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She is my first real girlfriend and we have been together over a year and a half now. we moved in together a month ago. she is a great friend and person to talk too but her insecurities and habits/addictions are affecting this relationship too much and sh
Posted in Relationships by splinter44
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Hey there, We have been dating for 4 almost 5 months now. My boyfriend has really bad computer habits. For example, I won't see in for a few days because of work and when I finally get to see him all he does is play games on his computer. I am starti
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by chessmaster65
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I'm 17, my brother is 18. We have been home schooled for 10 years. We don't have drivers permits or drivers license, no one has taught us how to drive. We both do odd jobs, because of the fact we have no identication. We have both felt unwanted since we w
Posted in Parenting and Families by Aloneperson23
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Hi all, What are your thoughts on last minute date planners? Do you find this rude? Selfish? I have been with my boyfriend for a year or so and im becoming increasingly annoyed with his lack of planning and to me it comes across as incredibly selfish.
Posted in Relationships by SilentG
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Hi, its been nearly 2 years since i realised i have feelings for my ex-colleague and its been a year and a half since i changed jobs. i i still have feelings for him and i regret that i didn't had the courage to speak with him earlier. I was shy and expre
Posted in Finding Love and Soulmate by lovelylife
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We know each other for two years and have been friends. We didnít talk for a year because he relocated. I always had a huge crush on him and he knew that. We reconnected a few months ago after his relationship ended. We have been texting and flirting for
Posted in Dating by gijeanie
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Hey guys! So I relapsed yesterday. By that I mean I wrote up this sad pathetic message and was about to send it to her. But I guess the good news is that I didn't! I've been off loveshack for half a year and I'm still pining about the same girl that I onl
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by PC96
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Hello everyone. Been a while since I've posted, had some ridiculous problems in my private life and just haven't had access to a computer. Anyway. So long story short here; I've recently had sex with this girl I used to have sex with before and
Posted in Dating by JTP1994
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My girl kinda broke up or put things on hold. So this is what happened. I started dating this girl 4 months ago and errrthing was good. But I'd had just broken up with my ex, but we stayed friends beaus she was my first love and I was hers. So I kinda s
Posted in Relationships by Realraw45
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Hi guys. I am so stuck right now because I genuinely don't know what to do. So my best friend of a few months since starting university became interested in me. We started off becoming friends and soon we became really close and he became one of my best f
Posted in Getting Back Together by Lightgirl
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My gf (L) of 11 years ended our relationship on Monday 18th July because she has feelings for someone we work with, a mutual friend. I am beyond heartbroken and devastated. I should have seen this coming. We lived and worked on a caravan site cleaning
Posted in Breaking Up by Emptyspace
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So my story begins with my LDR girlfriend of 1.5 years breaking up with me 2 weeks ago. We met online and just started chatting normally. Or relationship escillated at we eventually tried online dating. It wouldn't be a month later did I get to meet her i
Posted in Getting Back Together by jayaway
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Three weeks ago, if you had asked me if I'd ever be muttering those words, I'd tell you you were heartless and crazy. But here I am. It's been nearly four weeks now, and I'm pretty much okay. Sure, there are times I want to hear from him, but I can see
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by songsiusedto
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Thinking back on past situations and want to know opinions or wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them. Have you ever met someone for the very first time who has almost immediately shown interest and is practically asking you out on a date wit
Posted in Dating by artsygirl
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hello, recently my dad passed away. and since then. my family been trying to get things back to normal. Theres a lot of loose ends that I dont know how to handle hopefully, guidence from here will put me on the right track. here are the dilimas that im fa
Posted in Grief Loss and Bereavement by pandaofspdez
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So I posted earlier this week about the LDR I was in. I had bought a flight to see him - after he confirmed he wanted me to - two weeks ago. (For background, he asked to break up in April, we did, then he begged for me back a month later and I said I need
Posted in Breaking Up by pettypink
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So my ex who I broke up with four months or so ago had been talking to me for most of that time. Let me stress that this was a long distance relationship that we had kept going for almost two years by seeing each other once every other month, so we kept i
Posted in Getting Back Together by JulianAR
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I am single but have been in a noncommitted relationship with a married man for the past 10 months. It is a no strings attached situation. We hang out casually almost every night and engage in sex almost every time. All it is is sex though; no feelings at
Posted in Sex and Romance by Tappthat
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When my cousin broke up with partner, she was told by her father not to accept back the other person straight away should they come back. Likewise, in another situation, another cousin broke up with her now husband for a year before getting back together.
Posted in Getting Back Together by Chon
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Hey, I would appreciate some advice on online dating dates. I signed up to a site for the first time, was talking to a few guys...but one caught my eye and interests, after a few days chatting on site we exchanged numbers. We texted everyday, sometime
Posted in Dating by Redfox1877
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