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My ex and I had an explosive fight. We were in a funk and it snowballed into a very bad argument. We insulted each other. It was the first time that ever happened and we had been dating for five months. I probably said worse things go her, but she sai
Posted in Getting Back Together by Johndoe123123
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Hey there, Almost exactly a year ago, my ex and I split up our 4 year relationship. We were both 20, and the breakup was rough, but fairly hospitable, and we're quite civil to each other now. We had a great relationship, but we ended it because we slow
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by Seal the Cat
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Ok, so I met my ex girlfriend back in 2015 and everything was going awesome as they do.. living together etc until mid 2016 when we broke up after a silly thing. Now sheís 6 years older than me and she will be 30 in a few months, she decided that she want
Posted in Getting Back Together by Zerocool
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Ok hope this all makes sense , I met a girl about a year ago ,we dated but then as I suffer from depression I didnít feel in the right frame of mind for a relationship so we agreed to be friends ,we became very close and she told me she was in love with m
Posted in Relationships by dez212
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Alright guys, Im confused and I don't know who else to ask these kind of things.. Her past: had a bf, broke up with her, so she went on a sex rampage with like 10 guys until she met me for the same reason until.. Im with a girl for half a year. We sta
Posted in Infidelity by okayu
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This is gonna be long. Bear with me. It has been a rough month for me. I got taken off of benzos, and haven't been able to physically work for a month. Just started putting job applications in again. Also, me being ill ruined the dynamic I had with my e
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by UpFromHere
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I broke up with my boyfriend of 7 months 2 weeks ago. Iím in a weird situation and am really confused. Hoping to get some advice and comments from different perspectives as I am lost. I am kind of more masculine than feminine. I donít show much emotion
Posted in Getting Back Together by Confused520
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Hi, have a thread elsewhere regarding the relationship/break up so i'll keep it brief. 4 weeks ago asked her to stop contacting me and apart from asking her to come get her things, which she did, haven't spoken. Got a message from her a week ago saying
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Chief85
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My girlfriend and I have had a long bumpy relationship. We've been on and off for almost 7yrs... long story. But things changed about three years ago. She wanted to move in so I agreed. I still wasn't ready but thought it was the right move. Not long afte
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Tjed
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There is this girl I used to be friends with for two years. We were like sisters. We go everywhere together and stuff. But at some point we started doing our thing and started growing apart. And I always have to intiate our inteactions. But ee were fine t
Posted in Breaking Up by selamt
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Picture of me at work at my desk in my dress clothes? I figured I would show that I am employed by posting a pic of me at work but it looks like the pics of me outside and traveling with dress down clothes get more attention Get rid of the office pi
Posted in Dating by moneymkt
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My boyfriend and I broke up a few days ago after being together 8 months. Things hadn't been going so well the last month and a bit. During the relationship he had lied to me twice. There was love of course but he wasn't much into communicating when their
Posted in Breaking Up by Stephy2016
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I met this guy at my gym earlier this year through a mutual friend. We hit it off immediately and started rock climbing once a week together (because you need a partner to belay you, right?), then it escalated to working out together 2-3/week for the last
Posted in Friendship and Friends by sksksk
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I can't eat or sleep and don't have friends. I don't know how to deal with thoughts. I need therapy. Should I think about her and what's bothering me? Or should I block the thoughts? This pain can't be normal. I'm fully disfunctiobal.
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by johnnydrama1
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Hey been single for 16 years terrible I know im 32 so no adult relationship have massive confidence problems all the rest of it spent like 4 years going on dating sites just looking and not texting anyone eventually recently I thought what the h
Posted in Dating and Shy People by robble85
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Ok without giving too much of a back story here goes There was a young lady i use to talk to in october of 2015. We met by way of mom. She gave my mom her # to give to me. We vibed but the only thing was nothing came to fruition due to me getting serio
Posted in Dating by deeski
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So after about a year of no dating, I decided to venture back out into the online dating world. Iím not good at this. I wish I could meet someone for a first date and there not be pressure for sex. I wasnít being overly flirtatious or anything to give tha
Posted in Dating by nienne
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Ok so my ex and I have been broken up for just under 2 months. We were in a LDR and after I went out there to visit things have been better but were not back together and she said we could start back dating to see where things go. Her bday is next month a
Posted in Getting Back Together by kbwilson
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Received my student evaluations for the end of my first term as a lecturer. It wasnít an ego boost thatís for sure: Iím too quiet (which I knew would come up because Iím lecturing in a room with no microphone). My lectures are boring and have a lack of
Posted in Career, Money and Education by butterfly45
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I have decided to write on this forum because I have held my feelings in for too long now and need someone to speak to it about. Me and my girlfriend have been together for a year and a half now, but we liked each other for a year before that and I ha
Posted in Infidelity by ynight4
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