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This isnít a usual break up story but wasnít sure where to post it. Feeling totally rubbish and like a loser for even posting so please be gentle with me :( would appreciate any opinions or nice messages and sorry itís so long Basicslly I started work
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Reflective82
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We started our relationship as an open one, while we lived together, and over time we started to realize how much more we liked one another. Sometimes she would sleep with someone and I would be jealous for a day, and then it wouldn't matter, because we l
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by weaselgrater
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She is almost 84 and having a second mastectomy in August. She has breast cancer again after 25 years. My husband will be going down for a week to look after his dad who has Parkinsonís and dementia. I need to find a way to tell my son about his Nanny
Posted in Grief Loss and Bereavement by ~Seraphim ~
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Well this is my first post after reading so damn many. Just like Qwerty, I had met someone on an app back in 2014. Him and I became good buddies and quickly became drawn to each other, however, I kept my distance and my most personal info to myself. After
Posted in Dating Advice by Nottoday4
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So I was sleeping at my gfs place where she made a party next day. She joked that tonight I was sleeping there and the next day there would be a lot of guys sleeping. They all had also gfs there, but wasnt it little rude of her? She then told it was a jok
Posted in Relationship Advice by jkony
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My ex and I broke up 7 months ago, due to him feeling a loss of a spark. Most of everything thatís happened is written in previous posts. Iím home for thť summer now and whenever I see my ex, (for example when he comes into where Iím working), he brin
Posted in Getting Back Together by HollyHanes1
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Hey guys This may be a dumb and typical question but its bothering me and i dont have anyone in my personal life i can ask for help from. My boyfriend is in italy with his parents. Before he left he said he would try to talk to me if he could get wi
Posted in Relationship Advice by LizMaguire
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My boyfriend always invites his guy friends EVERYWHERE we go. It's either 1 guy friend or 5 of them all together (depending if they arnt working) but the 1 that's always around has the same days off as my bf. At first it didnt bother me when I first met t
Posted in Dating Advice by Sarah835
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So I started dating this guy in Feb. He has full custody of his son, and joint custody of his daughter on weekend. Since February, he started texting everyday for about 3 weeks straight. WE eventually went on our first date 3 weeks later and he asks me,
Posted in Trust and Relationships by mizlemon1986
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Hey guys. I need some help. So my ex and I were seeing each other for about 8 months before getting together. She broke up with me a week before our 1 year anniversary of being together officially. Her reason was that she didnít love me as much as she use
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by anon1122666
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Just learned ex bf of 7yrs now has a new gf after 2.5 months of our breakup. I wanted him and missed him so much. Devastated alone all I can think of his he wooing her as he did me. We were engaged ! Yes we had issues and broke up a few times but always
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Jenn3164
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I knew this girl for years online. Loved each other immensely, visited each other cross country when we could, the whole nine yards. We moved in and the spark was there for a few months but the area we lived together sparked a lot of negativity in both of
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Anonymous454
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Right so Iím not speaking to my ex cos I want to heal and move on, but am open to reconciling. But I saw him Thursday to pick my iPad up, then the guy text me saying Iíd left my lighter at his, then asked me if he could use my PayPal, then said Iím ignori
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by gigicarmx
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Hi all, It has been over a year since the breakup between me and my ex girlfriend and since the breakup I have not been able to bounce back from it at all. I've been trying my best not to focus on her and to get out of the house and keep myself occupi
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Randomguy20551
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Whenever I talk to or meet people who have never known me, they always go behind my back and talk bad about me. Not only that, but I am judged an awful lot. The judgement happens by girls who are younger than me or my own age. I am 19 by the way. I strong
Posted in Personal Growth by Heaz99
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In work I mess with everyone you know laughing taking the piss I never thought of it as flirting cause I'm the same with guys and girls. anyway long story short a girl that comes in regularly started smiling at me and laugh as I was joking around. so a
Posted in Dating and Shy People by moron86
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Just a little background, I've been with my fiancee' for 8 years, living together for 6 and have two children together. When we 1st met I was overweight however in my opinion I was still attractive despite the few extra pounds and kept myself up. A few y
Posted in Relationship Advice by ChrisE
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I'm part of an online group that started out as an exercise challenge, and has morphed into an ongoing group chat. Last year, one of the girls and I started getting closer, as she was going through some things that I'd been through (abuse, changing suppor
Posted in Friendship and Friends by tallydoo
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Just wondering where my responsibilities for her end. Weíve been back together for a year and a half, engaged, planning a move to Arkansas. But this has been a strange hitch for me, and a hard one on her, I get that. Right before I came back to work she g
Posted in Relationship Advice by Capttrae
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So, let me start by saying i have no experience in relationships of any kind. I really cant pick up social cues very well, or read body language or anything like that. I wouldnt be able to tell if a girl is flirting with me if my life depended on it, neit
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Rich162
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