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Very recently I have been confronted with what feels the most hurtful situation in my life. The man that I loved and had been with for 3 years has had a change of heart and says that he is no longer in love with me. We had a mortgage application in place
Posted in Breaking Up by jwilson123
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So I've not posted in ages. Been single 6 months and after a horrendous grieving period, I started to really enjoy it. I had a fling with somebody, and when that ended I decided to start dating as I've never really done it. I found it hard at first, be
Posted in Dating by jitterbug
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Hereís the deal: Girlfriend and I broke up in May. In August, we sorted out our differences and reconciled. I have recently learned that she matched with an old friend (someone I used to attend school with, I havenít seen him in about 2 years, we keep
Posted in Relationships by CoverUrBases
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Over last couple years, I've had a good amount of women who have been interested in me but I just can't seem to meet a good match. I seem to have the same problem most single people I have - I don't want the women who want me, the women who I want don't w
Posted in Dating by Altarsofmadnes
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So...met online..he chatted me up CONSTANTLY for 2 weeks. NOT a single overtly or even HINTED sexual mention the entire two weeks. We talked about family, baseball, work..the gamut of subjects. Agree to meet on Weds for drinks....all goes well..tons o
Posted in Dating by Clemente21
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Hi all, Before I start this thread, may I kindly ask that I'm already aware of the following: - There's indeed a huge age gap. - We work together and I should not mess with coworkers. Now, here's the story: About a year and a half ago, I was
Posted in Age Gap Relationships by RuedeRivoli
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So I'm a uni student who went on a few dates with my current girlfriends best friend last semester and I grew to really like her, I felt she really liked me but the summer holidays hit and we were separated by 200 miles of distance and 3 months. After an
Posted in Dating by thegoodrobot
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hey guys. Im in university ( first year ) there is a guy in my class. he is basically in my group of friends and he sits right behind me. he gives all mixed messages. he once texted me i love you i dont know if he meant it or was sarcastic. he acts way
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Mannu
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my ex broke up with me exactly 2 weeks ago. NC for one week. the reason he broke up with me was because i was becoming depressed, it made him worry about where things were going since his previous relationship was with a depressed girl and she brought h
Posted in Getting Back Together by SadSadgirl
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Hello! A little backstory. I am 30 and she is 28. We have two children aged 6 and 2, July of 2016, after being together for 5 years, she became very frustrated at my lack of attention to her, and lack of helping around the house. She did all of the ho
Posted in Relationships by needalittehelp
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So I met this guy two months ago online. I was fresh off of two guys whom dated me, led me to believe they wanted a relationship with me, and then they disappeared. One after I went on vacation. He talked to me all through the vacation, but I never saw hi
Posted in Dating by amkxoxo39
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My ex and i have been together for three years and we got separated on July, he literally went MIA and disappeared. For a month and a half i was obssessed to have him back and stalking him. But now it has been a week where i actually dont care anymore, i
Posted in Breaking Up by Virallad
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So my ex and I were together for over a year. We created a bond that has lasted up through today. Back on Valentines day she decided to cut things off. I was devastated and went into a depression state. I achieved so many things afterwards though that bro
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by Norton360
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When i first met my gf - i am 37 - she is 33 - I thought she was kind of posh - she had a pretty posh accent - i told her this and I think she was kind of offended - which may be the reason for all this. As the relationship continued she learnt that I h
Posted in Dating by Syntax
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I had a great weekend with my family. We are all adults so there was dancing, drinking and an all around good time. I went to the bbq alone. When I spoke to my partner again and was telling her about the weekend she was upset. She was mad that I had dr
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Reality4me
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I was broken up with after a series of unhappy, unsuccessful and abusive relationships. I've never gone from relationship to relationship, always allowed a break between (typically 6-12 months) without so much as a kiss, to allow healing. I'm at a poi
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by thornz
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First things first, I know I'm naive and that's probably because I'm still quite young and this is my first relationship. Please forgive me for that. Let me give you a bit of a backstory about my girlfriend. To be honest, "girlfriend" isn't the right t
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Legaelo
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Okay, so I (16) recently broke up with my boyfriend and one of his friends (15) and I are really close, he also recently had a fling with a girl but its over now. He asked me to teach him how to make out. I'm attracted to him. I don't know if I should do
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Nothankyou
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I really need someone to talk to as I'm struggling really badly right now. I have been in a new relationship since June this year but prior to this me and my partner had been building things up for a few months online. I had previously had a brief relatio
Posted in Relationships by Isiong
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Iím fed up with being alone. Iíve only been in two relationships in my adult life, and both were extremely unhealthily. I have not so much as kissed a man in over four years, and Iíve never been taken on a date in my life. All I do is work and come home
Posted in Personal Growth by MichelleaJ27
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