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So me and this guy have been talking but we arent official. He lives in another state. We both really like each other. Hes only ever had flings, hes never had a relationship before because he has told me that hes 'scared to commit'. But he did tell...
Posted in Dating Advice by Snoo34325
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I met Liz when I was looking for a personal trainer at a gym nearby back in 2015. She was spry, full of enthusiasm and sweet as can be! Through our talks and sessions, I learned a lot about her. We became close friends. She helped me shed 50 pounds...
Posted in Grief Loss and Bereavement by limichelle
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I have been hooking up with a friend of mine for the past two months. We were already good friends before we started sleeping together. Yesterday he joked and said that he never put any effort in the sex. I was quite hurt by that and started to ask...
Posted in Sex and Romance by Nathalie91
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It's so embarrassing to have a 100% failure rate in romance at 50. I'm the guy who everybody loves, but "not in that way." Except for dozens of one-night-stands, I have lived a life without sex or intimacy. Especially difficult, as my folks...
Posted in Sex and Romance by jsWAY
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Hey guys Just after an opinion of what could be going on? What I should do? Just be honest with me as Im very confused by it all. Note Ive not messaged or reached out in any way shape or form since my last message. Here are the details ...
Posted in Dating Advice by nozaanator
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My wife is in rehab for alcohol recovery and I really miss her.
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by gigginstick
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My girlfriend and I have been in a serious relationship for about 4 years. Im 26 and shes 34. We both make a good income and feel like we are ready to get married and start a family. My family and friends have been driving me insane trying to...
Posted in Age Gap Relationships by Adoor
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Hi All, thanks for reading. I have been with my girlfriend for 4 years. We are engaged to be married next year and have just bought our dream house together. I get on ok with her mother but i am struggling to hide how much i dislike her from my...
Posted in Relationship Advice by luvedup
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Well I recently went a bit ape on facebook about some of friends, my friend's fiancee in particular, about ongoing political posts that keep coming up. Just fed up of it. Well I have now came off Facebook. Now it seems the fiancee has taken the...
Posted in Friendship and Friends by CrazyWife
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Hi, At work im in a situation with a colleague (and to be honest I really like her), I wouldnt say conflict (yet). A week or so back, I heared her tell other coworkers she despises/hates me by coincidence as I was walking past a room where she was...
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by ppan86193
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Hello, I've had two close online writing buddies in the very small fandom I have belonged to since 2017. The first one really brought me down in a lot of ways, and randomly stopped talking to me a while back for no reason, and so I suppose good...
Posted in Friendship and Friends by catscoffee
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I think I've posted before about how my friend is in an ultimately bad relationship, despite how much she says "he's changed" (somehow he miraculously changed from a narcissitic, manipulative in 3 weeks) I just have this awful gut-sinking feeling...
Posted in Friendship and Friends by youngnotdumb
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So I have been hooking up with this guy since April. At first, we were just well, a hook up. We didn't really care about each other's lives on the outside of that. But as time went on, I guess we kind of developed a friendship. He told me he's felt...
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by confused198828
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19 / Female / 154cm / 48kg Medications: venlafaxine 75mg and nexplanon Haven't smoked since sickness started last Wednesday, planning to stop I was bedridden for 5 days in high fever and unable to eat anything solid, now I haven't had fever for...
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by umiedotre9
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I'm traveling to Zurich, Interlaken and Geneva and I was hoping for some advice on a few things. I'm coming from the United States, and have been doing some research and just want to verify some things. So I have heard the train cost is 0.08 CHF...
Posted in Travel and Cultures by relindwto6
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I don't know what to do. During lockdown my boyfriend and I were separate and doing great. We talked together on a daily basis, we did virtual movies, etc. He even spoke of experimenting with my moving in. I was so excited and a little panicked...
Posted in Relationship Advice by Kden
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We have been "together" since November of last year, officially since February and of course with the pandemic went 3 months without seeing each other properly, we had a few social distance walks after the 3 month period and can now see each other...
Posted in Relationship Advice by RKO
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I have been devastated for a month plus now. the girl I have known since 2009 broke up with me May 2020 for the 3rd time and same pattern. All she kept saying is religion differences and we have been together all this while. Now she came up with it...
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Temi88
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Things have been more tense than ever lately. It was never really a problem before a few months ago, but with the arrival of covid-19, me losing my job, changes at his that make him hate it, and me having a lot more free time.. is causing a lot of...
Posted in Relationship Advice by quark
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My husband and I recently moved back to the US. We are ready to start a family and the plan is for me to stay at home with the baby once that happens (not forever but longer than the American 12 unpaid weeks). I am currently agonizing over looking...
Posted in Career, Money and Education by Waterloo
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