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DEAR DUMPER. I've got something to ask. Just to understand it from your perspective... 1- How do you feel when the dumpee goes into unannounced NC? (what message does that give you) 2- What is the time pattern of your feelings when given the NC
Posted in Breaking Up by Ballinmycourt
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What a terrible realization to wake up to first thing. Three months of NC undone with a text I don't even know if she will see. She could easily have my number blocked so I don't even know what the damage is. Yesterday I got home and decided to do noth
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by hrb23
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i feel resentful towards my fionce and feel unimportant to him I met my now husband 3 years ago....he is 20 years older and no he is not rich. i feel kind of angry of him and i resent him. I am angry at myself too, very much. I have met him after a b
Posted in Relationships by Dajlydajly
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Hey guys. I am a little suspicious lately as the guy I'm seeing says all the time amd I quote "I'm not doing anything wrong" even when I haven't accused him of anything. Is he just lying about texting other women as I have casual lay asked and said I won
Posted in Dating by Gerry71
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I get that it's a thing that needs to happen (well, I am having a hunch) but I'd find it useful to be reminded why? (Is it something to do with continueing to be a person who has their own things going on and doesn't Need the other per se?) And if I am
Posted in Dating by 1a1a
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After 8 years, my ex girlfriend dumped me. She is 25 I am 24, since she's seemed happy and I'm pretty sure she got with other guys from her work. I've been not contacting her for 40 days but every week she keeps asking how I am what I'm doing, updating me
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by kyber
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I have been feeling weird. I'm only 17 years of age. I've been in an off and on 4 year relationship. Everytime the relationship is off, I end up with someone new. No I have never had unprotected sex with the new guy. Everytime me and my ex get back togeth
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by toopenup
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Uhm, right let's go right into my failure of a love life. I have never kissed a girl, I have never dated a girl, I haven't even had sex with a girl , I haven't even been told that a girl even remotely wants to go out with me, in actual fact it's been the
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Mashieman
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So I met a guy on a dating website and he just recently moved to town for a job. We have been talking since early July and we talk on the phone and text a lot. He got into town and started getting everything set up which had him super busy and I completel
Posted in Dating by PDXtransplant
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Posted in Breaking Up by anuhmercy08
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I've been in a long distance relationship for a while, we aren't able to see each other on a daily basis, perhaps every three months or so if our working schedules don't conflict. I'm in a perfectly stable relationship where eventually we'll get married t
Posted in Sex and Romance by RandomVlogger
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Hello, I've been married for 25 years. I'm 57 years old and my husband is 63 years old. In the beginning my husband rarely initiated intimacy and sex, however we had kids, work and it didn't really seem a big deal. Now our kids are out of the house and h
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by Diana789
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Hey everyone, so I posted the other day about me and my (now ex) boyfriend taking a break. Yesterday we ended it and I guess I wanted to post my full story and get some input since I'm left so confused and not sure what to think. So I was in a relatio
Posted in Breaking Up by dino7994
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Hello everyone i am trying to recover from a heartbreaking breakup. I have some questions and hope to get answers to help me move on. My ex and I broke up during the heat of an argument about two months ago. I was really insecure in long distance and
Posted in Long-Distance Relationships by Mcasa1026
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I was with my ex 3 monthes before we finally called it quits 2 weeks ago. We met a couple times before actually dating but fell for eachother really quick. I was going to be moving away a month after we got together so we decided we weren't going to get t
Posted in Breaking Up by xoAquino
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Hello, community. I am a 23 year old male and last year I was dating this 22 year old girl that I met through work. We dated for over half a year and broke up around January this year. A month or two before the break up I was going through di
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Tsenk
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sex is all i feel it's about here, i been noticed that when we had sex we are good but when a day or two gose by he gets quite, and doesn't really treat me the same, why do i feel like i have to have sex to get affection out of him. i deal with depression
Posted in Sex and Romance by lonleygal1989
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I found explicit messages my boyfriend had sent to gay/transgender people on a swingers website over a period of 7 weeks. This was a straight relationship of 1 year and it had always been amazing and happy, or so I thought. I had the suspicion something w
Posted in Breaking Up by VickiJon
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Love is hoping the impossible. And I hoped the impossible for last 4 years . I became a poet while trying to show my love . What should I do ?
Posted in Love by ysyayla11
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Right now, I am very confused by my life and where I live and feel like I am getting old at 28 and am not where I should be. A few years ago, I was quite depressed. I say that in that while I may be disappointed and envious lately, I am not clinically dep
Posted in Personal Growth by RIPDIME
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