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What would you do if you thought you'd found "the one" only to find out that his/her family are really religious, conservative, old fashioned, and don't approve of you (without meeting you)? What if, for example, "the one" had a sibling that refused to me
Posted in Dating by vitacoco
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What do u all think about social media in relationships? Do u think it's a red flag if ur dating someone new and they tell u they dont add people they date to facebook because it causes issues? Would u say thats a good idea or a red flag? Does it even mat
Posted in Dating by mandeelove
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I've included a text transcript of our conversation. The earliest messages start from the bottom up. I've also made some edits to protect privacy. Girl Thursday, September 29, 2016 at 8:10pm I'll have to check with my schedule and friend. Me Thursda
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by rollarino
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Right now I'm still pretty young, but I've been thinking about my future a lot as I now wrap up college. I have a strong attraction to girls, but at the same time, enjoy being alone. In high school I had a very small friend group, and ever since I've been
Posted in Dating and Shy People by Michael832
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My wife has been battling anxiety and depression for our whole relationship. She was recently diagnosed as bi polar a is in therapy. We are down to a maximum of sex once per month in our good months. The intimate connections achieve during sex energize an
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by Therealmackdre
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I wanted to bring some awareness and help some owners save money when it comes to veterinary clinics. I have been working in the field for 10 years in a variety of settings so I have pretty good experience. I will try and leave my personal opinion out of
Posted in Pets by Michele32
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Okay so a little backstory, It's quite embarrassing to talk about. I have anxiety and depression in which treatment has been ongoing for, I was with my ex partner for a year and during that time I hadn't seen a therapist in a couple of years it wasn't un
Posted in Relationships by Brando442
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I've been together with my girlfriend for over half a year now. i really like her and the day we got together was the happiest i've been for a long while. The first few days of our relationship were absolutely amazing, but then on the 4th day, she tol
Posted in Relationships by evad
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I don't know how many times I've heard this expression. What do the people of ENA think of this statement? I get pretty annoyed when somebody tells me that. I've been pretty much single forever. I've gone through periods of intense searching. I've
Posted in Finding Love and Soulmate by Reflections11
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I'm making this post to help me talk/think through all the sludge to see if I should continue to stay in my marriage or to leave it. Very brief background: we both came from dysfunctional homes where our parents divorced around age 10 (for both of us).
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Vanishing Girl
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So ive used the no contact rule to get my ex of 2 years back one other time after we had a short break. Our relationship only allowed us to see each other on the weekends and she only broke up because of that despite the chemistry we had and the fact that
Posted in Breaking Up by Zduke16
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I have spend a lot of time going through articles and I feel like my boyfriend is jealous and insecure. He does not yell or scream exactly but he does let me know with passive aggressive ways that he is uncomfortable with things. He does not like my frien
Posted in Jealousy by secretchuck
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What's the best way to move on...
Posted in Breaking Up by waxie
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First post so here goes feel like I don't have anyone to turn to about this. Been in a relationship for about 6 years now all has been great for the first couple of years, honeymoon period passed and still together. Things like texting all the time hav
Posted in Infidelity by earthwormjim
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So for the past few weeks, my now ex & I have been really rocky due to the fact that I just do not trust him at all and have every right not to. He's put me through a lot even cheated a number of times and though there have been many instances where we'd
Posted in Breaking Up by Confusedleo123
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Me and my ex had been dating for a year and a couple months. We had a great relationship, sex was amazing, we were very close. She was the first to proclaim she loved me. I met her family and hung out with them several times and got close to her friends a
Posted in Breaking Up by Mftw3
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Well I'm going through hell. Married 15 years, 3 kids and days away from divorce. We had so many ups and downs during this whole process that it pains to see I cant keep myself together at the end. She cheated, showed no remorse and ultimately broke my
Posted in Divorce by JustAvgGuy
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My ex and I broke up about 3 months ago. I was heartbroken. He left me because he thought I was cheating. No excusing but he has some abandonment issues and failed relationship issues. After about a month of no communication he apologized and stated he w
Posted in Dating by lashaylashay
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Hi everyone, I have a bit of a complicated situation. I had been broken up with by a boyfriend last summer, but I was trying to get him back and seeing him almost every day. I met another guy during this time and started to see him very casually. Deep
Posted in Dating by dananaina
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Hello, i am Natalie and i need some advice on a boy, he works in a car mechanic which is by my grandad’s house, so about 6 months ago i saw him and thought wow! Lol, so whenever i pass in the car i look and he noticed and started to look back too, But we
Posted in Relationships by Natalie20
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