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Hello guys, I don't know from where to start. I have been seeing this girl for 3 months now, she is my classmate. These 3 months we had a lot of fun, calling, texting everyday and we both realized how much we enjoy being together and as time goes one I ge
Posted in Dating by AzizFCB
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We had been dating for almost 2 months. I am 35 and she is 26. She came to my place and she was being really secretive on her phone. Then I heard the notification that Android phones give when you receive a message on POF. She grabbed her phone and went i
Posted in Dating by brandon26003
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I'm struggling to understand how, after only speaking once, she's already extremely comfortable with me - and I with her. We're quite playful together and both obviously like teasing each other... and when we speak we usually look dead straight into e
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Sgthaytham
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My bf and i have been together for 5 yrs. During this time and before me, he cheated with his baby mama for 12 yrs total. He could control her, when, where etc. They never truly had a real relationship. She had a bf, once she got a bf then all of a sudde
Posted in Getting Back Together by Chootch22
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Hey guys, here's an update on what's been happening... So basically my ex girlfriend recently unfriended me on Facebook, primarily due the fact that I told her straight up that she shouldn't call or text me unless she wants to talk about us getting bac
Posted in Getting Back Together by theREALdusman
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I proposed to my gf and she wants to accept, but her parents have threatened to cut her off if she decides to marry me. I'm black she's asian, her family lives in China. I've been trying to convince her to stand with me no matter and that we will get thro
Posted in Relationships by smu
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Recently my boyfriend has been finishing too quickly (under two minutes). This confuses me because in the past, this has not been a problem at all. His timing in the past has been perfectly fine and certainly long enough. But the latest two times we've ho
Posted in Sex and Romance by lalaokay
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I'm an escort. I had a session with one of my clients and after we were texting talking about having another session but he did not suggest when. He texted me a few days later asking if I've done a strip tease before as a client of his has hired him as a
Posted in Sex and Romance by bellebeu
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My bf of 4 years kissed a co worker around March. I found out late March. It was a mess. Well the girl messaged me in April, twice via fb messenger. Well fb hides messages you receive from people you are not friends with. Anyways, I just figured out about
Posted in Infidelity by caitcosz
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Concise story: Ex-gf has a kid and is divorced and we lived together for 1 year. After 1 year we got engaged and me and ex-GF moved to another state for jobs. Ex-GF wasn't able to bring her kid along, so she only was able to see him on school breaks a
Posted in Infidelity by maxson
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Well I'm 18... I hav been in a relationship for 4 was long dist relationship ...I really loved him...for the past few weeks we had fights n once I told him I had my first drink after turning 18 with my guy friend n he got pissed...ever since then
Posted in Breaking Up by Pwetty
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Well I reckon we are going to sit down and talk about weddin plans when I get home this time. We were talking about it yesterday on FaceTime. In all honesty I think we are more than likley just going to go off down to Tennessee and do the deed. I've found
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by Capttrae
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So I mentioned a bit of a month ago that I had been interested in my friend Victoria's sister, Kaelyn. Victoria, wanting to help, proposed the idea to Kaelyn a couple days ago that maybe she and I should do something together. Kaelyn (to my disbelief!) ac
Posted in Dating and Shy People by Emerald Knight
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I'm in love with a man who's 25 and from a genetic blood disorder has crippling arthritis, he can't have a normal day doing nothing without being in some form of pain, let alone go on walks. At the moment we're friends. I keep wanting to go the extra m
Posted in Relationship Commitment by caringcarly
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I dont know why but the passed couple of days I've been feeling "off". I just sit and do practically nothing. I dont even feel like messing around on my phone or even stepping outside for a smoke. I seriously just dont feel like doing anything at all. I'm
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by brilyn027
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I've been with this girl for about 8 months - during this time it has been anything but easy. She was diagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder - please google this if you want a brief overview of what it is) - early on in the relationship and w
Posted in Infidelity by randomguy1234
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I have a friend (now maybe more acquaintance) that I've known for ten years and we were housemates for three and a half years. I'm a bisexual woman and she's a lesbian. When we first met when we were really young, we used to have lots of fun always going
Posted in Friendship and Friends by Tinydance
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Lately my husband and I have been facing few problems that we can't share with the people around as. Little background, we met 6 years ago, started dating 3 years ago and been married for few months. We love each other more than anything and can't be hap
Posted in Parenting and Families by Nanana123
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To make a long story short I have been dating a man for about three years, When I meet his daughter he wanted her to perceive as non-threatening. When I say non-threatening I mean that he didn't want her to think that I was going to take him away from her
Posted in Dating by LovelySkies
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Hi guys, So I've posted previously about a relationship that seems to be going no where with my ex who is my ex but I spend all of my time with him. We talked through that and he said that he's trying to get back together, learn to trust me again, and
Posted in Getting Back Together by whybeautiful
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