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I've been in a relationship with my SO for almost a whole year now. We've said I Love you and i really thought he meant it. His actions cemented the idea that he reciprocated the feelings I have for him. Now hes changed. He told me he doesnt love me and n
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by PerfectMoron
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So I asked for some advice a couple of days ago about how to heal properly from a long term breakup, and while I wanted to get over her and it, going NC, trying to build healthy habits, work on myself, do things I enjoy, all of it, there was a thought in
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by theostix
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So I am pretty good at handling situations and reading them with my GF but I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced anything similar. I have been seeing my GF for 8 months, we have a good sex life and get along most of the time. She is very sens
Posted in Dating Advice by jjt
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Hi everyone, My mind is a bit scattered so I'm hoping all this makes sense. I've been with my boyfriend for about 3.5 years now. I'm 25 and he is 32. Everything is going well, but I'm starting to feel a bit drained, sad, and lonely. Like most relations
Posted in Relationship Advice by KatesTalk
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Recently my gf of two years we were pretty damn serious mom just died April 29th... for two months she has been grieving but we were together I did anything and everything I could to help her pain in anyway possible. On July second two days before the 4th
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Joeriordan2
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How can i stop being jealous for no reason. Please help
Posted in Jealousy by denniscalica
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I'm a 43 year old woman who is just over 5 weeks pregnant. My partner does not want this child. I have no children. If I have the child then my 11 year old relationship will be over. My partner will have to remortgage and buy me out of the house. I'll
Posted in Relationship Advice by iamjustme
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It's a lot less complicated than I make it seem but I left my mark and now there is no way back to her unless I show up by surprise next wednessday. Nobody can know about it or else my next move will be exposed and I will be held back by the higher power.
Posted in Dating Advice by Jonagoldappl
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It seems like I have struggled with self esteem forever, as long as I can remember (I am 24/F). I remember feeling low self worth since I was 4 years old. I always feel like I do not measure up. It's difficult to make friends or form solid connections bec
Posted in Personal Growth by LivC95
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New thread. A few weeks ago I posted about the woman I dated for half a year, who had relapsed into alcohol abuse and became a completely different person. She went from sweet, compassionate girlfriend to almost pure evil, constantly engaging in sarcastic
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Lucha
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Hello It is a long story and I will try to keep it brief. I brought up three children as a single parent when my marriage broke down many years ago. My parents (living a half a mile down the road from me) were absolutely brilliant and a great suppor
Posted in Parenting and Families by unpaidcarer
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Well it happened. The thing i had been dreading, the breakup. We had spent a little over 2 years together, I thought she was the love of my life but alas here I am. We had been through so much together, her spending time in the hospital and me visitin
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by theostix
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How normal is this? I literally dont feel like doing anything, if no one's looking. Working alone is a horrifying thought for me. I know some people are naturally driven to go to e.g. gym, I'm motivated by the result, for example getting the looks on a s
Posted in Personal Growth by m.d.
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Iím new to this forum and could really use some advice about leaving my job. Iím feeling a lot of guilt for wanting to give up and would like to know everyoneís thoughts on my situation. I am in a situation now that many would envy: I've got more job se
Posted in Career, Money and Education by SaraJane99
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Ok so I met somebody on holiday who lives in a different country than me. Ever since I got back home we text and FaceTimed everyday. I made the decision to fly out and see him and it was great at first, greeted me with flowers and a kiss, he was holding m
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Hollsmaur
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The short of it is, after about 2 months of not having a car due to an accident my SO finally told me his license was suspended because he had unpaid tickets. He lied initially, telling me that the cop forgot to give it back and was mailing it to the hous
Posted in Relationship Advice by El0t
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... and its making me ill. I practically quit months a go, getting more and more infrequent due to bad headaches. I had a bad headache after smoking 10 days a go and I said... thats it! I have told my friends it makes me ill and 2nd hand smoke is ma
Posted in Friendship and Friends by flatsquirrel
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Hello All, I need some clarity and i hope i can find it here. Me and my ex girlfriend have been broken up for 5 years but the last 3 1/2 years shes been reaching out to me. She says shes been thinking about me. Keep in mind she dumped me thinking I cheate
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by Chosen1022
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I married very fast and my husband was meant to come to England. It turns out that he is now going to prison. I told him as a wife I would stick by him as I lovd him. He says I'm stupid and hates me even though I have done nothing wrong that i can think o
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Angelina80
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My ex boyfriend and I decided to try again after a 8 month split. During that time he dated a girl from his home town who still lives there. He said it was over and I believed it although I checked both their social media account just to see what was goin
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by natashalashay
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