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I am so grateful for my boyfriend. I really am. Weíve been together for almost 7 months. We might have our differences and thatís to be expected. But for the most part, he is extremely thoughtful and caring. He looks out for me and I try my best to do the
Posted in Dating Advice by ConfusedLady21
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Hello. I remember coming here and asking advice few months ago, about this story. Now I really need your advice about a hypothetical part 2 of it, let's suppose I ended up contacting this guy. He was thinking about me too and asking about me from vari
Posted in Abuse and Violence by yasu
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I dated a woman for almost exactly one year. In the beginning she had committment issues and we broke up twice due to her not being ready to commit. She came back both times and finally committed and things were overall going well. Her family loved me and
Posted in Relationship Advice by Rzba1
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Never know how much youíve missed someone until you spend the afternoon with them and half the time itís pure elation, laughing joking like old times, the other half your heart is breaking all over again. Then the time ends she hugs you and you just bury
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by Capttrae
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Hi all, I am at a point in my life where I am reeling from what happened to me. I am in a state of cognitive dissonance still, so I do not think I fully comprehend what has happened to me yet. I met a guy 1.5 years ago on Tinder. He was perfect to me,
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by deedee911
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So me and the girl I was seeing had broken up with me she told me it was because our friends and interests were different but she still enjoys spending time with me. We stop talking for 2 weeks and I text her saying that she still has clothes at my house
Posted in Dating Advice by aocwater245
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This is going to be long but I appreciate any responses and suggestions whether nice or harsh. I met a girl from out of state while vising a friend. We hit it off really well and it looked like she was into me and I was very into her. After I left w
Posted in Long-Distance Relationships by veee
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We've been together for 7 years, with two children, son was 6 and daughter was 2. My wife started attending a boot camp in Irvine CA. One month later she established a password on her IPhone and notebook. She was getting and writing messages while I c
Posted in Infidelity by PersonalT
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Hi All: I have a bit of a situation here and would really appreciate your help. So I changed departments at work around November of last year - everything great with the new team. This lady joined like slightly after me and initially sat right next to me
Posted in Friendship and Friends by s2teve
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After a horrible break up three weeks before my wedding, it has now been over a year and I'm starting to put myself out there. Found a guy, started talking, we have a lot in common and have both confessed to liking each other. He tells me he isn't a vi
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by SnugglePuggle
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It really was a roller coaster ride since i took up the courage to move out from my parents house & confronted my husband on his irresponsible behaviour. Well now, to be more specific, my ex-husband. I never felt so liberated, i was so trapped in the to
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by momoa
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I went out with a girlfriend on Sunday night and we met a group of attractive and friendly guys. We're all around the age of 24/25. One guy in particular stood out to me, so I sat next to him and we ended up talking for the rest of the night. He's extreme
Posted in Dating Advice by cwags
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Hi everyone, I wasnít really sure which category to put this post under, but considering everyone I live with is family, I figured it would go here. I currently live with my husband, step son, and my brother in law. My brother in law (age 35) has live
Posted in Parenting and Families by undertheivy
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Here's a summary of what happened. What needs to be done to fix this relationship? Is it even possible? A few days ago, while being brushed off / ignored my my boyfriend (of 5, almost 6 years) and told he didn't want to go do things with me on one of h
Posted in Relationship Advice by throaway2791
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I need an advice... I met my ex 2years and a half ago, we come from different cultures and political views. He used to have a gun at his place and at soon as he told me I said I was NOT comfortable at all with dating a guy with guns. It does NOT make m
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by angy864
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Hi, everyone: My boyfriend (of almost six years) and I hit a rough spot a few days ago. Here's the background first: My boyfriend is 12 years older than me. He started working with this young woman, who I have actually met many years before they
Posted in Jealousy by KKadessa00
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Hi. So I am keeping in touch with this guy my age(in our 20ís). I donít think he likes me because he rarely talks about him and rarely asks about me. I donít like him either but still I am interested in him. During a conversation he was telling me abo
Posted in Conversational Tips by Highsky
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A while back my boyfriend made a bad decision whilst drunk and confessed to me that night whilst I was sleeping. I woke up the next morning worried sick if he was okay and it put me through so much stress and trauma. He was thankfully okay and whether the
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by mrwibit
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I am trying to get over a relationship that lasted over 7.5 years. We lived together for seven of those years but according to her we were just dating?? Really 7 years in the same home and we were just dating. Top it off we never said we love each oth
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by rj1567
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Hi, I recently posted on here about dating a woman and being a single father. I really do love this woman but her family is a big big mess. Recently her dad had surgery and is in the hospital and not doing really good at this time and I have been there
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Jimbo251
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