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Okay so if you're familiar with my previous posts, you know all the stuff I've been through with this guy. My most recent post actually talking about how I was doing a lot better and felt like I was finally getting over him. If you aren't familiar, basica
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by silently
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It's been nearly 4 weeks since my child's father and I have gone no contact - he's under a restraining order, and we're enroute to court, so clearly fun times ahead... The thing I keep agonizing over - did it EVER stand a chance? I found out 6 months in
Posted in Divorce by tigerbunny
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I think this is the proper sub-forum for this, but I'm really not sure... Honestly, this is my first real, adult relationship, where I feel like I am truly in love with someone. I feel like such a rookie with truly loving someone on a romantic, deep, emo
Posted in Getting Back Together by artydada
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Me and my boyfriend were together in total for 2 years. Our relationship was on and off throughout this time. Always him to be the one to break up (this happened twice), but about a week ago I finally ended the relationship for good. A pattern would oc
Posted in Abuse and Violence by Butterflyxx
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Hi everyone - I'm hoping that at least one person who reads this will be able to give me some helpful advice. Before that advice can be given, I clearly need to give some background info so please bear with me as it'll be lengthy. I am a 24 year old fe
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by CLEgirl28
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I post on here alot but I rarely make threads anymore because I don't feel like I have too, but i've got a big secret that only I know... First off let me start by saying i'm married, i've been married for the past 3 years or so and i've got 2 small ch
Posted in Relationships by Longview01
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2 weeks ago I met a girl and she showed big interest in me, we kissed very quickly and knew very little about each other. After that, we texted a bit, I'm not a fan of texting I prefer seeing people in person. I called her out to see her 2 times and both
Posted in Relationships by Brutal555
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So first off, I'd like to thank everyone for their contributions to my past forums. My ex is still running hot and cold. One day she'll tell me she wants to be friends then next day she tells me that she was being sarcastic and wants nothing to do wit
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by p21metime
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Hi, I'm a 35 years old man separated for the last 3 years. I have been living an isolated life since my separation and have not been with any woman. My marriage broke because I was away away from country for a while and discovered that my spouse was c
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Guyalone
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Hi everyone I've never posted on a forum like this but I'm really in a pickle. I've been seeing a girl for about a month now, and 10 days ago she asked me to be exclusive. I couldn't have been happier, I'd never felt like this about anyone before and w
Posted in Infidelity by Boyo123
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I'm in my freshman year in college, been here for about two months. There is this girl that came up to me and asked for my number while I was at work. I gave it to her of course, then after texting for a couple days she came over and we just hung out. The
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by therealmadrid
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Just recently I found out I was pregnant. Awhile go when we broke up he slept with his good friends ex. His friend let him stay in his house and everything. We tried working things out but I found out that even when I thought I could trust him I really wa
Posted in Pregnancy by minigirl1997
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All I can say is somehow I survived it. I survived being cheated on several times, lied to and all the emotional abuse. He even told me he hates his new girlfriend and wishes we could get back together. I realize it's just another form of punishment...bla
Posted in Breaking Up by SeaBisquit
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My wife of 3 years and I have just started the divorce process. She is struggling with some issues that I've had over the years (jealosy, anger) which I have been in counseling for now for 7 months. I have a ways to go but am making improvements. We bo
Posted in Divorce by Ms126
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i went on a first date last night, and I am into the guy. We hugged goodnight, and he kissed me on the cheek. then we kissed on the lips. Nothing scandalous, just a closed-mouth smooch. And he definitely initiated that. During the date he said something
Posted in Dating by bumblebeehive
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My ex and I have been off and on for the last three and a half years and we've recently started getting closer together last August it's been a year and a couple months since we started talking again and we go out on like dates, we went to Halloween Horro
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by Sacredserenity
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If my father gets me a job through personal relationships or people he has done some favors in the past without them actually checking my qualifications , or comparing them to other applicants for the same job position.
Posted in Career, Money and Education by The Cold One
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I met this girl at a gig I did, though it was like a music festival so it was while we were both in the crowd watching another band. Tried to think of something to say to her for ages until in the end she asked me the time. Got chatting to her, added her
Posted in Dating by LondonLad83
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I'm dating (well was dating) this guy who has a female best friend. I didn't meet her until about 4 months into dating him. Me and her got along really good at first, then things went bad and he cut me off. Me and her hit it off and started hanging out
Posted in Dating by livinglovingme
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Okay so, I moved to a new college 2 months ago and I now have a boyfriend and we are both residential students. He is 21 and I am 18. I met him on the second night when I was drunk with a friend and on the 3rd or 4th night we slept together before we w
Posted in Relationships by Loveheart101xx
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