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My now ex girlfriend falsely claims that Iím a racist. Were both white. We got into an argument on what to call blacks. She insisted on African American and I said black. Iím right because not all blacks are from Africa. She then got angrier when I s
Posted in Dating by FredFlintstone
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Been dating for almost two years. When we first met, he was and still is a wonderful and very attractive person, back then he was so outgoing, so was I. Now, when weíre together itís just filled with silence, and I hate it. I keep bringing it with him
Posted in Breaking Up by TINAwar
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Do you find swearing unattractive in a partner? (To clarify, I'm not talking about swearing AT someone, but just using profanity in their presence) How would you feel if a significant other asked you to stop swearing? Would you feel resentful? Judged? "
Posted in Dating by BlueEternity
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So, there's this girl I have a crush on at the moment. We've been talking for yonks, on whatsapp which she uses for "fam and stuff." She's been sending me selfies of her , asking for my advice on things in her life, sending YouTube music she likes, song l
Posted in Dating by DarthC00kie
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I've been overall seeing my boyfriend for two-three years, but we made it official five months ago. I've always known he was shy and that's just who he is, but this is starting to get on my nerves. He never, not once, has complimented me. I can't tell any
Posted in Dating and Shy People by doglover0303
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I was wondering if anyone could shed dine light on a lighthearted situation. As I am ever so awful at reading things. So, I work in a retail store. Whilst training I met a supplier and we had a great training day, laughed and chatted so much. He gav
Posted in Dating by Redfox1877
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So my ex of 5 years and I recently broke up, we have a 3 year old child together, after 3 weeks apart she decided to sleep with a coworker and start a relation ship with this guy, the reason for our break up was due to my excessive drinking, and sometimes
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by Onelife721
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Hi everyone! Usually I go to my friends with my relationship problems but this time the problem has to do with them. My boyfriend told me he refuses to hang out with my friends ever again and that he hates them. When I asked him why he said that he simp
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by ailime
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I went my first date a few days ago since a heartbreaking and scarring breakup last year, the date was short and super simple, but I think we covered a lot of ground. He and I both expressed interest in more dates and things we can do. Now ever since that
Posted in Dating by Dimka
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My husband and I have been together for ten years (married for 1.5). I am a SAHM, and he is the breadwinner. We have an eight year old, and a three year old. We've got our problems, but a pretty nice life. He recently crushed my soul with one strange c
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by mountainmomma
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Iím a 25 year old female and my insecurities and emotions are overwhelming. My anger gets the best of me and so does my sadness. Itís ruined a relationship with a man I deeply love and care about. I react out of jealousy. I scream. I hit. I yell and I acc
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by enic1192
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im in a sticky situation, my ex gf and i sat in a car for a couple of hours confessing how we still love each other and how we miss each other. she is talking to this guy named micheal and im talking to this girl named savannah, and i really like her bec
Posted in Dating by TristenSC
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So I have noticed something interesting about myself since being in my new relationship (a little over three months). After being so independent for YEARS, and preaching about the importance of "taking space," I am suddenly feeling like I am too depend
Posted in Relationships by katrina1980
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I have been seeing this guy for a yr. Recently we had some issues because I felt like he wasnít putting in the best effort. He said he was upset because I didnít spend the holidays with him so I feel like I should make it up to him. He says he loves me a
Posted in Dating by kbaby24
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How do I get through this break up... My ex said it was over in Sept....we tried to stay in the house and coparent but it couldn't be done. She moved out a mile away Jan 1st. We have 18m daughter.... Now I work a 48hr shift Friday and sat... So I
Posted in Breaking Up by Nsomnia901
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It's been almost a year since my ex broke up with me, and not a day has gone by that I haven't thought of her. I've always suffered from severe depression, anxiety, and loneliness. When I met her everything changed, for the first time in my life I felt li
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by donkeys
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I met him in 2012.. we were good friends who shared good conversation.. he told me e wanted to be with me.. here we are January 2018 and I'm very confused. I know that it's my fault he left.. I told him to leave.. I didn't mean it and I think subconscious
Posted in Breaking Up by Toshiana89
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I met a girl I liked and we've been on two dates already. The problem is that her bf has broken up with her recently (for 2nd or 3rd time, they'd been together for 4 years) and they are still living together because she is looking for a roommate to live w
Posted in Dating by bbogdanov
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Hello all, I'm wondering if you lovely people at eNotAlone can advise. I'm recently back on the dating scene, and I'll be honest, I'm not fantastic at it! Anyway, I went on a first date with a guy who I met online. He was pleasant, friendly, the da
Posted in Dating by fuze
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i have been with this girl for about two years and we ended it yesterday due to the fact that I got mad literally that she was walking with another guy and it wasnr even a guy it was a . I got mad and cussed her out. i realized my mistake and asked for fo
Posted in Breaking Up by sadboi
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