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Ex is in contact with me now after 1.5 months. When she contacted me I asked her to meet up. Since I have agoraphobia I kindof loosly set a date cause I wasent sure if it was just breadcrumbs. She kept asking are you still interested and I said yes maybe
Posted in Getting Back Together by FkinRicky
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Hello there. I'm quite desperate right now so I need some help. I've been with my boyfriend for 2 months, things were amazing all round, we were seeing each other a lot as we study at the same university and live in the same campus. We really got along wo
Posted in Long-Distance Relationships by Dimlight00
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So basically there was this girl that asked for my number when we first met at a random occasion. We had hardly exchanged that many words but she started texting me shortly after she left, and I learned a few things about her, including that she's origina
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by cluelessflirt
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Is it normal to feel utter relief that a relationship is over and you're free from the heartache, self doubt, and gut wrenching pain it caused you;only to feel the next minute that it's so hard to be on your own and you wish you could go back to them, to
Posted in Getting Back Together by Somegirl613
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I wanted to get some insight or your input on how someone emotionally immature acts during a relationship? Or any idea in the way someone that is emotionally immature reacts to things.
Posted in Breaking Up by Jaydunno
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Iíve always thought of myself as independent and I donít like relying on others. I have been handed sh*t in life but I try to stay carefree and laugh at most of it. In fact, I take very few things seriously. I know and can feel emotions and Iíve fallen he
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by needasafehaven
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Long long story short.. I'll Coles notes it. I meet the love of my life at a gig I was playing, we ended up not spending a single night apart for 7 years, had a baby boy, house in the country and everything we ever wanted... She met a guy, I think c
Posted in Divorce by Somethingwitt
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I am feeling just completely bashed by this situation and wanted to get a strangers perspective. I met a guy, he was really into me, we got on great. He deleted his online dating profiles right away. Said I was "the girl" after about a week. He aske
Posted in Breaking Up by sarajane231
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Please read my first thread "My ex has depression and isn't thinking straight". I have received a couple withheld calls over the past two weeks where no one would speak. Today I received one again and I got my mate (who is a guy) to answer. Straight
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by ssc
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Back on anti-depressants and booked for therapy. Friends and family keep telling me I don't need it, that I'm great etc, but just don't seem that way with how things pan out. On holiday with family now. Overthinking about my loneliness constantly. Alwa
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by LightWave93
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Hi good people, I'm 20 (turning 21 this september), the girl I'm talking about turned 21 this february. We both are computer science students and started in the same college but transferred to different colleges which are an hour away to complete our grad
Posted in Relationships by HelloFolks
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My ex boyfriend dumped me last week because he was pressuring me to have sex and I wasn't ready to have sex and he keeps calling and texting me every day talking to me as a friend to keep in touch and he asks how things are going with me. I am also respon
Posted in Breaking Up by beachlover96
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Why oh why do people want to vomit their feelings onto a piece of paper or into an e-mail or text and send it to the ex. Has anyone, outside of the movies, ever seen this work? Some last ditch effort to tell them how you feel, or how youíve changed, o
Posted in Getting Back Together by Clinton
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Hi, my name is Michael. I came here for some advice on my girlfriend and I's relationship. I am 17 and she is 16 and we've been dating for just shy of 6 months. I love the girl to bits and i definetely see a future with her and plan on spending as long as
Posted in Dating by Michael22
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I've never posted on this site before, but there isn't anyone I can honestly talk to about this and I really need some advice. I've pretty much gone and fallen for a guy twice my age. I'm still hoping that it's only a fairly intense crush, but as the mont
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by MarblesMcKay
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So ,this is my first time posting here ,but My mother always said it helps to write things down .So here it goes ! ^^ For a couple of weeks now ,I've been dating this guy ,and everything was really really good .Until last Tuesday ,where he was pushing
Posted in Dating by IndieTalks
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If you see your crush talking with another guy for whole night, do you get jealous? (They werent flirting but it seems that they have fun) What is youd reaction or behaviour for this person?
Posted in Dating by Ayse
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Me and my ex have been broke up now for around three weeks. We have two young children so we have to be in contact for them. For the first week or so we didnít really talk apart from organising pick up and drop off times for the children. But recently we
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by ballbern
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I had a birthday party and invited my friends 2 weeks ahead. They all said they were coming. On the day of, I called, texted---nothing. A month went by, and I bumped into one of my 'closest' friends who asked if I was angry, then proceeded to attack me sa
Posted in Friendship and Friends by baleasensitive
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So I am in this great relationship and we were both saving ourselves for marriage and one night we just kind of I guess well we didn't stay that way and we lost both our virginities to eachother. The first time we didn't use protection and we did it again
Posted in Sex and Romance by curiousgirl17
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