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This is so hard to write, I know my feelings are not forever but I just canít get past how horrible everything feels. I donít want to do anything to myself, but I also donít care to be trapped in my crappy life anymore. If youíre inclined to read this, Ií
Posted in Suicide by RunningEmpty
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Hi - again... Back in May I made a post about being depressed at 20. It was about me being away for college, unhappy cause I had no friends and rarely saw my family. So, I transferred to college near my hometown. I live with my family, I have alot of
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Merissa
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Dear all, Could use some input on terrain that I'm realizing is somewhat new for me. I appreciate your time and willingness to sort through my rambling, as always. About three weeks ago my gf and I had the exclusive talk. As documented in my last
Posted in Relationship Advice by bluecastle
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I've been in a long-distance relationship with a guy for several months now. Things were great until maybe a month ago. He started being more distant and saying he felt depressed and unable to show me love the way he used to. I took that to mean his love
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by hhh
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The back story is my girlfriend and her bestfriend has had an history of of ruining their own relationships. Mainly because they would secretly mess around while they had relationships. My girlfriend was a single mother when I met her. She told me t
Posted in Getting Back Together by amanda88
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I've worked with this guy for many years. He's older than me, a single dad and a really good friend. I have always had a bit of an attraction to him and he think he feels the same way. Mainly because of the way he looks at me and smiles at me when he come
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Wonderstar1
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Earlier tonight I posted in a thread, about my dating / relationship experiences, since being divorced 4 years ago. At the end I stated I found a bizarre, almost twilight zone like dating site when compared with local sites. It had an unbelievable amoun
Posted in Finding Love and Soulmate by Matt0050
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Wow itís been so long since Iíve been on here but Iím going crazy! Need some advice maybe some calming methods So last night I found another girls shirt in my boyfriends room. It was inside out and by his dirty clothes pile which is close to his bed.
Posted in Trust and Relationships by BCC123
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My boyfriend and I have been together for almost five years, since we were 19 and 23. We've lived together almost as long. In that time we've both finished university degrees in creative fields and have both faced the challenge of turning them into career
Posted in Jealousy by Lindy3
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I have a fairly large crush on my Crossfit coach. He started offering me rides home since we live near eachother but hasnít ever advanced and actually started just going home and having me walk my way. We are both single, around the same age. I would say
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Anwa6620
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I started dating a man about 2 months ago and I just don't know what to do at this point. We went on a date and within a week we started spending practically all of our spare time together. He had been very upfront about the fact that he had a very long
Posted in Relationship Advice by KimK88
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Iíve been with my girlfriend for 10 months and she is sometimes controlling and tells me what I can and canít do, Iím usually very happy with her but I always feel like no matter what I do she will find a way to be upset by it, she doesnít like comprise a
Posted in Relationship Advice by gingerninja
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Alright so there's this girl that I really like and I feel as if she might like me back but she constantly hangs out with this guy who according to her are not dating. I mean she says that she goes to his house "to cuddle" and says that they've kissed but
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by JoshJackson
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Hey everyone So a bit of a complicated situation here involving love triangles and the like. About a few years ago I became close friends with these two girls, and we all became fairly close with eachother. Eventually it became so I developed a crush o
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Manonajourney
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Hi I'm not one to usually share my problems but I don't know what to do I feel depressed with it all I've been with my fiancee for 2 and half years and just recently we've brought a house together. I've left my home town and changed my job I've done ever
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Stupididoit
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So I don't go out much, and I have a two drink maximum rule for myself. Three at the most, and that's only if it's a long day of festivals or parades. I went to the Halloween parade this weekend, and after we went into the Quarter to see some music. I had
Posted in Personal Growth by shelby6811
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I know this may seem trivial compared to what others may be dealing with, but I still feel lost and would appreciate some input. I met my husband 9 years ago and though I was attracted to him, didn't consider him a potential partner because he was a s
Posted in Relationship Advice by IHM
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I've been working at this company for a month already and the work itself is tolerable. What annoys me are these creepy old men trying to flirt me. Not just old men but divorced fathers making me feel uncomfortable. Lately, I've been attracting old men ra
Posted in Career, Money and Education by Qwerty55
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Sorry this is so long. I have nobody to talk to about this stuff and it kills me to keep it inside. I am trapped in a terrible position. A little over a month ago I became involved with a girl from my work. I was in a relationship at the time and it
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by comegetsum
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My ex-girlfriend of a couple months has struggled with anxiety and depression for a long time now (I knew about this as we were friends for almost a year before getting together even though we both had feelings for eachother). We spent everyday togeth
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Throwaway125
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