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Hi, I have another post about this from the other week before I met up with my now ex and there is some background info on there also. Just to recap my girlfriend who i was with for 5 months split up with me out of the blue. There was times when she
Posted in Breaking Up by Newt0this1987
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I've posted before about this guy and got some harsh responses so I took that advice and just focused on myself. For those who didn't read this, there was someone I was seeing from a college about 2 hours south. He is on the same football team as my ex bo
Posted in Dating by Anwa6620
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Dating advice, not money advice. I have had many women not date me because I don't make us much as them. It is a trend, and it's not about right or wrong. It's a reality and I think money is a reasonable concern. It's not so much about paying my own w
Posted in Dating by Sportster2005
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I know alot of people are going to say this is a generic way someone saying I'm no longer interested in you but I wanted some advice and perhaps from a girl also.. I've been with her for 2 years and we did love eachother ALOT. Then arguments started to
Posted in Breaking Up by Shokes97
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My partner has a bad habit of berating me and having a tantrum when she does not get her way with me. She would never speak to a stranger or acquaintance that way. I have asked her why she thinks her behavior is acceptable. She told me she knows I love
Posted in Relationship Communication by NoLuck
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I started dating this girl, about 7 months ago (i am also a girl btw). She has a son from a previous relationship, he is 11 months old. When we first started dating I shared with her my insecurities about her having to keep in touch with the father. (I ha
Posted in Trust and Relationships by shouldiendit
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Im sure nobody can give me a "100% accurate answer" because none of us are mind-readers...but still. why? I really liked this girl. we werent in a relationship so i cant necessarily say shes my "ex". Things were good for a little while, but basically the
Posted in Getting Back Together by jonathanhankin
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Hi guys. So quick back story. I met the girl I'm currently dating 2 months ago, she had been out of an abusive relationship for 2 months. We have been taking it slow, I know her x is still in touch with her, telling her he's tried to kill him self and thi
Posted in Dating by Personal
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Hi everyone, So, my issue here is that I'm scared that I'm never going to move forward in my life. I'm scared that even in a few years from now, I'm still going to be where I am now and nothing will change. I graduated from university last year, and
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by JojoIzumi
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Hi everyone. I'm very new to the forums here, and have decided to make an account so that I can get some unbiased advice about some things in a relationship that I am currently in. If I could put everything into one word, I would write.... Inconsist
Posted in Relationship Communication by Matt1989
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So, I've been interested in a guy who is a lot younger than me(17 years). I'm 41. Every time I go out in the last month (3 months), we have flirted and had a couple of kisses. The thing is every time I text him on Facebook messenger because I don't even h
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Nixinafrica
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Been talking to girl from POF for about a week+ Had date scheduled for tomorrow night but today 24+ hours before date said shell need to take a rain check due to it being her friends birthday and asked if I'm free this upcoming Saturday. I said I'
Posted in Dating by catatemyphone
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So I started the job I'm in November of last year. It's a small, family owned company and it seemed like exactly what I was looking for but I am experiencing things that are causing me to have second thoughts. I am pretty tolerant, but I also have issu
Posted in Career, Money and Education by shelby6811
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I feel like I have an internal struggle with being alone. This is a weird place to find myself in because in my most recent relationship, I generally always wanted to "stay in" and/or have alone time away from the girlfriend. This is something that turned
Posted in Personal Growth by beast1125
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So me and my girlfriend go to the same college together and have been dating for six months. The problem started last monday. She was supposed to be in class, but she cut class to hangout with this guy alone in the library. Theeir coworkers and I knew eve
Posted in Dating by pakiprince10
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So after six months on and off contact and every time he was just mean or blocked me, then unblocked me and start conversation ...cycle continues until last month, we hanged out and we slept tgt but he got cold feet in the middle of sex. I got angry the n
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by nohopeatall
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My first boyfriend and I were together for nearly five years, during all that time she caused trouble in our relationship, criticised every present I bought him, posted pictures of them together on Social Media, saying how much she loved him. The last str
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by Lynn01
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We've been together 8 years now. In the beginning of our relationship I never noticed how emotionally disconnected he was, until I tried to have a deep conversation with him. It was like watching a robot shut down. I started to notice that he only has
Posted in Relationships by PurpleViolet
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...and she proceeded to call me today and tell me all about it. To get you in perspective, she's my aunt and she lives by herself since her second husband died two years ago. Her first husband died 18 years ago and her daughter was stillborn. Her moth
Posted in Suicide by aseeker
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info: -There was/is some reversible relative interest between us. (I think) -She told me she has a boyfriend. -I told her, I like her... (that she is very sympathetic to me and have very nice smile) its maybe even doesnt matter if she has interest (
Posted in Relationships by SomeNick
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