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Hi Iam new to this forum but just looking for a little advice. I have been in a long term relationship for 15 years we have two kids. My husband can be difficult at times. He can be very controlling however I have always stood up to him on that poin
Posted in Abuse and Violence by Keylee
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So I was dating my boyfriend for 3 months. I know it sounds like a short amount of time to feel this way, but I was absolutely crazy about him. I was very in love and very happy. He broke up with me out of nowhere, I did not see it coming at all. I really
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by sammy1592
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Hello Here is my situation hopefully you can shed some light. Been in a relationship for the last 2 years with my BF. Of course Valentine's Day just pasted and the previous year we exchanged presents. But this year he shows up with nothing. I have to
Posted in Relationship Advice by confusedmee
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Hi everyone. Ive been dating someone for about year and half. We both had some family issues in the past and because of that its not always easy for us to built good relationships. However about this i feel good, we like each other and are helping each ot
Posted in Relationship Advice by RandomTess
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Iím new to this forum. Iíve sought it out because Iím looking for answers and understanding. Iíve had this situation develop over the past year where a young female has supposedly had a big crush on me. For background, I am a 23 year old male and she is
Posted in Relationship Advice by landonkoon1
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Hi all, I consider myself a spiritual person and have been in different meditation groups following a certain teacher for a number of years. I've noticed a pattern of falling into deep crushes with guys in these groups, some single, some not. But in al
Posted in Finding Love and Soulmate by Laluna14
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Backstory, I've been married for 13 years now, but we are separated. I'm 35 and have two kids. So, a few weeks ago, I reconnected with an ex, who was also one of my best friends. I found him on Facebook and messaged him. I hadn't talked to him in 13
Posted in Dating and Shy People by JandJMom
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Hello all, I am new here and hopefully I am posting this on the right forum. I also apologize for the long post ahead, but I hope someone can help me. What trigged my question above, actually happened just two days ago but requires the following conte
Posted in Personal Growth by ravioli
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Meet a man about a month ago started talking then meet, the date went fine, he messaged me about half an hour after asking when we could meet again. Next day, didnt message much, i made a comment about it not being a good sign he said im just busy i repli
Posted in Dating Advice by Joanne1985
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At the beginning I would like to say that I have read several entries from other users and compared to those entries, mine may be a little unusual, but I note that this is a serious question, not any trolling. I'm really looking for advice. We met in a
Posted in Long-Distance Relationships by lenitto
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So I matched with a guy on tinder in October a few days before. Weíve been texting everyday but we havenít met up yet. We finally set a date to meet up in a few weeks.Last week, he told me he met up with a girl from hinge and got dinner and drinks with he
Posted in Dating Advice by Jnc1207
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I've worked with my boss for 9 months. I'm a 24 yo lady and he's around 43 (divorced with 2 kids). Ever since day 1 there has been sexual tension between us. He is nice, handsome, sexy and very understating (I've always had a crush on him, and I'm sure
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by four
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I have a constant need to be doing something productive or something that I like to do for fun. If Iím not doing something, I feel stressed and depressed, like Iím wasting my life and time away. I can never decide what I want to do which makes it ev
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by MTfan00
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Three weeks ago, I broke up with my boyfriend. We were together for a year and a half. For the most part, our relationship was good and healthy. We both struggle with mental illness and it's a weird time in our lives where we are trying to work with that
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by hda1234
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I am wondering how I could improve my public speaking? Before I give a public speech, I imagine myself speaking dynamically with great inflection, but when I actually speak, it comes out boring. How can I fix this? Does anyone have any tips on dynamic
Posted in Personal Growth by iKokomo
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A girl and I met this year. We hung out and hooked up pretty frequently. We agreed to be 'friends with benefits'. We never established any boundaries, but i assumed we were both on the same page. her and I ended up talking all day, every day. Getting to k
Posted in Dating Advice by ajanderson32
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This will end up being kinda long but I will try shorten as much as I can My ex met this guy back in February 2017, lets call him Guy 1. He was in a relationship at the time and it was nothing but casual friends who had mutuals and that's a
Posted in Relationship Advice by JohnJ786
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Hello. I am straight and over the decades, I have had an easier time / better time / feel more comfortable taking my lesbian girlfriends out; girl friends w/ boyfriends; or a married women out on dates ('date' as in a date is set for a one-on-one activ
Posted in Dating Advice by gtdeserted
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Well I dont know where to start here? Met a girl over 4yrs ago who I knew had issues but I guess they have escalated over time. It started with me dropping all female friends because of her insecurities yet she can flirt with multiple Male friends on fac
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Gingerdil
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Finding this site has been a godsend... Like seriously. So much great advice in here. Anyway, I couldn't really find a forum that matches my issue, but "Breaking Up Advice" seemed to be the closest. I'm 43, been married 24 years and separated almost
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by iansecure
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