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Hey guys, my friend just told my crush that I like him. First he asked if he'd date me, and he said idk maybe. When he found out I liked him, he didn't say anyhting that would show if he did or didn't like me. What should I do now, and what did he mea
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by dnsol2k16
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I hung out with this guy a couple of times and just felt a really real connection, he's sort of shady and told me recently he didn't really want anything physical bc he's "figuring things out" but that he still wanted to hang out. I texted him about this
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by goofman
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So I met this lovely girl who lived next door to my new house and we ended up dating 6 months later we got engaged before we got engaged it was all lovely and sweet and now were engaged she is always moody and I don't thinks she understands my mental heal
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Garyd4672
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I got caught off guard the other day. She texted when would be a good time to come get her mail in the garage. I said tomorrow is fine. I was planing on leaving the house all day- to avoid seeing her (only 21 days of NC and wanted to go 60+). I got woke
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Lion-Guy
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So I've been on a few dates with this bloke, and he invited me up to his friends today. So I travelled 20 miles to see him and as I turned up he said I've gotta go out with my mate quickly I'll be back soon. I'll meet you around Sarah's house if that's O
Posted in Dating by kathy679
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I met Ash during a high school field trip to see the Great Gatsby. He went to a high school 2 hours away, but we got to know eachother and he even sang to me. A year later we meet Freshman year of college. He remembered me and we began flirting in cla
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by DizzyDes
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I'm being torn up inside, and I'm not the type to be torn up by things, I am the strong one who doesn't ask for help. I'm the smart one that always finds a solution... but this... I don't know what to do and I'm in desperate need for some solid voices who
Posted in Relationships by howmanytimes
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Ok, so I need an opinion on this... I'm feeling a little bad about my actions following my discovery of this, I'd just like to know whether I went a little overboard or if my words were warranted. Ok, so I'd been NC with my ex after it became clear she
Posted in Breaking Up by OldRomantic83
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Hello, I hope somebody can help me out. Two years ago i left my ex for a guy that now i am married with ( not really happily married we are in a very bad relation, constantly fighting) But thru all these two years i had moments where i remembered my ex a
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by mel9090
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Hey guys, I saw my ex last night again after I saw him last week. Last week he was around another boy not even 3 weeks after our break up. He was dancing with the guy the exact same as what he would usually dance with me - however he was doing this whilst
Posted in Breaking Up by JackA16
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Past history - I have had several horrible relationships back to back before dating this lady now. Current History - First saw her, 3yrs ago at my old job but I had a girlfriend then. We never spoke. On a good evening at a bar, a friend said he was goin
Posted in Dating by reservedm
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Was with my now ex for 4 years. I brought her little boy up as my own. Loved him. Dealt with her massive insecurity, paranoia and issues let's call them from previous relationships. Split up properly about a month back. Even though the writing has been
Posted in Breaking Up by r350
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Hey folks, been reading this forum for a while now. Plenty of good stuff on here, so keep it up! I keep running into a problem with girls I meet. They just seem to be really flaky after I get their number and start texting them. These are girls I don't
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by thinkingman8
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Things are awful. I have (had) a really good guy friend. We hung out regularly, have mutual friends and I'm even very close with his sister; I meet up with her weekly. There has been a mutual attraction there and we have fooled around in the past (kis
Posted in Dating by bluebirds000
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Hello good people, I would like to hear your opinions on this. First some background information, I have been in a relationship with this guy for almost five years (I'm 23 and he is 26). We don't live together due to financial struggles and crazy schedul
Posted in Relationships by Zurie
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Howdy, im not quite sure which section to post this in, so if there are any suggestions as to posting in another topic please let me know. And i apologize in advance for such a long post. Im really at a lost as to what to do. My current partner and i ha
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Polliwoggs
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Hello Im writting this because I have been hit with biggest bomb In my life. In past month she started writing me less and less, now she wont even say goodbye or good morning like she used to. (I still do and she responds hours later) She says she is busy
Posted in Relationships by Tiragon
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Any advice here would be greatly appreicted as this is turning me into quite frankly a mess. I met a girl in a bar 4 months ago.. we ended up hitting it off, seeing each other more and more regularly, having sex, etc. However there is a catch. She, from t
Posted in Relationships by tnh05
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Sorry for such a long thread :icon_neutral: First of all, we are both young, just out of high school. We have been together for roughly six months and am unsure of how I should be feeling; if I am being ignorant and not seeing how great she is
Posted in Relationships by Deadpan
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I've been talking to a guy for a little less three months now. I ended a long term relationship earlier this year, so I waited to get back into the dating scene and decided to take things slowly once I got back in it. I made this very clear with this new
Posted in Dating by pottermenow
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