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Well so i found out yesterday that my bf has been talking to a former friend (someone who betrayed me in a major way) behind my back about everything that has been happening between us ( i live with him) and also about my family issues.. all these things
Posted in Relationship Advice by Gloriousdays
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Heya! My boyfriend Mike and I have been together for just over a year, living together and both working full time. He works in a family business and im a front end developer. since we have been together he has always partied and drank alot. I didnt
Posted in Relationship Advice by anna8896
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Been together 1.2 yrs. She wants marriage and kids bad. Have worked so hard to learn to get to know each other and come this far and are very passionate. Currently on an international trip in a foreign country were speaks she speaks the language I spe
Posted in Dating Advice by Lion-Guy
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I've posted about my break up here a couple of months ago and got some great responses and advice, mainly around cutting her loose and moving on. To recap, we'd been together 4.5 years, split up about 10 weeks ago with her saying that she needed space bec
Posted in Getting Back Together by steveng
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So,I'm 17 and this year a boy came to my school(let's call him Jake) ,he and his family moved to my country. We've become really close from September but the last 2 months we realised we're more than friends.He is a very shy person so nothing really happe
Posted in Long-Distance Relationships by brooke12
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So my ex texted me yesterday attempting to have an emotional conversation with me. He texted me apologizing for being toxic for me and saying he has been crying a lot and cant seem to get over the guilt of hurting me as much as he did. He kept implying h
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by AlexSays
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Hi all, I am a 24 Male, went out with 24 Female I'd just like to get some opinions on how this went since it's not extremely common to come across someone that I really like, and I suppose that's for most people too. There is a girl that I went to h
Posted in Dating Advice by Braytc
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Sounds like a strange question I know. But I'm somehow left wonder if my rape was actually , rape. I should explain. So my best friend for about 6 years was "in love with me" . But throughout all these years , I made it very clear , I didnt want any relat
Posted in Abuse and Violence Resources by nahhhb
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Hello everyone, I hope all is well. I had class in uni with this guy since January and whenever I would walk in, I felt like I just knew him from somewhere and couldn't put my finger on it. I never got a chance to talk to him during class. H
Posted in Dating Advice by ocean6277
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My ex and I used to work for the same company (Im a flight attendant for a small regional airline), and that was where we met. We always talked about going to one of the bigger airlines together. We applied to one and neither of us got it, and he continu
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Noelle94
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I'm 20, in college, never dated before, so I have no experience with girls in terms of an actual relationship. There was a girl on the city bus route I took, and she was gorgeous. She never really noticed me until I accidentally cut in front of her to
Posted in Dating and Shy People by chriscornell
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It's been 2 weeks since the breakup and luckily haven't had any dreams about her until last night. It was the 2nd night at my new place. The dreams were so vivid. I kept trying to find find her in this huge house but everyone kept telling me to go away an
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by CubbyBear
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I started cutting when I was about 7 or 8, my older cousin was doing it and I was getting bullied so I tried. I'm now 15, and well I've been 'clean' per say since August. But anytime I get sad or stressed or anxious(I'm diagnosed with anxiety and depressi
Posted in Self-Injury by Faithg
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I have two concerns when going in for job interviews. One being: How should I answer when asked why have I been unemployed for a year, as well as what have I been doing this whole year that I have been unemployed? I suffer from depression, so I can't say
Posted in Career, Money and Education by TheOutsider1
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Ok so I have a boyfriend (long distance) but recently on a trip with friends I slept with one of my friends twice. I had never thought of him like this before, but since i haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I love my boyfriend, and have told h
Posted in Relationship Commitment by Sallydont
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My ex broke up with me four months ago. Wed been dating for almost a year. I really loved him, but the end of the relationship took a negative turn. I didnt handle the breakup well at all and made a bunch of mistakes (begged, pleaded, crazy stuff like t
Posted in Getting Back Together by Grace20201
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So me and my Girlfriend broke up recently. I am left with more questions than answers and I have no idea how to move awn. A lot of things went down before we broke up and Im so lost. First thing is I really have no idea why she wanted to break up. Sure w
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Smokey14151
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Well, I am new here so firstly hello guys.I will sumnarize the subject as much as I can. I am student at 12th grade and getting prepared for my university entry exam. And there is a boy I like. It started so sudden, this year our headteacher decide
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Purple77
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Why do people do this? A close friend of mine had a very tight bond with a guy she worked with throughout 2017 until he moved to France to work for the next 2 years ..she was devastated although nothing happened fully between them but I see him being the
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Jalapeno1234
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My ex-husband, Noel, & I got together under non-standard circumstances. We met on holiday & had a brief but intense romance. We were 19 & 21 & neither of us had any intention of seeing the other after we returned home, but we did exchange emails so we cou
Posted in Getting Back Together by TeganCacey
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