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First of all, thank you to anyone who reads my post and takes the time to consider the problem. I think my girlfriend may be pushing me away due to stress. Just as a note, weíve been a couple for about 18 months. Currently, weíre apart due to our w
Posted in Relationship Communication by Well280
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So here's my situation: I met a girl online, and we immediately had a lot in common and started texting. Pretty soon, she was telling me she was into me, how I'm her dream guy, and wanted to be labeled as boyfriend/girlfriend. I must emphasize that this w
Posted in Relationship Commitment by jholmes93
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Hi guys, First of all, thank you very much for your support, as my girlfriend of 4 years recently dumped me reading through all your posts helps a lot in this depressed state of mind. As I said we were together for 4 years, living together for 3 year
Posted in Getting Back Together by Jack123456
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Boyfriend is very manipulative and I have been trying to work it out, because he does what is referred to as ďgaslightingĒ and he has made me feel itís always ďmy issueĒ even calls me psycho when I flip on him due to his disrespect My boyfriend has be
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Gymgirl71
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Hello I am seeking advice on how to proceed about my relationship with my ex and an issue that we have - notably how he handles social relationships, our presence as couple and the way he sets boundaries with friends. We were together 10 months. B
Posted in Getting Back Together by FluffBall
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Hello So, my case I guess is a little easier one in comparison with the others, but I still need some advice in order to know what to do next. So, I am 18 and my ex is 16. We are both in the same high school. We were in a relationship for about 3 months a
Posted in Getting Back Together by VladNicolae
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Hey folks, never really posted on one of these before but here it goes. About 14 months ago this girl from Australia and I were hanging out at the bar and we ended up kissing at one point. I left the bar to go home while she was still partying. Iím at hom
Posted in Relationships by Bigyort
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Hey, Trev here. This is going to by my first and long post, any tips and help is appreciated - let me start by saying that Iíve always been the shy guy and I have enormous commitment issues, my main priority has been to confirm myself since I need to work
Posted in Breaking Up by TrevJacobs
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I wanted to do a post in here after surviving 30 days NC. Just a little backstory (I posted the long version in the breaking up thread), basically my ex and I were together for 4 years, and lived together for 4 months before he broke it off. Ultimately
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by GettingThere89
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I feel that my boyfriend has held me back a lot in life. I am still young. I'm 23 and I feel that because of him I have been scared. I finally am standing up to him. He usually got angry when i went out with family or even went and did my hobbies. He got
Posted in Dating by Betstlo
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To give some back story, me and my guy have been dating for 2 years. It's been a little rocky and we recently decided to not see each other anymore. That lasted for all of like 3 days. We both missed each other because, well, we love each other. For a lit
Posted in Dating by jj347
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My girlfriend suddenly thought about her past. She also regreted that she should stop thinking about it. Because she is mature, she loves me a lot. So she doesn't want to think about it. But she yesterday just got memories back to her. I suggested her to
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by VinitJoshi
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I got caught up in my cheating ways. My girlfriend found out about a girl I was talking to on the side and I treated her not so good when she found out. I even told her to lose all contact with me, but she is a genuinely sweet girl. She goes to church wi
Posted in Dating by RayJay
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So when I met my ex girlfriend we worked at the same place for a few months. We were just friendly co-workers and due to this I got to know her personally in some capacity. I had a gf and she had a bf and at first it was just a friendly relationship. Abou
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by plaxicoward
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So, I teach, and also teach an afterschool program. Some of the teachers for the afterschool program come from different schools. One teacher is always 20-30 minutes late and itís a 45 minutes class. So, the kids have nowhere to go cuz the teacher isnít t
Posted in Personal Growth by fixyou_
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Three days ago I started talking to a guy from POF and right away we exchanged phone numbers! So for the past three days after he gets off work in the evenings we have talked for two and a half hours about anything and everything. Deep meaningful and wond
Posted in Dating by limichelle
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This is a bit of a confusing situation that i had. Me and my girlfriend broke up around 5 months ago.We were with each other for a year. See we are young and i am 2 years older than her. Her parents did not like the idea of me whatsoever, when we first go
Posted in Breaking Up by Randomguy20551
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Hi guys, My bf of almost two years texted me Sunday morning after ignoring me all night to tell me he thought we should take a break but he didnít say why. Then when I texted back and tried to get answers and call, I got nothing. So I didnít go to w
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Kkmart22
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Over the past several years myself and a coworker have been doing a similar job at different worksites. We see each other frequently at training and meetings. Iíve been in a long-term relationship the entire time; I donít think sheís currently involved wi
Posted in Friendship and Friends by Ridgewood
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Hi, I suffer from mild to moderate depression and moderate to severe anxiety. I am on medication (which has always worked very well until recently) and am in cognitive behavioural therapy about 6 weeks to try and overcome my issues so that I can come off
Posted in Personal Growth by thornz
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