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3 years ago.. couple months back I almost died..someone attempted murder on me..they used all there force into them to snap my neck.. I survived unfortunately. Sometimes I wish I didn't. Going through so much pain from my neck to my spine back to my heada
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by rnicole94
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In short, my now-ex and I mutually broke up a few days ago. It came out the blue for me honestly. We were together a year, in bliss. But last month, he said he was really unhappy and felt we were incompatible. It blew me away because the reasons he
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by RitaTrue
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So on my journey of recovering from a series of abusive and rubbish relationships Iíve come up with a list of deal breakers and a list of minimum requirements. Would anybody care to share thereís with me? I think my lists are great but Iím not convinc
Posted in Dating by thornz
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Hiya! I'm going to try and make all this as condense as possible so, deep breath, here goes... Back in August I went out out with a friend. To cut a long story short i ended up walking for the last train by myself and I got mugged, or I would of
Posted in Parenting and Families by Olympia
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Hello, I am going through a very difficult time at the moment and any advise would be greatly appreciated. So, basically, nearly 3 months ago I broke up with my Girlfriend. I did it for several reasons. 1. I didn't feel like I loved her, or only
Posted in Relationships by Anon5667
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Hi all. Been with my wife for 20yrs, married 13yrs. Due to problems on both sides we split up in September. 2 weeks later she is in a rebound and this guy moved in at the start of the relationship with her and my kids. You may be thinking that maybe she
Posted in Breaking Up by chris261083
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I am about to turn 50, i worked hard all my life and almost two years into a divorce. After 25 years i asked for a divorce because i could no longer take the loneliness and feeling of helplessness. After some time has passed i feel it was the right thin
Posted in Relationships by Colver
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My girlfriend and I of more than two years whom I lived with recently left me. Hereís some back story, I lost both my parents at a young age so I am very emotionally blocked off, during the last eight months of our relationship I slipped into a bad faze o
Posted in Breaking Up by Johnathan3
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Hello all, I started a new thread because Iíve entered a new phase of the breakup. We ended almost two weeks ago, he pulled the trigger but long story short he ended it because he couldnít get passed knowing we probably wouldnít work long term. He cites
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Maddyb12
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Hi Everyone, I'm a 28 year old male and have been going out with a 28 year old woman for about a month. Things have been going well and we have been spending a lot of time with each other. Recently, we went out and we had been drinking (probably 5 or
Posted in Dating by Chill3718
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So it has been a bit over a month since my ex broke up with me, I am heart broken but forcing myself to move on. I have installed a couple of dating apps which gave me supposedly "good results". Been talking to 4 girls on the online apps, since my bre
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Blackey
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Hey Everyone, I'm want to keep this short, so here are some bullet points: Met girl (D) four months ago; We are both living abroad and will be for sometime; there is a 10 year age gap (although I am a fairly immature 34); We b
Posted in Friendship and Friends by WaywardKiwi
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So.. Iím 16 turning 17 in 3 months, Iím in highschool junior year and I think Iíve finally found someone kind of like me in some ways. Iím not saying we should for sure date or anything, but I think we should at least be friends. Mainly, the only peopl
Posted in Dating and Shy People by BitterVoid
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Hi, So I don't know how to get started because I understand that what is happening is my fault, since I got myself in this situation. A little background story...I lived at home when I went to school up to my graduate degree while working a part ti
Posted in Parenting and Families by blackluna14
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Hi Everyone: I feel guilty for asking this, but here goes: I'm the type of person who is always in a relationship, most of the time they're long term relationships (3+ years), and i've always gravitated towards the predictable and comfortable relat
Posted in Relationships by taylorhill
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I feel my hope of getting back with my ex is over for good. We broke up 12 months ago. I did the breaking up and during that time I've been begging and doing no contact but then breaking it. I know I did everything wrong. I have no strategy and I'm needy.
Posted in Getting Back Together by BobbySeagle
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My boyfriend and I have been together 5 years. In many ways he is a perfect partner: extremely supportive, positive, thoughtful, makes me feel very loved. However, I'm having a dilemma. We share a computer right now (it's his desktop, my laptop is broken
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by mtl1989
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I (19, F) and my bf (18, M) have been together about a year and a half. Itís been hell, honestly. Itís been trial and error the whole time. For the first three months I didnít even want to be in the relationship and yet weíre still here . But my point
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by seizeilgiron
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Me and my boyfriend have been together 8 years. We have not married or had kids yet which is more because of me in the sense I don't feel ready. He would love to do both but I don't feel secure about doing this yet because of our relationship issues. For
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by lillybee1982
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