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So to give the backstory my best friend (well call her Dana) and I have been friends since middle school and we are currently in our early 30s. She has been in a relationship for the past ten years and in a month will be married. I have been chronically
Posted in Friendship and Friends by skittles88
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Hi there, I'm all new here. English is not my native language, so please forgive any errors. I'm here because I need to share my story. Don't have friends, can't tell my sister or other relatives. I met my husband (were not married but I still c
Posted in Infidelity by Island
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Hi everyone, I'm not quite sure how to handle this situation or know if I'm too pushy or not assertive enough. I'm hoping some folks with more experience in this regard can give me some tips. I've been with my company for nearly 6 years (in December
Posted in Career, Money and Education by BecxyRex
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I've been in an "e relationship" with a woman for 8 months. Since she is 5000 miles away, we haven't met yet. We were very very close and open to each other. We said I love you and we kept each other happy. I messed up and snapchatted another girl and sav
Posted in Dating Advice by Joshua108759
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I recently tried to log in to my boyfriends facebook, and succeeded. I found out he hangs around with a load of people that are heavy drug users. He is clearly involved but when hes around me acts all inncoent and naive to drugs. I m very annoyed because
Posted in Relationship Advice by RosieD
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New partner is going away on a men only holiday. We have been seeing each other only 5 months but have a good thing established. He is fit and active but has been trying harder to get in shape for this vacation. It makes me feel uneasy as to why the incre
Posted in Dating Advice by Peanut450
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Met a girl about 9 months ago at a bar in Australia (I am Australian) Got her phone number from her friend, but only hung out once as mates, as she had a BF. Fast forward to 2 months ago, and she is back in England, and single. I am headed to england
Posted in Long-Distance Relationships by portrait
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I have deactivated all my accounts to focus as going through tough time recently, however... in doing so, has reduced anxiety a lot... i am reading more, less on my phone and in general happier and more content. I think when you are bombarded 24/7 with
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by flatsquirrel
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My boyfriend and I communicate differently and his preferred method of communication is always texting. I comply but cant always get a true feel for what is being conveyed...So he sends me a text after an argument first saying good afternoon I reply with
Posted in Conversational Tips by Nosocialmedi
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If it were up to my 12 year old, she would do nothing. And I'm just so sad that this is what she's turning into. She's always been the smartest in her class, she's super athletic, very outspoken and not afraid to tell people what she wants. She's what
Posted in Parenting and Families by JandJMom
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There's a boy I'm really interested in at school, but he's my friends ex boyfriend. He's super nice, intelligent and a really amazing person. He's been in the same schools as me since middle school and while we werent exactly friends, we had friends in co
Posted in Dating and Shy People by MeJu
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I have recently got back in touch with an old friend and things are now turning into a romance. When I last saw him I was in a relationship with one of his work colleagues which ended about 7 years old, however we have remained good friends so much so tha
Posted in Dating Advice by Sky89
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I can't find anyone I like at school nor can I seem to find any teen dating apps. What the freak do I do?
Posted in Cyber Relationships by Starwarsguy
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A few months ago, I broke up with my girlfriend of two years. She'd been increasingly hinting at commitment, and I'd begun pulling away. I'm terribly scared of being hurt and taken advantage of, and I put a lot of distance between us. Ultimately, I broke
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by biscuit2020
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I've officially been with my boyfriend for 4 months now but we dated a good while before then. Everything has been wonderful as it should be at the beginning but it appears the honeymoon period is well and truly over and the cracks are starting show. A go
Posted in Relationship Advice by Toriana
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Hi, as you know from the title, I've been having problems with my boyfriend. If I can even call him that anymore. I've asked help in other forums because I really need help. I'll start in the beginning. Five years ago I met him. We became best friends.
Posted in Relationship Advice by Erikaec
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hello. i recently broke up with my boyfriend. while living up at my dads, my dad has brought me down and put me into severe depression and so on. i met gabe (my ex) and he made me feel so much better. he made me feel like i wanted to live. we were very ve
Posted in Getting Back Together by skykitaa
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This story has stumped 2 different professional therapists so I'd like other peoples incite as to what I can do. To start, my ex always saw me as her dream guy matching everything she wanted in a partner and it was the same for me which is why I'm so conf
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by crownthx
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to keep it short, my spouse has been threatening divorce the last few months when a disagreement happens. to be fair, i realize we all say things we don't mean when angry but it's getting to the point where i don't want to hear that statement anymore unl
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by Purdy
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I have been with my wife for 9 years, married for 5, and we have two small children, aged 5 and 3. However I have been unhappy in the marriage for a long time and I feel like I want to end it with her. We get on well and in some ways I really enjoy our ti
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by jackhammer84
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