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Honestly just looking for new friends (girls) who are going through the same situation I am from my previous post it just relationship problems just in general. Message me and we can talk through or I can give you my phone number. Just need a friend.
Posted in Conversational Tips by hdanielle
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Hi. I'm not quiet sure how this work. I've reached a point where I'm so desperate to get help. I've been in a 2 years relationship with my ex. It was a very emotional draining experience however due to my love for my ex I tried my best to make things work
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by oldskwl lover
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My wife told me she is realizing that she is gay and she has a crush on her gay female friend. we are married almost 3 years. the marriage was an arrangement at the beginning. After we got married we fell in love with each other. Our relationship been on
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by Andrei Monday
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I will just list what I know and have been through. 1- tells blatant lies and wont be challenged on them or ever admit to the lie, (weekly occurrence) 2 -during a fall out will not stop texting sympathy messages until other person(me) gives in.. if
Posted in Abuse and Violence by LondonMan33
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Hello again everyone, This website helped me get through a real tough & toxic relationship back in high school. Since then, I met a really great girl and everything was great... until the last couple weeks. We were together for 5yrs, started 12/21/2011
Posted in Breaking Up by LonelyJedi
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I've personally always thought that breaks are just a way to break up with the other person more gently and I've never really understood them. But now I'm re-evaluating my position since I'm in a situation where I'm thinking this option. I've been in a
Posted in Relationships by Rezie
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Okay so we got together after meeting in work at an autoparts store where I work part time. We've been together for 15 months now. In August last year his mum kicked him out so he moved into my flat. Living and working together was a nightmare, he would n
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Casper1039
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Hi, four months into a relationship. exclusive (he said it a few weeks ago, not me). and i come back from a trip, we plan on seeing each other tuesday. tuesday rolls along 2 hours prior texts to say he forgot he made other plans - had rsvpd for an event
Posted in Dating by fabact
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Me again. I post here a couple days ago. I broke off ties with my ex after I saw him kissing another woman. He had told me" the day I call you a few times and you do not reply I will know you are not interested and I will call one of my raining day ladies
Posted in Relationships by AS5835
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Long story short.... I'm an Indian guy. we were in deep loving relationship since last 4 years. We were very close and in love. I paid for her education, helped her get job and sacrificed everything for her. Now she is gone to other city for job since las
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by forbidden
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Hi everyone, So I was recently informed about my partners previous sex life and it effected the relationship massively at first but I feel as though it has now been resolved (to a certain extent). She has told me that she has never had sex before bu
Posted in Relationships by ANewPerson123
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My boyfriend and I have been together just over a year: he is unhappy that I was speaking to another man however who has been my friend since before our relationship began: Because of this, he has said our relationship is not over, however he has asked
Posted in Breaking Up by Livanich
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Dear ENA, I have been lurking on ENA and decided to post for advice today. Advance apology for the wall of text! My (Ex-)BF has been together for 1y2m before he decided to call things off. When we started out, he was really fresh out of a tiring lo
Posted in Breaking Up by socallmesue
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Hello, my name is Richard I recently met this girl through mutual friends that moved back to my state after a few years after breaking up with her boyfriend. I would say after 2 weeks of her being back in town we started talking through texts and one nigh
Posted in Dating by Newhampshire
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Two months of NC from 1.5 years of relationship with a girl (she broke it off). I don't usually get drunk but it happened, guess sometimes this gets the best of us. I drunk dialed and texted (I know, how stupid of me). She was out drinking with frien
Posted in Breaking Up by foofightingguy
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This sounds crazy but I literally think my man pays me the most attention when I'm being rude. It makes no sense. Whenever I don't answer his calls for awhile, or brush him off, he will be super loving, over the top compared to usual. Not to say he doesn'
Posted in Relationships by Kaykayxo
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All of a sudden after 7 years my husband is saying he doesn't like certain things. For example he told me he doesn't like my perfume that ive worn the whole relationship and he doesnt like the way I dress all of a sudden. What the heck? He's started work
Posted in Relationships by Mizzbachmeier
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It's been about 2 months since the break up. She was the one that ended it. I was blindsided and incredibly hurt, I wanted nothing more than for her to come back. The first month was just a cycle of me being, sad, angry, hopeful that she would come back,
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by PLane1375
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Ok, new guy here and an older gentleman ( 48 ) . Never been married but have been in a few relationships. Last two kinda put me off the whole dating scene. Met both women online and they turned out to have severe emotional problems. One was diagnosed wi
Posted in Dating and Shy People by blueirisheyes
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:sorrow: Hi everyone! I need your opinions based on a situation today since I never been through this situation before. My employer (Staffing Agency) notified me during the afternoon regarding a reduce pay/pay cut due to the client is decreasing
Posted in Career, Money and Education by The_Seeker
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