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Let me start by saying that it has been 30 + days nc for me. I guess I am beginning to heal because I donít remember exactly how many days it has been (Iím sure I could figure it out if I really wanted to). Iím doing okay, still missing him but definitel
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Cluelessny
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I am with my girlfriend for almost 3 months and ever since we haven't really seen eachother as much as I wanted it to be. First - our city is small but she lives merely outside the city and she has to either spend money on taxi to get to the town or to as
Posted in Relationships by Brutal555
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So where to even start, I am a 25 year old female and my boyfriend is 26. We live together and have been together for over a year. I do admit we rushed the relationship but we lived in different cities so him moving to where I am was kind of exhilarating
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Smoothie2515
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Love.., What is it? What it could be? What should it be? And Why it is All of Those, and So Much More. Love, the ultimate achievement for some.., yet the complete destruction for others. Often confused with infat
Posted in Love by Zenson
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So i was out shopping with my boyfriend. Firstly i said to him if he has too much work to do, then id happily go myself. He still insisted he didnt mind so i left it there and we went. Had a great morning i must say and weve been very happy for a long tim
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Chocalot
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I had a casual relationship with this guy last year at the end of summer, it's been several months we didn't see each other but we had contact several times since then. We know each other pretty well and there was a lot of complicity and attraction betwee
Posted in Getting Back Together by JustMay
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Hello all! I've been in a relationship with an amazing man for the last 7 months. We have had ups and downs but mainly ups. He is a wonderful boyfriend and very supportive. However we have been having a lot of issues since he moved from the city he was
Posted in Relationships by deedee911
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So I'm in my early twenties and hadn't had sex yet up until this week. I went on holiday with friends where I started talking to this guy over tinder and I had made up my mind that I wanted to lose my virginity to someone I didn't know as I wanted it to b
Posted in Sex and Romance by shemmyemmy23
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Hello! I was a part of a group of friends (both male and female) aged +30 and we bonded and formed our group when we were 18yo. The first 10 years of our friendship was all about having fun in the weekends and enjoying life. We did a lot of things toge
Posted in Friendship and Friends by Concerned88
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Hi all I was dating this guy for about a month. He had been single 8 months and before that a 6 year relationship. They bought a house but no kids,marriage etc. Initially I thought he wasn't my usual type but he completely won me over in his person
Posted in Relationships by sweethome22
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I have been in a relationship with this person for 8 months now. We used ti get on really well until he started studying for his exams a lot where we wouldnt see each other for 7 days, it has all passed now, we have had arguments about how he doesnt give
Posted in Relationships by annou
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I'm new to this and just needed some advice. It's a lot of long stories, but basically I've had a really bad history in terms of dating the last few years - people just leading me along and using me, taking my niceness and generosity as something to explo
Posted in Dating by FarmerG1
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So my boyfriend and I met on a dating app and have been together for 6 months. He has a female friend who I'm uncomfortable with. I will admit it's slightly due to jealousy but I feel like there have been some small red flags along the way. And I want to
Posted in Relationships by Purplecat108
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I was in a group of friends since the beginning of high school (I was a freshman this year). I loved being with them- we had lots of good laughs, all seven of us. However, I grew significantly close to one of them, and ended up telling her about everythin
Posted in Friendship and Friends by apricity1234
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My boyfriend and I met when he was 14 I was 15. We are both now 21 and we have been together for almost 7 years now. He has lived with me and my parents for pretty much this whole time, his home life was bad as a young teenager. He recently has been dep
Posted in Relationships by Neffers
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I was in a long term relationship for 6.5 years with my boyfriend. We were living together for over 5 of those years. It has been the most loving and committed relationship of my life. We both saw us growing old together (In fact that was for me one of th
Posted in Breaking Up by Zelda9
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I had a breakthrough tonight. Yes, I've tried all of the get-your-ex-back stuff which is not all terrible advice, but some of it feels like salesmen taking advantage of us in our vulnerable state. Anyway....the hurt goes on and on for me, just as fres
Posted in Breaking Up by WaitTilMarch
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Dear all, Long Story short, even after my 3.5-yr gf dumped me for another guy 2 months ago. She would keep initiating all sort of random topics almost everyday, and told me to wait for her as a friend as she explore the new guy I was so confused
Posted in Getting Back Together by cococly
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Feeling lost! After several years in a toxic relationship I left my boyfriend 3 months ago and moved in with my daughter who is 25 and has a baby! I'm 43 have no life and feel completely lost! I have a new relationship with a great guy but even that is
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Theresag
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In a heated argument my husband said "when I was 26 I slept with a 16 year old and it was good." Alcohol was involved also. He ended up staying with her for years and I think it's disgusting. Why did he touch a 16yo? I can't get that comment out of my hea
Posted in Breaking Up by Xcest
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