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So I recently met this one guy online over 2 months ago before winter break started. Him and I truly got along so well! We texted and snapchatted each other every single day and had so much in common. We live a few states away so waited until after break
Posted in Dating by jackalyn
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My ex girlfriend said she needs space back in October 2016, but the whole thing was very... strange. Though she was insisting she didn't feel the same anymore. I tried to change her mind a couple of times, but then stopped at around half of November and w
Posted in Getting Back Together by Donald Plozha
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I've read the "how to get your ex back" posts and have seen the pros and cons of LC and NC. My ex and I tried LC but there were too many feelings. Seeing each other in person was harder because he was fighting urges and so was I. However, now I've m
Posted in Getting Back Together by rosiebri
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Hello everyone. I am new here and Im sort of desperate for advice. I am a 24 y/o girl who feels really lost and alone. I am two months out of a relationship and I feel I am just getting worse. I cry constantly and sometimes I can't focus on work because I
Posted in Dating by Drea2010
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My boyfriend has just buried his brother yesterday. All week he has shut me out. Yesterday he was gone for 8hrs without a text or call to say he was ok,when he finally come home I was furious with him. He has been very down and for all i know he could hav
Posted in Grief Loss and Bereavement by XXpeepsXX
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Hello everyone, I'm a young mother. Very capable of doing things on my own however, my family was struggling at home financially. So I moved in to help my mother and father. The agreement was that they would watch my child while I worked ( 9-6 Monday to F
Posted in Parenting and Families by AikoTanaka
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Hi. (english is not my first langauage, so sorry for mistake) I came back from long trip abroad and when I came back, I met my girlfriend for first time for long time. I missed her so much. Long distance make me realize, I really love her. She is
Posted in Abuse and Violence by davidp
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My ex boyfriend broke up with me 7 weeks ago and things are getting worse. I'm having thoughts of texting him and begging for him back. Even after how horrible he has treated me after the break up. Its been 3 week NC and i want to reach out. but i
Posted in Breaking Up by Jenny91
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Well its been a while now and i just need someone to talk to. Ive realised my feeling are irrational, but now i just want to talk to someone that was like me or understands me. The core problem is that whenever i feel like my girlfriend looks good, actu
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by BCToxic
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I am working hard to move on after three months trying to get reconciliation with my ex who has now met someone new.We we're in a relationship for thirteen & a half years.I feel gutted and exhausted emotionally after all the efforts i made to get reconcil
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Bluetwostroke
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I hate life. I really do. Everything just falls to pieces and I can't do anything about it. I do everything I can to make good friends or get a date. Literally everyone I know tells me "you're a fantastic guy with so much potential", "you're attractive
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by LightWave93
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I cheated on my boyfriend of six months slightly over three weeks ago and I'm not completely sure how it happened. I feel really low and terrified that he will find out about it and break up with me. I split up with my ex-boyfriend around a year and a
Posted in Infidelity by lazer123
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Hello everyone, me and my girlfriend have been together for 7 years we have 3 beautiful kids together and we own our home. Last 4 months she been cheating on me with her boyfriend of 10 years ago I caught her many of times texting him and always told her
Posted in Getting Back Together by Bobjohn
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HELP I feel extremely disappointed with my current life. I was divorced over three years ago after a long unhappy marriage. Two years ago (Oct. 2014), I met someone and we started a relationship very quickly. I did not really feel he is my Mr Right, b
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by KBB2026
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So the other night i got a Facebook message from a girl i have never met or seen, telling me my boyfriend had been talking to her on snapchat, and even asked her out for dinner. She said he met her a few months ago on tinder. When i questioned her further
Posted in Infidelity by soccergril2210
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Past year or so I've been on my fair share of dates, some a success, some not, none that have been exceptional, until last Thursday. A friend from my new job set me up with his sister after I complimented her in a picture, added each other on Facebook
Posted in Dating by RKO
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So, I'm a little curious. I've never used any online dating websites/apps to date or meet people. I've only ever been lucky enough to organically meet people. A little background: I've only been in 3 relationships, all were long term and all were seriou
Posted in Dating by Hawnfawn
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Last year I started seeing a girl. We met through work, I was on a gap year and she had just finished studying. I am 20 years old and I have had small things with other girls. But I think that this particular girl was special enough for me to call a girlf
Posted in Long-Distance Relationships by Talker
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My girlfriend and I went through an excruciating break up that started with a temporary "break" due to becoming long distance, and ended with her lying repeatedly about hooking up (just kissing and a little further, not that it matters) with someone else
Posted in Breaking Up by IsaacT
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I have a multifaceted ethical quandary that I would like to run by the internet at large. The facets are as follows: 1.) A few months ago, I learned that I do not, in fact, have depression as my doctors and I have thought for the past several years. I
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by upsndowns
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