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I recently experienced a breakup which although minor, affected me on a very deep level. I was seeing a guy for a few months, it was going great and then he broke up with me quite suddenly because he didn't want a relationship. Whilst no breakup is meant
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Merope
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Girl Friend Broke up with me last week because she has low self-esteem issues possibly some depression. She says she can’t be in a relationship right now since she doesn’t her love itself. She talked to me on Friday stating she doesn’t want to lean on me
Posted in Relationships by thiva101
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Hello everyone, So, I've started a new relationship (in my 20s) with a girl, and have been experiencing a lot of obsessive symptoms and permanent anxiety. Thought I didn't have feelings, attraction, etc towards her but overcame some of this over-time a
Posted in Relationships by jkdkthrowaway
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Eugh. Finally meet a lovely guy. Things seem to be going well and we go on lots of lovely dates. He's communicative and just generally lovely. And then it arrives. The 'I think you're really lovely and I've really enjoyed dating you, but I don't know h
Posted in Dating by marshmallow107
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We are going through a hard time...we live together for past 3 years and been through lots of hard and good times together....he stated last night that,He does not have any feellings for anyone anymore not even himself...and that i dont deserve this...but
Posted in Relationship Communication by chicafella80
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Hello, so my ex who I was with for 5 years broke up with me July just gone. Much to my suprise! She did this via text ( never had the guts to sit me down ) I was devastated and only recently have turned a new corner and the healing is getting better. She
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by Lozza1986
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My boyfriend loves me and i know it he loves me desperately with his feelings but dont know how love with his actions He did everythinng for me and brought me places ive never been but its things that im concerened about that he’ll never understand As in
Posted in Love by kym
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I would like to start by saying, I am not of the stable mind, not cause of this relationship, but cause of a very traumatic childhood, I am in therapy for this. I understand that this may be affecting part of my relationship and behavior, but I know there
Posted in Relationships by 111222333xxyyz
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My Ex And I broke up a month ago And it ended badly, We barely spoke after the breakup And there were some mixed signals But he had he has moved on and doesn’t have feelings. But he always looked at me, tried to draw attention and did some weird
Posted in Breaking Up by confusedbubble
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Hey All, I'm having an internal struggle with myself and could use some words of advice. To start, I know people get all worked up about this but...I have always really disliked hunting. I don't know why, but for as long as I can remember I've just never
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by K07d
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I have met with my love 1.2 months ago and we were the happiest couple in the world. He loved so much I did not know anyone ever could love that much he did. In the begginning I did not fall in love immediately but gradually. I have mental issues affectin
Posted in Relationships by nikikrissy
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Hi, So my husband friend is single/dating. He's been dating a women and now wants my husbabd to meet her, however she is bringing her friend along to the meeting. What I am feeling annoyed about is that my husband is effectively going on a double
Posted in Jealousy by Isitme2012
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I had a relationship for 1,5 month...we knew eah other as friends we both liked each other but noone had said day he kissed me and we got togetther!! we were very happy ..sharing moments feelings...i felt like i had found the man of my life!!! T
Posted in Breaking Up by Alice88
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I have found in my bf whats up app (when he gave me phone to send his pics to me) how he was texting with some girl. As it appeared later, he found her in tinder, texted her for 3 weeks where she was obviously flirting with him and etc before going to tri
Posted in Breaking Up by ArianaTanmi
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As soon as uni started, I met this boy in my flat. We hit it off straight away and started seeing each other basically. He would want to see me every day and we did, he admitted that he's shocked as he'd just got out of a 2 year relationship and thinks it
Posted in Love by zredbird
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I have been with this guy for about 6 months, and we go weeks and weeks without seeing each because We usually do things on Friday and Saturday; however, a lot of the time he needs to cancel because he needs to do something for his family...the excuses
Posted in Relationships by Shyluve
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So I'm 9 weeks into a lovely relationship im 47 hes 51, Ive been single for 8 years, had a few one nights but nothing serious until now, as I feel ready now my daughter is 11. He split up with his ex 12 years ago, a very volitile relationship and hes live
Posted in Dating by dizzygirl
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So where’s what’s going on.. my bf n his dad bought a house together a few years ago. I been living with them for over a year now.. we have a baby together and everything is great between us.. unfortunately a few days ago his dad and him got into a real
Posted in Dating by Zee87
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I am so confused and lost and have no idea what to do about my situation. I apologise if this is long :/ So two days ago, myself and my boyfriend decided to end things (it was his decision more so than mine) because of where he's at in his life. He has j
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by Ellie1804
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Hi, So GF decided to break up with me due to her to depression she says she feels no emotions (her depression is about family issues not about us) we decided to start speaking as friends and shortly after I didn't want that anymore because from what I'
Posted in Breaking Up by JamesT1
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