were living together and bought our...
Posted in Infidelity by Donna85
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Hi guys.. soo my colleagues and I went to celebrate my 29th bday 2 weeks ago. One of my colleague was meeting with our boss and I guess he told him that evryone was gathered for my bday party! So my boss called me to wish me Happy Bday. He invited...
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Sriaz24
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Hi my girlfriend of 20 years dumped me by txt. we didn't live together as this suited us both (both in our early 50,s). Any we we have a caravan together and she txt me telling me she was a bit unwell and for me to go get it ready and she would be up...
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by steadygut
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My ex dumped me about a year ago and got into a relationship a couple of months later, it is their one year in a few days. I know he is emotionally immature but I still canít seem to get over him and what we had! What bothers me most is how...
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Ash12345
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Iíve been dating this guy for almost three months. I love spending time with him and and he is great....except he never initiates seeing me. We talk everyday, heís normally the one to reach out...calls, texts, phone calls...but never contacts me...
Posted in Dating Advice by BadBroccoli
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This is not something I take lightly and I have considered it alot over the years but I donít know what to do anymore. I am 33 yrs old and my relationship with my mother is unhealthy. It always has been but Iím tired of apologizing just to fix...
Posted in Parenting and Families by Something87
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I messed with this guy(heís 33, Iím 30) from July to November. we went on one date and he got comfortable And we were doing just Netflix and chill. Iíll spend the night once every two weeks, We text every 2-3 days.he insisted on only texting....
Posted in Dating Advice by Lightiron
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Iíve been dating my boyfriend for about a year and a half. Iím 18 and heís 19. A few months ago, I found out my boyfriend was lying to me about where he was going for a month straight, and I was to naive to even notice. He had told me he was...
Posted in Relationship Advice by brookieeeeb
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I met this girl online and we exchanged a few messages and then went onto Whatsapp. She was very chatty from the start, long messages etc. and we seemed to have a fair few things in common. We had two phone calls as well which were over 2 hours...
Posted in Dating Advice by ignite
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My girlfriend and I have been dating for a little more than 5 months now. Things are going absolutely wonderful. Thereís a great balance in almost all aspects Ė commitment, values, interests, maturity, etc., and weíre so glad that...
Posted in Relationship Advice by CuriousOwl
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I need some advice dealing with a girl I like. I haven't dealt with someone like this before and I am not the most experienced when it comes to having 'game' with girls I like. 6 months ago, a girl who I've known for a while, started talking with me....
Posted in Dating Advice by ajandy32
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I went through a lot of trauma in life and learned very early on that my thoughts, feelings and opinions don't matter. To this day, it's hard for me to open up to people and to speak up when necessary. This has been causing problems in my...
Posted in Personal Growth by kathyb
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Alright I would really like to know what YOU would do if you were in my situation. It's driving me bonkers and I feel like I have been overthinking it so much that I can't even see the situation clearly anymore. A fresh perspective would really help...
Posted in Dating Advice by grsandy
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Ok, Iím going to be as upfront and genuine as I can about this. Before I explain my situation I ask anyone who responds to do one thing before you respond just take a moment to think... *what if was me in this situation* I have been with my...
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Maxy
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hi people this is going to be long but i really need help so my taurus guy approached me when i was already taken he was aware of that but i didnt paid any attention to his flirtings afterwards he started following me everywhere and all that sensul...
Posted in Love Advice by shanayajo
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Hi Around mid November my best friends wife set me up with a work colleague for a group date. Since then we dated 4 times just the two of us, when I asked if sheíd like to do something she said she wasnít sure and that she really liked me and...
Posted in Getting Back Together by Paul135
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I am just wondering is it cheating if I was seeing this girl for 7 weeks before my J1 in Santa Monica. I told her I wouldn't get with anyone but we weren't in a official relationship. While over there I slept with one girl towards the end.?
Posted in Finding Love and Soulmate by Rubia
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