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I hope this might change someone's approach to this situation. I like certain dogs just like I like certain people. I was bitten some years ago when I was in my 20s unprovoked by a dog I knew and it was scary. Since then I do not like when dog owners l
Posted in Pets by Batya33
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So My gf has had a guy friend for years and had nothing with him. She talks to a lot of guys.Every year she makes with him a recapitulation what happened to them in the past year, good and bad things. But when she told him about me, he became upset becaus
Posted in Relationship Advice by jkony
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Hey. I have been in relationship since last 3 years...and i am really in love with him He has given me every damn reason to move on ....At first year it was like a fairy tale but after some time whenever he went on trips with his friends he rarely pick
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by PrachiBhatia
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Hello Everyone, I am brand new to this site. Thanks to anyone who reads this and offers advice. So for starters I am a in a long distance relationship, which is obviously hard in it's own unique ways. The girl I am with, I met approximately 2/12
Posted in Long-Distance Relationships by Dualitatem
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Ugh so today work begins and sheís here today and I noticed she was constantly around me offering help and just everywhere I went she was right there. So she starts talking to someone as Iím beside her maybe it wasnít purposely but knowing her I truly bel
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by Brokenheartedm
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Ive been talking to this guy for a while now and in beginning I thought things were going good. And one day he all of a sudden says Iím not what heís used to. I feel as though Iím being compared to someone in his past. What you think?
Posted in Relationship Advice by tamaraxoxo
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My bf and I have been together for a while now, and lately things have become a little dull between us. When weíre on the phone, we talk about any/everything & I saw nothing wrong with it but he does. What are some helpful tips to boost our chemistry leve
Posted in Dating Advice by tamaraxoxo
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Hey! So I have been seeing this girl named Kim after the other girl broke up with me. I met Kim first time last year because of my friend. We were playing basketball with my friend and her friends. It was like one day and then we never met after that s
Posted in Dating Advice by Kevin1995
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Hi. I was wondering if you could get some advice please. Iím with my partner over 3 years. Engaged and live together. Lately we havenít been getting on. We argue most days. But when we argue he calls me names like tramp scumbag etc . And puts my family d
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Shaunaxxxx
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My relationship of 5 years ended nine months ago. Ive lost some friends, but I guess they werent my friends anyway, because now they only hang out with my ex... well, in these nine months ive been trying to rebuilt my life, but im tired of trying. Im feel
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Dadadaisy123
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She says she would never pick anyone over me, but she's not falling in love with me and want to be single for now. Then it is I'm very distracting. Which is which? lol She asked for the breakup. Coz she needed to concentrate on her business and god. An
Posted in Relationship Advice by jayb33
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Hi, Im a little confused right now. At the minute me and my bf are going through an argument, we live together so itís just been silent treatment.. he didnt do anything in an untrustworthy way it was something of a different topic that has left me qui
Posted in Relationship Advice by BanksC
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I have been with the same man for 3 years. He was so sweet and loving and giving when I met him.most of the time he still is. He is a veteran with ptsd and a traumatic brain injury so sometimes his emotions can be a little extra than usual. We live with h
Posted in Abuse and Violence by Sadnlove
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for those who have read a bit of my threads, i'm sure you've followed some of my dramatic breakups, new relatoionships and lifestyle changes. This is somewhat old somewhat new and i needed a place to vent once again. This is filled post is filled with unp
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by sfindependent
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Some facts to consider I am 24, he is 41 we never met in person, just talked on the phone and video chatted. He also said that he wanted a woman to chase and want him for once. I met someone online and we clicked. Shortly after that we began talking
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by lesssbe1
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My girlfriend and I are both 26 and have been together for 2 and a half years. For the first year and a half she really liked me while I was in love/flirting with another woman while using my girlfriend for the interim hoping the other woman would fall fo
Posted in Relationship Advice by Zb91
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I know most of you will tell me that I was foolish for meeting my ex-bf after what he put me through for the last 6 months. It was totally my fault for being the doormat. On Sunday morning, I received an email from the ex (since I blocked him on the ph
Posted in Getting Back Together by sleepywillow
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Looking for some advice from both girls /guyís perspective on this...thank you! So Iíve recently gone to the doctor and as I suspected I have something called vaginismus (muscles tense making sex painful and sometimes impossible). I had already pretty muc
Posted in Sex and Romance by mimicry2
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I guess I'm just looking for some general support/wisdom/encouragement. My SO and I live in the same city and while he's here things are generally quite good between us, and my feelings toward him are usually overwhelmingly positive. He has told me a n
Posted in Relationship Advice by citrusgreen
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(long post inc) Hey there, so today I want to ask for advice about me and a friend of mine. First let me introduce me and her so you get a clear understanding of our ages, I am 15 and at 3rd year of high school, same as her. Here in my country we pick fie
Posted in Dating Advice by otterspace
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