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hello, i'll try to make this short as possible. Backstory: ME- 34 HIM-31 Me and my boyfriend have been together for over a year now and quite recently (the past months) he has been traveling a lot for work (6 weeks at a time in America/ we are in Euro
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Iknowaline
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About 9 months ago me and my partner of 20 yrs have split (became like brother and sister according to her, i suppise she wsz right bit i never wanted to split) We raised 2 lovely girls now aged 16 and 21. My partner hax moved out and i am living in the
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Darcus30
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Hi everyone. New to this forum. I just would like a little advice on a guy Iíve been seeing. I met a guy online a few months ago, we hit it off so well. We had a couple of dates, we phoned every day. He told me he was in love with me. He did start to
Posted in Dating Advice by Littlerose
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I was asked to reformat into paragraph form to make it easier to read. Mods please delete OP Sorry for the long post. Ill post a Too long didn't read cliff notes version at bottom. So I'll start with the fact my wife and mother do not get along. Th
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by DBF
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Hi everyone, I know a guy for a while and it's his first time inviting me over to his house for house party as his parents is out of town. He said he will introduce me to his single guy friend who I don't know or never met before. I also don't know anyon
Posted in Dating Advice by Daisy2019
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Sorry for the long post. Ill post cliff notes version at bottom. So I'll start with the fact my wife and mother do not get along. They were fine until my mom stepped in and tried to tell my wife what to do with our son. At first I thought my wife was bein
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by DBF
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Disclaimer: since English is not my native language, I apologize for awkward collocations and mistakes It really tears my heart apart. Iím really stuck and donít know what to do. Please, help me! :upset: A bit of background. We've been dating for al
Posted in Relationship Advice by elmariachi93
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We broke up mutually six months ago. She started to distance herself and left no other choice but to part ways at that time. I couldn't see any other way. I was constantly trying to make things work. We have been in touch on and off over the past six m
Posted in Getting Back Together by Resrod
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Some of you know already that I broke up with my boyfriend/fiance of 3 years, last month. I'm wondering how everyone copes or deals with feeling lonely. I'm trying to do the right thing and smart thing by not looking for another relationship. Which seems
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by msgirl
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Backstory. 2 year relationship. Ex and i started fighting alot the past months about issues of her not putting much effort into making me feel wanted as she once did, (lack of affection, general effort, physcial intimacy) *normal attraction fading sig
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Ekud311
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Iíll keep this story brief. My wife and I went to a park and to play a little bit of pitch and hit softball on the baseball field. On the way to the field, there is a dilapidated wall with some broken chunks of concrete. Some young kids (around adolesc
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Ttpj
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Me & my significant other are currently going through some things that are veryyy complicated! .. to make it sort of simple.. We were having disagreements & arguments like no other for the past 2 weeks straight.. the arguments stems from him turning down
Posted in Sex and Romance by kay21
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Cant get over her after 9 months. Still love my ex but she moved on How to let go
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Advice172645
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Hello, I am very new to this and just want to hear peoples opinion on my situation and hopefully advice to help me get over this whole thing. This is my story Im sorry for making it so long I never believed in love at first sight until I saw this on
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Advice172645
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When I met my fiancť I knew he liked to drink. We were in our 20ís so I didnít think anything of it. I started noticing that when he started he couldnít just have a few. It was a lot usually to the point of him being drunk every time he drank. I left him
Posted in Relationship Advice by Llm
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2 and a half years ago I met the most amazing woman. We clicked instantly and really got to know one another, dating and experiencing interests on both sides. Going with the flow I wasnít expecting much and swerved an important question. Do I have kids? I
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by SirAxel88
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My now ex and I had been dating for about five months. Last Saturday I found a condom in one of his bags (we donít use condoms) right before an event and I got really upset. My plan was to calmly ask him why he had a condom, but during the event he saw ri
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Maria89
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I am looking for advice regarding a dating situation. I am a 43 year old single woman, never married, no children. I tried online dating on and off for two years and had many negative experiences (men only wanting hook ups and lying about it, ghosters, me
Posted in Dating Advice by DarlingLisa
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My girlfriend / soon to be fiancť said to me that I'm crazy and has been shouting at me and calling me names regarding this situation, which I believe is really nothing, but to her, it's a massive deal. I just don't understand why? So I used to be a mu
Posted in Relationship Advice by qwertyscream
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I really need advice, but of course as usual, I don't have really anyone to talk to, so I turn to this site. I'll try to make it brief. I am dating a good man. I truly admire and care for him. He's very thoughtful, and I thoroughly enjoy his company (
Posted in Dating Advice by ConfusedLady21
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