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I (24 year old female) met a guy (27 year old male) in June 2017 at EDC Vegas (a rave). We hit it off immediately and had a lot in common. We lived across the country, but became really good friends and shared a lot with each other, and coincidentally eve
Posted in Friendship and Friends by somechick99
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My wife and I had been married for 17 years when we separated earlier this year. We had struggled through raising three kids, dealing with various mental and other health issues and a disastrous financial situation which we had just gotten fixed when in
Posted in Getting Back Together by Sublime1974
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Hi all Me and my partner of 20 yrs have seperated im 44 she is 42. We have a morgage together and still live in the same house. My partner she drinks and changes when she does. She wants to move out but has no money to do so. Im not sure why im on here b
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Darcus30
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I'm going to break this story down into three parts so it doesn't get messy; I'm a bad story teller sorry! 1. (Before the feelings) 2. (Summer of 2018) 3. (September - October) 1. Before I met her, she was just another person who my ex did not want
Posted in Getting Back Together by sadboy88
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Iíve been dating this man since I was a sophomore in high school. So we have been together for over 5 years. During this time, we have been through a lot because we both have undergone so much personal growth. Ultimately, a few months ago, we broke up bec
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by IzzySpriggs
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Not sure if I I used the proper words to position my question but Iíve known this guy for over a year. We met because he was pursuing me and wanted to date me. I liked him a lot then or else he wouldnít have gotten my number. Problem was, timing was bad.
Posted in Dating Advice by soconfused89
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I love my husband dearly, but we do not communicate very well. We are both passionate people and both have busy jobs. If we argue, I remain quiet whilst he tells me everything that I do to upset him, and he stops me mid-flow to say 'stop right there!' a
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by RedNovice7
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Just wanted to post this link (hopefully that's okay). The information in this article will hopefully give those a better idea of how serious their partner is or isn't about them.
Posted in Relationship Advice by SherrySher
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Hi guys. Hope youíre doing well. So, we have been living together for over a month now. At first he seemed caring, respectful and gave me all his attention. But then two weeks in and he started to change. He doesnít text, doesnít pick up my call,
Posted in Relationship Advice by thisispain
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I have a crush on this guy, I wore a kind of low cut top the other day out in public (Iím a DD) and I felt him staring at me as I walked towards him, I tried not to look at him. But I looked up at him anyway and he was looking at my eyes with a smirk on h
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Lilamariah
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We separated 2 yrs ago because of his cheating. He discarded me cruelly and chose the other woman. I blocked him in my active social media sites and never responded to his early hoovers so that i can heal. Fast forward, he followed me recently in an inact
Posted in Infidelity by phoenixlyza7
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We moved states recently (6weeks ago). This move was not something I wanted, and I voiced my opinion and concerns about it frequently. They all went unnoticed, nor did my husband really care. He accepted a job, and put in his two weeks. I was stuck. We
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by Halowithspikes
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She dumped me for her ex. I didnít stop her and just blocked on social media her for my own sanity. I tried to rekindle an amicable (not friends/BFF type) relationship as we work and live fairly close to one another and I try to act like a mature man some
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by OW7LAW
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Hi, Everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read this. I'll try to give you as much background/history as possible without going into too much detail. Let me start at the beginning, about 7 years before my relationship with my current girlfriend
Posted in Relationship Advice by Ekrad19
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Iíve been seeing this guy for a few months. About 3 days ago, we got into an argument and it seemed to escalate so he told me to go away and not bother him anymore. I said ok. There hasnít been any contact so far. Any thoughts on what I should? Should I j
Posted in Dating Advice by Sana1234
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So long story short, I've known this guy since I was legit an infant, theres 9 years age difference between us, our families have been close since before either of us were even born. This past May, a group of friends and us were all out camping and one th
Posted in Dating Advice by mzhyde
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Hey eNA, My girlfriend (of one year) recently shared something disturbing with me. We were at a party and she blurts out how she hates and canít stand a guy. Naturally, I thought he broke her heart as they were travel buddies in Australia for a year. T
Posted in Relationship Advice by Goodfellas
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Been a long time since I've been here, I know. Life has been going well for me - I work in a job that finally nets me a lot of money, I get plenty of OT, and I'm in an environment that I finally feel like I belong in. Stressful, yes, but nothing I can't h
Posted in Relationship Advice by Fudgie
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Hi all, I need some 3rd party input and I always appreciate everyone's insight here. Not sure if I'm overthinking this, but here goes: My fiance and I have had a bit less sex for a few months, and while it didn't bother me too much in the beginning,
Posted in Relationship Advice by BecxyRex
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